Intelligent lighting design: LED street light intelligent control system using RFID technology

< p> In this paper, the radio frequency identification (Radio FrequencyIdenTIficaTIon, RFID) technology is combined with the read/write device installed on the road surface and the radio frequency tag installed on the vehicle. An automatic LED street lamp control system is designed to realize the intelligent switch of the LED street lamp. Energy can effectively reduce the workload of the staff to manage the street lighting system.

Compared with street lamps using traditional light sources (such as high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps), LED street lamps have a wide range of environments and energy saving without preheating, frequent switching, long life, good shock resistance, good light color, no pollution, and adaptability. The advantage, therefore, many cities in China have built demonstration roads for LED street lights. However, most of the cities in China, especially in small and medium-sized cities, use clock control, light control or simple automatic control system. In this extensive management mode, there is no road for a long time and the street light is still on. The problem not only causes a large energy burden for road lighting, but also contradicts the current energy conservation and environmental protection concept advocated.

1 RFID-based LED street light intelligent control system structure

The street lamp control system consists of two parts: the monitoring center server and the RFID intelligent terminal. The wireless network transmits the encrypted data and instructions between the two. The basic structure of the system is shown in Figure 1. The monitoring center server consists of three parts: the configuration management server, the monitoring center database, and the wireless communication subsystem. The RFID intelligent terminal consists of three modules: RFID reader, intelligent control and wireless communication. The separation distance of each RFID intelligent terminal is determined according to the road speed limit (for example, a road with a speed limit of 60km, usually 1 set for about 3km, see this article 3 . 2)).

LED street light intelligent control system using RFID technology

Figure 1 Basic structure of LED street light intelligent control system

2 RFID-based LED street light intelligent control system main function

Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the installation of an RFID-based LED street light intelligent control system. Among them, the vehicle RFID tag is installed on the car, the RFID intelligent terminal is installed on the road, and the monitoring center server is installed in the central computer room of the traffic management department. In addition to the special circumstances, the monitoring center server can be forced to light. At other times, the RFID intelligent terminal can be used to control the opening and closing of the street light, which can save energy and manpower. In addition, the system also has the functions of centralized control and automatic control, real-time data acquisition, key data protection, terminal and monitoring center server mutual authentication, and vehicle tracking.

(1) Combination of centralized control and automatic control

Through the combination of central control and RFID control, the system provides flexible, convenient and reliable switch light control function. The monitoring center server automatically executes group control switch lights, and can also control any smart terminal to execute switch lights around the clock. The power-saving mode of the street light can also set the switch light for various holidays in the year.

(2) Real-time data collection

The intelligent terminal will send back to the monitoring center through the wireless channel through parameters such as the number and type of vehicles with RFID electronic license plates in its scope of action. The monitoring center configuration management server analyzes and processes the data and provides it in an intuitive graphic or table form. Give managers an accurate basis for relevant decisions.

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