Reasons for the low penetration rate of intelligent lighting

In recent years, smart phones have officially entered people's daily lives, and WIFI applications have gradually gained popularity. The advent of the 4G era is reminding everyone that society is slowly becoming more intelligent. At the World Retail Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, which closed on February 20th, Philips exhibited a smart and interconnected LED lighting system that brought a new and personalized consumer experience to customers. This news reignited the LED. The intelligent boom in the lighting industry.

In fact, the concept of intelligent lighting was as early as the 1990s, the United States has proposed a "green lighting plan". Since then, countries around the world have promoted the concept of green lighting to a certain extent, in China, "green low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, "Sustainable development" has become the core content of the development of emerging cities. In addition, with the development of society, the advancement of science and technology, and the improvement of people's living standards, people put forward higher requirements for existing family life and living environment. At this time, intelligent lighting has room for existence and development. In an interview with reporters, Yang Shixun, general manager of Zhongshan Han's Infrared Lighting Co., Ltd. also mentioned that many large cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Nanjing have long advocated and popularized the use of intelligent homes, and the popularity of smart lighting in small and medium-sized cities. The rate is generally not high, and the reasons are diverse.

The key to technology needs is price

Basically, everyone has seen such a scene in the film and television works: after the company completes all the work in the company, on the way home, open the mobile phone control page to operate, the home electric water heater, rice cooker, air conditioner, etc. Start work, and when it is close to the door, the intelligent system will automatically turn on the lights, TV, electric door, etc. High-tech, high-efficiency life, these are the enviable scenes in film and television works. In real life, this is also a real scene. However, the research, development, installation and even the later service management behind such an intelligent system have an extremely complex technical system.

In this regard, Yang Shixuan also said: "The high difficulty of intelligent technology is one of the reasons why it is difficult to get popular. The system of intelligent lighting is relatively complicated with the traditional lighting system, and the correlation between the systems is relatively large. When a problem occurs, it affects the operation of the entire system, which makes the after-sales service more difficult."

Another reason is the price. In the entire lighting industry, every smart lighting company is looking for a price suitable for mass consumption, but so far there is no standard and limit, which makes the smart lighting market more chaotic. Consumers do not have a data that can be referenced, which affects the psychology of consumers purchasing smart lighting products, which makes the product more difficult to popularize.

The use environment is the primary consideration

It is understood that the development of intelligent lighting in China has been more than 10 years, but has not been applied to large-scale applications, the main reason is the immature market of China's intelligent lighting. At present, the application areas of intelligent lighting are mainly concentrated in some high-end business hotels, exhibition venues, municipal projects and so on. In the minds of most ordinary people, intelligent lighting is not a necessity for life. Because of the higher price, some people even think that it is only the basis for showing off in wealthy families.

“To make a smart lighting product popular, we need to consider not only the technical difficulty, but also the product use environment. These products are used in the ordinary family, the elderly will not use, the children will not use , are the first consideration of our manufacturers." Yang Shixun said.

The development of home lighting has evolved from the initial pull-wire switch to the current push-button switches, touch switches and remote control switches, and even network control switches. It has a gradual process. Yang Shixun said: "The popularity of home smart lighting is not something that can be achieved overnight. We need to follow the law of the development of things, gradually develop towards diversification, and then move toward mainstream lighting."

Although the domestic smart home industry has experienced long-term development, it is still in the initial stage of development. The concept of consumption, the lack of quality of products, the absence of standards and their production technology are stumbling blocks to the advancement of intelligent lighting.

One direction for the future development of the lighting industry

It is said that 2014 is a year of LED lighting explosion. In this regard, the entire lighting industry is busy preparing for a big job, but even if it has entered the era of intelligence, some people are unfamiliar with intelligent lighting. The future development of intelligence is still unknown in various industries.

When asked whether smart lighting would become the key to stand out in such a competitive environment, Yang Shixun made the answer: "Intelligent lighting must be a direction for the future development of the lighting industry, however, Whether intelligent lighting can become a trend in the industry, in fact, is divided into two phases, the first phase is the concept phase, and the second phase is the implementation phase. At present, everyone has the awareness of the future development direction of the lighting industry and intelligence. At the time, intelligent lighting is still in an era of mixed opinions and flowers. Maybe one or two years later, one or two technologies with intelligent directions will appear in these flowers, and the implementation of this technology may become the future development of the lighting industry. a mainstream."

In fact, in recent years, based on the advantages of LED development, smart lighting has also developed rapidly in the past two years. However, we also see that some technologies and prices of intelligent lighting have restricted the pace of rapid development, how to break through these. It has become an urgent problem to be solved in the intelligent lighting industry.


At present, the development of intelligent lighting is still in its infancy. In the entire lighting industry, there is no exact standard for intelligent lighting. Although people's lives are gradually entering the era of intelligence, it is impossible to argue that intelligence exists in technology, price, service, and application. A certain degree of problems. No one can give an answer to the future development of intelligent technology. Only the technology that can stand the test of time is another direction for the future development of the industry.

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