Ziguang Electronics increased its net profit by 40% last year

Ziguang Electronics increased its net profit by 40% last year
In 2013, Ziguang Electronics achieved operating revenue of RMB 8.52 billion, an increase of 30.4% year-on-year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 1009.446 million, an increase of 39.59% year-on-year. The company plans to pay 0.5 yuan for every 10 shares.
In 2013, Ziguang Co., Ltd. complied with the trend of electronic information technology and industry development, and determined the cloud computing infrastructure construction service, cloud computing industry application solution service and cloud computing platform service strategy. The company vigorously expanded the IT service business for industry applications, built a “cloud-network-end” industry chain, and actively promoted the strategic upgrade of the company's entire industry chain service provider to the construction, operation, and maintenance of modern information systems. Ziguang Stock Co., Ltd. launched the world's first cloud computer “Ziyun 1000” independently developed by the company, marking a major breakthrough in the company’s core cloud computing technologies such as distributed computing, virtual resource management, big data processing, and rapid deployment. "Ziyun 1000" can satisfy the information system construction, big data application and information security needs of government, finance, broadcasting, transportation, medical and other industries.
Ziguang said that in 2014, it will continue to promote the "cloud service" strategy, vertically develop the "cloud-network-end" industrial chain with big data as the clue, and horizontally expand industries with cloud computing, smart cities and mobile Internet as the main directions. Applications, from traditional software and information technology service providers to cloud service providers.

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