UHV DC Transmission Technology in China Continues to Soar

The Zhejiang-Zhejiang UHVDC project is a standardization project of ± 800 kV DC transmission technology. “This project once again set a new world record in terms of transmission capacity and technical level, and once again created an international advanced level. It is a standardized project of ± 800 kV DC transmission technology. On July 28th, at the start of the mobilization meeting for the ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project on the left bank of Xiluodu-Zhejiang Jinhua, Shu Yintao, vice general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, attracted the attention of all parties and indicated that the State Grid Corporation of China is step by step. The UHV DC transmission technology has gradually matured and continues to rise.

Since the State Grid Corporation of China launched the research of UHV DC transmission technology at the end of 2004, after many years of exploration and practice, it has achieved remarkable results: The completed Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800 kv UHVDC transmission demonstration project is currently safe. Two years of stable operation, excellent performance indicators; Jinping-Suinan ± 800 kV UHVDC project under construction has progressed smoothly, has been trial run, and is scheduled to be put into operation within the year; Hami-Zhengzhou ± 800 kV UHVDC power transmission project under construction It will increase the transmission capacity from 7 million kilowatts to 8 million kilowatts, with a higher technical and economical efficiency; the just-built Xiluoduo left bank—Zhejiang Jinhua ±800 kV UHVDC transmission project is the fourth return of the State Grid Corporation of China. High-voltage DC projects, with larger engineering transmission capacity, more advanced technology, and higher level of localization, will play a significant role in the promotion of the “±800 kV voltage class, 8 million kilowatt transmission capacity” DC transmission technology. .

In addition, the company is also committed to ± 1100 kV DC power transmission technology research and development, an important breakthrough has now been made, this technology will greatly enhance the efficiency and efficiency of China's energy allocation.

The reporter learned from the relevant departments of the headquarters of the State Grid Corporation of China that in recent years, the company has vigorously implemented the “top four” scientific and technological development strategies, and the United Nations has advanced the fields of research, design, equipment, construction, commissioning, and operation to jointly tackle UHV DC. Transmission technology, has mastered the system research, engineering design, equipment development, construction and construction, commissioning test, dispatching operation and other core technologies of the ± 800 kV UHV DC project; the company unswervingly promotes localization of equipment and upgrades China's power equipment manufacturing industry. The overall level and international competitiveness. The State Grid Corporation of China also vigorously carried out the internationalization of UHV DC standardization and standards, and independently proposed and obtained the approval of the establishment of the first domestic International Electrotechnical Commission's High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Technical Committee (IEC TC115), which has greatly promoted China's high voltage and direct current transmission technology in the world. The right to speak.

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