Electric sewing machine intelligent empty energy saver circuit and components introduction

Component selection:
Both S1 and S2 switches use self-locking power switches with contact currents above SA; S3 uses protective break buttons.
KM selects an AC contactor with a coil voltage of 220V and a contact current of 10A.
KT selects the AC 220V timing relay with a delay range of 0·4-1805.
QF selects 380V, l0-2OA low voltage circuit breaker.
The EL uses the original light.

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When in use, first turn on the low-voltage circuit breaker QF, then turn on the control switch S1 and the light switch S2, the sewing worker puts the foot on the clutch pedal, the foot switch S3 is disconnected, and the KM is energized and sucked, which is normally open When the heads KM1 and KM2 are turned on, the motor M is started up, the illumination lamp EL is lit, and the worker can start the sewing work.
When the sewing gap or the operation is changed, the sewing worker leaves the foot off the clutch pedal, S3 is closed, the time relay KT is energized, and the delay starts. When the predetermined delay time is reached, the normally closed contact of the KT delay open is disconnected, so that the KM is powered off, the M stops running, and the EL is extinguished, thereby avoiding the M no-load power consumption.
When the sewing worker continues to work, the clutch pedal is further actuated to make S3 open, KT is powered off, KM is energized, M is started, and sewing is started.
If illumination is required during the M stop, the manual light switch S2 can be turned on to illuminate the EL.

As shown in the figure, the electric energy-saving device circuit of the electric sewing machine is composed of a control switch S1, light switches S2 and S4, an AC contactor KM, a foot switch S3, a time relay KT and a low-voltage circuit breaker QF. EL is an illumination lamp and M is an electric sewing machine motor.

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