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The phototaxis of people makes the importance of emergency lighting in the many security measures that people take to overcome disasters and stop the spread of sudden accidents. This puts strict technical requirements on emergency lighting fixtures, which are summed up as "effective" and "reliable". We focus on the following aspects to illustrate.

Regarding the color problem For the evacuation marker lamp, although some places have adopted the white color of the green substrate, some of the colors are not standard enough, such as the use of dark green with a low color, the brightness factor is low, and the contrast with the white contrast is too large. Can cause glare, reduce the recognition effect, and vice versa also affect the recognition effect, according to the standard should be 1:6 is appropriate. Tests have shown that the use of colored bases, colorless maps (or text) is more discriminating than colorless backgrounds, colored maps (or text), that is, white graphics and text markers with green bottoms are more The high reading effect (green contraction and white expansion makes the characters more vivid). It should be treated specifically for the application of green-white or white-green characters, and which one is higher.

Emergency lighting source fluorescent lamps are replacing incandescent lamps in many aspects of lighting because of their long life, high luminous efficiency, large luminous surface and low surface brightness. Emergency lighting is no exception. However, it takes 1 to 2 seconds for the lamp to illuminate, which is not allowed for safe lighting, even if it is not as fast as an incandescent lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp. In non-continuous emergency lighting fixtures, since the emergency light source is only turned on when the normal power supply is interrupted, it is necessary to install a monitoring device with a light source to ensure reliable operation in an emergency. It is worth noting that the United Kingdom adopts a method called “splicing illumination”, which solves the problem of slow start of high-intensity discharge lamp (HID) in cold and hot state, and successfully applies HID light source to standby lighting in large-area buildings. As shown, an incandescent lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp is installed in a high-intensity gas discharge lamp lamp, and during the starting process of the HID lamp, a safety transitional illumination of about 10% to 15% of illumination of normal illumination is provided, and the HID lamp is normal. After lighting, the thermal delay switch turns off the incandescent lamp. This method can also be used in some of our tall buildings.

There are two main types of emergency lighting power sources that are independent of the normal power supply system: self-starting generators and batteries. Although the self-starting generator power supply system has the advantages of large power supply capacity and long time, it has high capital cost, large daily maintenance workload, long starting time (not easy to meet ≤15s starting), and greatly limits its use place. For safety lighting that requires switching time ≤0.5s, as well as financial, commercial, etc., it is not appropriate to use it for theft prevention, and the standby lighting with a switching time of no more than 1.5s. However, in some places, such as the sudden interruption of the normal power supply, in order to make the factory into a safe state, it is necessary to carry out some time-consuming operations (explosion-proof decompression, easy to condense in the pipeline, easy to block materials, etc.), and also need a larger capacity. Emergency power supply.

In summary, emergency lighting requires very strict requirements for its luminaires and power supplies. This requires fire protection, design, production, supervision, construction and use departments, strict implementation of standards, regular inspection and maintenance, enabling them to be critical. Run effectively and reliably at all times.

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