Construction of talent team of boss appliances

As a star in the field of kitchen appliances in China, 33 years of focus on high-end kitchen lighting manufacturing and 14 years of sales leading boss appliances, has been awarded the "Asian Brand 500" for six consecutive years. Boss continues to lead the way, thanks to its emphasis on talent development and a complete employee development plan.

Before the listing of Boss Electric, Chairman Ren Jianhua has put forward the idea that the enterprise is everyone's. "So, our talent training has always adhered to the unity of talent strategy, training programs, and corporate culture." He Xiang, director of the Human Resources Department of Boss, said.

Now there are two main things that the Boss Electric Human Resources Department focuses on and is implementing: optimizing the talent structure and controlling the total amount of talent.

Structural optimization means that when talents are introduced and cultivated, the company reserves reserves for urgently needed talents in advance, so as to balance the ability and strategy. At the same time, through human resources policies, it promotes the rational flow of talents and ensures that “good steel is used in the cutting edge”. . The total amount of control is the number of employees who control the overall electrical appliances of the boss. According to the strategic focus of the company, several “talent zones” are circled in the business planning. As long as the business department has talent demand, the quotas are appropriately relaxed in terms of preparation and salary. .

"These two points have been achieved, and the company's talent echelon training has a strategic guarantee." He Xiang said.

According to He Xiang, in terms of talent enhancement, combined with the company's talent strategy, Boss Electric has established a comprehensive training system that matches the development path of employees' diversification – four progressive talent development plans: lemon Plan, sunflower plan, Ivy plan, rainbow plan.

At present, the young employees of the boss electric appliance account for a relatively high proportion. It is a typical enterprising team that integrates knowledge, specialization and youthfulness. In the process of cultivating a large-scale talent reserve team, the successful operation of these four talent projects has contributed. They provide systematic training and guidance for employees at different levels of development and stage, ensuring that outstanding talents on all development paths stand out.

Seamless docking fast growth

“At the beginning, the reason why the plan for college graduates was called the “lemon plan” was because the lemon gave people the feeling that they were fresh, energetic and full of potential after the 80s and 90s. He Xiang explained.

The purpose of the lemon program is to cultivate a new force that is completely owned by the boss. They are the most "pure" bosses, because they have just stepped into society and have not been infected by the culture of any company. "The understanding and recognition of the boss's electrical enterprise culture will enable them to have deeper feelings for the company. In the future, they are likely to be the most loyal supporters of the bosses."

The lemon plan is the cornerstone of the development of the boss's electrical staff, and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, for the selection of lemon students, He Xiang has always been very careful, in his words: "We have strict selection criteria and perfect system, but also humanization. Among them, talent absorption and elimination will be carried out simultaneously, can not agree The boss culture and the trainees who are at the end of the training assessment will be eliminated, and others will stay.” It is reported that a considerable number of freshmen will undergo 12 to 18 months of study and training, and the survival of the fittest will eventually be It has become a young army of bosses who are pursuing excitement, passion, innovation and enthusiasm, thus becoming the largest source of post-reserve talents at all levels.

Selection of lemon

Boss Electric will be called the "Lemon" by the freshman who entered the lemon program. In addition to the perfect system, the company adheres to two standards: the recognition of company values ​​and the matching of people and posts. Each lemon is subject to four levels of resume screening, written test, interview, psychological test, etc., and finally selected by comprehensive score. “What we value more is the potential of lemon babies, including their ability to learn, judge, analyze, solve problems and lead. Through these four levels, we can basically determine whether they are suitable for staying at the boss. "He Xiang said.

Through the selection of lemons, it becomes a “little calf” that is first entered the workplace, full of potential, but what they need is to translate their potential into future work ability through correct guidance. At this time, professional vocational training becomes very necessary.

Diversity training

In the learning process of Lemon Tsai, Boss Electric paid special attention to the implantation of the company's core competence, using strategic courses to train talents and build organizational competence.

For example, in the cost control course, the following aspects will be expanded in the training content: first, the relationship between the enterprise strategy and the training objectives, mainly through the sandbox practice; secondly, the role orientation and the relationship between the post responsibilities and training objectives in the future, mainly It is reflected in two aspects of content analysis and process analysis. The third is the relationship between employee development and training objectives, which is reflected in the cost consciousness in the development channel.

“In the multi-channel innovation, the company will organize salon sharing activities, invite industry experts, marketing elites, consulting institutions researchers, business super responsible persons, etc. to explain the development trend and strategic marketing knowledge of the domestic and international kitchen appliances industry.” He Xiang It is essential to prepare knowledge and ability for the lemons.

In the form of learning, various forms of training are interspersed, and the preferred combination is based on the content and the lecturer.

Intensive cultivation: preferred class teacher

The “behavior model”, “spiritual reading book” and “spiritual companion” of the lemon lad are the work goals of each lemon class teacher. Every year, the company will look for the staff who are suitable for the class teacher from the previous “Lemon Aberdeen”. Through the nearly six months of project inspection, various activities, the second year of the lemon plan planning proposal competition and other series of tests, the winner will become the next class teacher.

Through strict and diversified training, Lemon Tsai also participated in a 10-day military training, a one-month workshop rotation, and a one-and-a-half-month internship at the agency. Through these trainings, help them understand the company's operational processes and be familiar with the work of various positions. “In the lemon program, we emphasize “seamless docking.” That is to say, the cultivated lemons can be directly employed in the job without a trial period. This is also the goal of the lemon plan.” He Xiang further introduced.

In terms of preparation, the lemons before the completion of the project are all part of the Human Resources Department and are not managed by other departments. This means that the boss's human resources department should consider how to match the lemons to each department through training and learning. Since the job of the lemon is required to compete, it is necessary to go through a written interview and finally determine whether it is accepted. Therefore, if the lemon is not hired, then he can continue to choose other positions or continue to study, waiting for the next recruitment. .

"Unlike the general training mode, our lemon plan does not promise to assign direction, but through the recruitment of such departments to subdue the distribution of talents, the unqualified will eventually be eliminated." He Xiang said.

Focus on persistent fast professionalism

Sunflowers bloom forever toward the sun, implying a focus and attachment. The goal of the sunflower program is to quickly improve the professional competence of employees.

“As a person who has been in the workplace for 2 to 3 years, salary may be an important factor in their choice of work, but more importantly, the value-added space of the career that this job can bring. This is also the way we do this. The original intention of the project." He Xiang said.

To this end, in the sunflower program, employees who have been in the company for 2 to 3 years are the focus of attention. Boss Electric will introduce a tutor system, build a platform for them, guide them to develop into professional channels, and finally cultivate the backbone of the department and the professional talents with high professionalism.

Specifically, the training and development of the boss's electrical professionals mainly shows the following aspects:

First, improve the professional competence standards, professional title system and qualification evaluation system. The new system will provide a comprehensive and systematic assessment of professional and technical personnel in terms of competence/quality, professional experience and professional results. Among them, professional experience and evaluation of results are based on quantitative indicators, from the length of time in the professional field, responsible / participated in professional activities and projects, as well as professional work results, define the hard qualifications for all levels of work.

Secondly, the sublimation learning concept is equipped with professional courses. For example, Boss Electric advocates the “7-2-1” hybrid training concept, that is, 70% of the capacity development comes from daily work, 20% comes from the anti-work effect with the tutor, business coach, superior manager and colleagues, 10% comes from In regular classroom learning, seminars, reading, etc. For the setting of the curriculum system, Boss Electric will be equipped with targeted training courses according to the characteristics of five different modules, such as corporate culture integration, role recognition, self-management ability improvement, theoretical knowledge learning, and pragmatic operation.

Third, create a good atmosphere for study and study. The company will actively provide technical personnel with the conditions and resources for talent development, such as cooperating with leading universities in foreign countries to train academic leaders, sending technical personnel and foreign universities to jointly develop projects with cutting-edge technology in the field of range hoods and cookers, and select excellent technology every year. Talents go to colleges and universities to encourage and recommend potential technical talents to pursue engineering masters and doctors.

Fourth, the promotion of job patent rewards. Encourage technical personnel to innovate, transform inventions into the company's independent intellectual property rights in a timely manner, promote the industrialization of patented technologies, and use patent systems to promote technological innovation.

"For the cultivation of professional talents, the company will have higher requirements. For example, in addition to being able to complete the tasks in the post, they must be able to do their work well. Of course, we will also encourage the system. Employees go to study and improve themselves, especially to provide more protection for employees with good business ability." He Xiang said.

Passionate and fast cultural

Ivy has the characteristics of evergreen seasons, and the talents are filled with continuous work enthusiasm and passion. The position of the Ivy League program is to become a platform for the company's middle management cadres to learn from each other and to continuously inherit the corporate culture.

"Here, we advocate "self-torture" and unite our thoughts around the company's strategic planning." He Xiang joked. Such "tossing" is mainly reflected in the diversified activities carried out by the boss's electrical appliances, such as:

Debate contest

It will be held once a year, and the theme involves corporate culture, high-end talent management, and internationalization.

Reading activity

The company stipulates that each middle-level cadre must buy at least 2 books a year, study independently, and write a report.

Outdoor Development

For example, mountaineering and military training allow each middle-level manager to continue to maintain the passion of a new employee, often “emptying” himself and strengthening the awareness of self-growth.

In addition, office beautification contests, culinary competitions, brainstorming, essay competitions, debriefing sessions, knowledge contests, roundtables, etc. are common forms of training. In this way, the training plan for the middle-level managers breaks the traditional preaching style of training. By participating in the team activities of competition and cooperation, the middle managers can feel the boss's culture and strategy, and also get inspiration from the team activities. To understand the way of management.

“So, the Ivy League program does not look like a training program, because we are more in communication, promote a consensus, and strive to become the birthplace of management thinking.” According to the introduction, cost control, diversified channel expansion, technological innovation It is the three core competence points that Boss Electric focuses on. Through this kind of “self-torture” and action learning, it can effectively cultivate the backbone and promote the cultural integration and dissemination of the middle and high-level management team.

Free and open leadership

The rainbow hanging in the clouds symbolizes an open ideal. “Because the rainbow plan is to train the future leaders, there will not be too many participants. Therefore, we have adopted a personalized leader to cultivate ideas.” Boss Electric will combine the professional needs of the students with their occupations. Career planning and future development needs to customize a personalized training program for them.

"In terms of training methods, study tour, study abroad, and the opening of the Saturday lecture hall are the main forms we use." He Xiang said. For example, if the employee's position is to take the marketing route, the human resources department will focus on the key capabilities of leadership, production and marketing concepts based on the foresight of the next 3 to 5 years.

Those who want to be high-level must have sufficient leadership. For them, the difficulty of interdisciplinary is not the core issue, and the company hopes that they can find other shortcomings in the rotation process. In this way, for potential leaders in the future, the boss will train them in a step-by-step manner, from traditional training methods such as face-to-face and superior counseling to transitional learning methods such as rumor action learning.

The above four echelon talent plans are not independent of each other, but there is a competing relationship. Especially in the project budget, the project director of each plan must continuously show the achievements of the independent project to the senior management. Because they know that this can get more training budget.

In fact, between the various talent projects, this practice has indeed helped the boss electrical appliances to form a mutually beneficial and benign circular relationship, and built a training base for high-quality professionals in the kitchen appliance industry.

"Our talent strategy planning and echelon construction is to adhere to the leading position of the human resources department. It is necessary to foresee the talent trend in the next three years, and to develop a talent system with independent characteristics of the company. On the high ground of resources, we will continue to ensure the common development of on-the-job and reserve talents. The boss’s vision is to become China’s most competitive professional kitchen appliance company for centuries, and these four talent plans are an important guarantee for the boss’s dream. Xiang said.

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