Wang Ziru recommended: 128GB black iPhone 7 is the best choice

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Which color does the new iPhone buy? How much memory? 7 or 7 Plus? ... In response to these many "fruit powder" entanglement problems, on September 18th, domestic "Technology First IP" Wang Ziru and Tencent digital anchor Yokii through a live broadcast, focused on answering iPhone 7's purchase suggestions and netizens' barrage questions. Through Tencent Digital, ZEALER, Tencent video, and QQ space multi-platform joint broadcast, the interactive session once attracted more than 200,000 netizens while watching online.

Which version of iPhone to buy in the end?

As soon as the live broadcast came, Wang Ziru said frankly that although he felt that the bright black iPhone had a more beautiful look, if this generation of iPhone made him choose, he would choose to start with the black iPhone 7. He continued to add: "Because the bright black iPhone is too scratchy, I have had a lot of scratches on the edge of my test machine. I am not particularly tolerant of these traces on mobile phones. I have a black product. There is a natural feeling of goodwill, and this generation of 7 also has optical image stabilization function, and from the perspective of one-hand manipulability, I would choose 7 instead of 7 Plus. Therefore, the integrated consideration will select the black version of iPhone 7. "In terms of memory Wang Ziru proposed at least 128GB or more, so that it wouldn't be enough to think about memory shortage.

Yokii mentioned that there are fans in the barrage "paint door": this generation of iPhone 7 black version will not paint? According to Wang Ziru, Apple may already have a good solution. Although it is true that black is difficult to produce in terms of the production conditions of the process, Apple has chosen to re-issue black in the case where previous generations canceled the black version. It should be Apple. There has been a breakthrough in the anodizing coloring process. However, it is inevitable that the bright black version of the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus will be worn.

How about AirPods?

Speaking of AirPods, Wang Juru believes that Apple has solved two of the most important problems with Bluetooth headsets: first, instant pairing, and second, battery life and charging. Apple's solutions are very convenient and elegant. This product is very silly at first glance, it is quite surprising to use it. This is where Yokii calls out to the magical place. The headset box is automatically connected when it is opened, and charging is also very convenient.

What are the major changes that predict the next generation iPhone?

Regarding the next-generation iPhone, Wang Ziru boldly predicted that the next-generation iPhone will most likely integrate fingerprint recognition with glass, and the Home button will disappear completely. And Apple may give up the LCD screen and turn to the OLED screen. This can make the machine even thinner and lighter, and it can use the internal space of the mobile phone more effectively, and may even make a curved screen.

Before the end of the broadcast, when Yokii asked Wang if he loved most of his iPhones, Wang Ziru did not hesitate. The joy of the iPhone in that generation was not what it took for a new phone after many years. In summary, Wang Ziru said: “In the past 10 years, when the iPhone was sold, it was still hard to find a machine. This is the best era of consumer electronics, or is it the last carnival of this era? I’m actually scared and wonder why I’m so excited after the carnival. The answer to this question, we will look again next year."

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