Good enough, X-Rite X-Rite I1 display pro colorimeter out of the box evaluation and red spider 5 color comparison

After a few months of failure, she was finally again brand-named by Zhang Aunt.

To be honest this and iphone7 plus I have applied for but did not hope the original, can be fortunate to estimate one reason is that I just bought and issued an article of HKC B7000 original submission:

Another reason should be that I am not very satisfied with the borrowed Red Spider 5 color correction effect when I was evaluating the above. So I used the factory default value of my own professional monitor. At the time, when I was applying for thinkvison X1, I said that I wanted to Buy Taiwan I1 display pro to cooperate with the public test, so after receiving the text message of the public test, I will immediately purchase a love color school color instrument, after all, before Aunt Zhang broke my meager Amoy entry level can not provide some evaluation Required test report:

------------------- I ---------- Yes --------- points --------- secant------------------


First, do you need to split the color or color separation school?
Second, X-Rite or Detta?
Third, I1 display pro open four, i1Profiler correction software and HKC B7000 display color correction test process, the results of five, Red Star 5 and I1 display pro color correction effect comparison 6, Android and IOS mobile phone, tablet color calibration experience seven, Summary review

First, do you need to split the color or color separation school? (The following sections are cited on the Internet for public information)

Colorimeters are mainly divided into colorimeters and photometers. They have entry and high-end models. Of course, photometers are generally higher and professional.
Colorimeter is the use of red, green, and blue filters to decompose the reflected light of color samples, and then the sensor receives the colorimetric instruments that are converted to color chromaticity values. In order to mimic the visual experience of the human eye in order to provide standards-compliant measurements, the standard light source must be used to illuminate the measured sample. The spectral sensitivity of the sensor needs to be converted to the visual sensibility of the standard observer through the color filter. When the instrument is calibrated correctly, the measured value read by the colorimeter can be easily converted into the tristimulus value of the color. The disadvantage of the colorimeter is that the matching degree of the spectrum between the color filter and the sensor and the visual perception sensitivity of the human eye cannot achieve a true linear relationship in the strict sense. It can be seen that the color measurement of the colorimeter has a theoretical error, and the absolute accuracy of the measurement color is relatively low.
A spectrophotometer is a colorimetric instrument that uses a grating to decompose the reflected light of a color sample, and then receives the reflected spectrum by the sensor and converts it into a colorimetric value. It measures the total visible reflectance spectrum of a color sample. It usually measures one point at a certain distance along the reflectance spectrum, and some spectrophotometers can continuously measure the spectrum. The working principle is that color is measured as a physical phenomenon that is not subject to the observer. In order to obtain the tristimulus value of the color, it can integrate the reflection spectrum and interpret it as a visual response. Flexible color measuring instrument. At the same time, since the spectrophotometer measures the total reflection spectrum of the color sample, the measurement result has a higher absolute accuracy.

The concept of interpretation to collect nonsense is not much to say, simply put the common red spider 5, I1 display pro, etc. are colorimeter-based school color instrument, the price close to the people (compared with the spectrophotometric school), and the entry model is as long as a few Hundred dollars, the software is friendly and convenient, the degree of automatization of the color correction process is high, and you do not need much expertise to get started quickly. The spectrometer is more accurate and applicable to a wider range of more measurable indicators, and applies more widely. The lowest level of entry is also a few thousand dollars, so if only the average user mainly corrects color display, projection, or the like, or if there is no precise requirement for the color of the printer, the color separation instrument can be used. As for high-end professional designers, high-end photo studios, printing industry, dyeing industry, etc., which require extremely high color accuracy or need to be more widely applicable and price-insensitive, the spectrophotometer is the only choice.

Second, X-Rite or Detta?

Determined that we ordinary people 99% color separation color instrument is enough, then the civilian school color instrument in the fiery and similar price of Dita Red Spider 5 and X-Rite I1 display pro which we should choose which? Individuals still prefer X-Rite, not only because the X-Rite product line has been used in the high-end industries for a long time, but also because of several features of the I1 display pro:

1, Android and IOS have apps that can easily color-correct handheld devices such as iPads, Android tablets, and mobile phones;
2. High-level professional monitors (such as DELLHP and other professional models) automatic color correction (HKC B7000 also supports) the process is very fast and easy, and can be completed quickly without any participation. It is faster and easier than Starscream 5;
3, i1Profiler software is stronger than Red Spider 5, although the ease of use Delta is better;
4, the original software on the wide color display backlight type support better.

Speaking here, it is estimated that some people will think that the price is almost the same thing and the spider is obviously selling more. You tend to love the company is 5 manufacturers, care it? On the map, I’ll try to see if it’s the public beta announcement list that I’ve bought... and the store has also wiped out a fraction of 9 yuan.

Is not easy to use, with the following actual experience and comparison to illustrate, of course, Starscream 5 also has his own advantages, comments later.

Third, I1 display pro out of the box

1, Jingdong price Although I1 display pro expensive than the red spider 5 200, but in fact a treasure price is basically a range, the lowest price of the new country line in the 1600-1700 or so, even the red spider 5 is also slightly higher, sea Amoy long time no Good price, and second-hand this stuff also have more than 1,000, so I bought a new line of state at least worry, the box is much larger than the Red Spider 5, whole body black, the bottom left security is very eye-catching:

2. The comparison of the two figures on the back gives the contrast effect before and after the school color comparison:

3, this side has the general line of the National Bank label:

4, another side:

5, security label close-up:

6, at the bottom, the label can be recognized as a 15 year factory product, not too late, Haitao special offer seems to be 14 years factory:

7, a list of internal installations, simple manuals, CD-ROMs, plastic body packaging protection body:

8, ontology at a glance:

9, main body close-up:

10, the body lens can rotate protective cover:

11, the bottom of the body can be mounted on the PTZ platform hole:

12, the back of the clip is product information:

10. The clip also bears the role of counterweight, front and cable list:

11, like to play photography people will probably like I1 Display pro this big eye, more than the red spider's honeycomb coal:

Fourth, i1Profiler color correction software and HKC B7000 display calibration test process, results

1. i1Profiler default simple mode interface, I1displaypro does not support scanner, printer calibration:

2, the calibration of the general operating status:

3, select the type of display backlight For wide-gamut display calibration is very important ..., this is X-Rite support more, such as DELL UP2716D and HKC B7000 display with the same panel is GB-LED backlight, which There are ready-made options available:

4, simple mode just look like it is generally still switch to advanced mode, the left menu features a lot of obvious features, and the verification function can also monitor the monitor at any time:

5, color correction process home page setting interface:

6, set part of the details:

7, white point general if based on the photo processing proposal to choose D65, printing proposal D55

8, the brightness of the target red spider 5 is the default recommended 200, love color is recommended 160:

9, the calibration of the second page need to select the ICC profile settings, but the recommendations can be the default:

If you do not check the configuration of the automatic detection of ambient light, there are fewer color adaptation options:

10, school color swatches, from more than 100 to more than 400 color blocks, of course, the more accurate, just a little longer (but it is also very quick), so you can choose more than the election of it:

11, it is important, if it is a professional display or high-end display comes with an ADC chip, it is recommended to check the automatic display control (ADC) Here, very worry and effort:

12. Make it easy for you to make adjustments to the ICC document by yourself:

13, here according to their own equipment functions and needs to choose:

14, the test process job status is probably this:

15, B7000 display directly supports ADC, you do not have to move almost, compared to the red spider 5 color process is simply too much convenient:

16, the school's white point target is almost completely overlapped, brightness 160, to achieve a contrast ratio of 600:1

17, three-color curve is quite good:

18, check the effect of school color, optional color plate, the general use of the default X-Rite 24 color:

19, before the school's color ΔE maximum 1.74, the average 0.9x down to a maximum of 0.94, an average of 0.53:

20, compared to the next I manually set the optimization of the ΔE is the maximum 0.86, the average 0.39, but less than 1 all, in fact, such a tiny optimization should not be aware of, so the monitor supports the ADC chip, then automatic like:

21, the color of the results of different times can be observed trends:

22, in particular, the point is to adjust the RGB love X-Rite software has arrow tips how to increase or decrease, very convenient and intuitive:

23, after adjusting the three primary colors white point 6500K has been quite standard:

24, compare the manual and automatic color gamut range, blue for manual, red automatic, manual adjustment or to make the color gamut slightly larger just wrapped in automatic:

25, school color report:

26. The color correction report completed in manual mode:

27, 24 color is not addictive? Ha ha, to a 1617 color test it, the average ΔE = 0.46, the maximum 2.65, very NB there?

Five, comparison of the red spider 5 and I1 display pro color correction effect

In fact, from the comparison of software color blocks already know the effect of color correction, the instrument is usually more professional than the average person's eyes, objective, but the two software color correction style is different, although my screen photography level is not, leading to actual vision is actually quite large Differences, but some styles of things can still be seen through the screen shot, the last set of screen shots, we have a cursory understanding of the difference between the next two school styles ( re-prompt, because the night indoor exposure and white balance color problem personal screen is very Slag, in fact, the naked eye to see the color of the monitor and screen photo, especially the large area of ​​a solid color, there is a big difference, after the color monitor is actually very close to the effect of the original picture but not the camera screen, but the style is slightly different, Hope understanding )

Order: original image, X-Rite color, red spider school color (all brightness 160, white point 6500K)

1, red and yellow color group, the naked eye actually looks at the screen is obviously love color red saturation is higher, the whole is closer to the original picture, but the bright orange red spider school color is closer to the original picture:

2, blue scenes, screen shot color cast is more serious, in fact, the naked eye to see the love color is very close to the original map, and the red spider school color warmer, like a layer of orange tulle cover:

3, solid color yellow screen I have been unable to discharge the effect which heroes can point under it? This group of screen shots and the actual effect of the largest contrast, the screen shot is very dark, actually not, but the color of the red spider's school results are closer to the original, bright green ivory than the color of the school's color vision A bit bright:

4. Portrait, X-Rite school portrait is cold, the overall color and skin color of Red Spider are closer to the original:

5, gourmet group, this group is the smallest difference between the two school color instrument, but the naked eye to see the actual effect of the X-Rite as a whole closer to a bit, rather than a large area of ​​green when the red spider's green leaves are not particularly dazzling

6, Android and IOS mobile phone, tablet color correction experience

Originally to IOS and Android tablet, mobile phone test coloring experience, but downloaded the software only to find the need otg.... IOS I have no OTG conversion no way to try, the results of the typec-otg line at hand found other phones at home No reaction at all. Only millet 5 is available, so for the time being use millet 5 as a demonstration:

1. Quick Start Tips for Running Android Apps

2, although I have already opened a plus 3 OTG, but no matter U disk or school color meter did not respond, Baidu found that should be the compatibility issue of the OTG head, today bought a few new, but a few days To get to:

3, millet 5 above successfully found school color instrument:

4, white and red light flashing area school color sensor light up button on the line:

5, all automatic, including brightness level detection and color gamut detection, school color settings, without manual participation, about 5,6 minutes (at the tip, the best battery is above 60% to do the school color, low battery may OTG Insufficient power supply to the mouth will cause the color correction process to get stuck.)

6. After the school color is finished, you can open the album or file manager to select the picture and photo to check the color before and after the effect:

7, but the color on the phone should be the color masking method, color correction in addition to the color of the standard is mainly to soften the mask mode should be detrimental, whether it is happy to use to see personal needs:

Android above school color does not require root authorization and does not involve the underlying color correction, it should be a pure masking method, the actual usability is not strong, I think it is better to provide a check color and color gamut features more practical, and provide manual Adjust the RGB hardware color correction method, so that some users who unlock the root brush third-party users can actually modify the three primary colors to improve color temperature, color accuracy and so on.

IOS System testing and so I can find OTG parts can be done, this mobile device calibration I think for the tablet is more meaningful, such as ipad and the like.

Seven, summary reviews

Two school color instrument with the naked eye more like the love color I1 display pro color correction style, and for the display with its own ADC chip X-Rite color correction is very easy, without intervention, the color accuracy of the color correction results seem to Also higher than Starscream 5 (but there is no evidence to verify the case without spectrophotometer and third-party software verification, and it is meaningless to cross-validate the two softwares in time); most of the measured colors of the color love saturation seems to be Higher, most colors look more accurate, but green, golden, and skin color are not as accurate or good-looking as Starscream.

Software X-Rite's settable items are more detailed and professional. The color gamut covers 3D color space, but the color gamut is covered and compared. There is no Starscream 5 convenient and intuitive. ICC files must be selected for comparison. However, I import multiple windows. Failed to bring their own, Baidu found that other people have similar problems; color calibration on the X-Rite can provide 24-color to as many as 1600-color calibration, generate a report is also very professional, especially to check the color faster than the red spider 5 is very fast, big-eye optical lens may have contributed.

The mobile side coloring red spider 5 does not have this function. X-Rite has provided the respective color correction app for Android and IOS. However, it does not provide the underlying RGB color correction function of Android system, but uses the mask and brightness control methods to achieve a pity. Look forward to further improvement.

As for ordinary users who have color accuracy requirements, I recommend buying a wide-angle screen display with adequate color gamut coverage (100% guaranteed SRGB) and factory calibration, rather than buying a poor monitor and expecting color correction. . However, the requirements for color accuracy are higher, especially for users with high color requirements under different lighting conditions, different seasons, and different backlight intensities. Instead of renting, users should purchase a Red Star 5, I1 display pro-level colorimeter, because in fact, Color correction is not a matter of one thing. In both cases, you mainly use the personal recommendation I1 dispaly pro for calibration, especially with a monitor with an ADC chip. Sunslow is not comparable to Red Stars, and if it is mainly for writing reviews, then Starscream is more suitable because of the color gamut. Indicators and comparisons are more intuitive and convenient.

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