Official cooperation leaks Oculus Touch for up to $250

The long-awaited Oculus Touch controller, which is about to release the information for sale early next month, has been tossed by European retailers recently. The German electrical retailers MediaMarkt and Saturn sold the Oculus Touch for 199 euros.

According to recent news from Twitter user Nick Summers, Oculus Touch was pre-sold for £190 in Great Britain. The user is a UK district reporter for Engadget.

According to the picture published by Nick Summers, this is in GAME, a video game store in Great Britain, similar to GameStop in the United States. GAME is an official offline partner of Oculus, so this price is very likely to be true. U.S. RoadtoVR confirmed the news from GAME and stated that pre-purchase required a £50 fee and that Oculus Touch will be available this winter.

According to the current exchange rate, Xiao Bian made a conversion, 190 pounds about 250 US dollars (1650 yuan). Calculated in U.S. dollars, if sold at $250, Oculus Rift's overall (Rift+Touch) price is as high as $850, exceeding its competitor HTC Vive. However, the community currently appreciates HTC Vive's room-scale experience, which Oculus Rift temporarily does not provide. The HTC Vive team may already be cool.

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