55 inch 4K TV big contrast TV 3 and cool open 55A2 Which is better

Millet TV 55-inch and Cool 55A2 are 5,000 yuan and 55-inch 4K smart TVs, both of which are more cost-effective, better operating performance? Millet TV 3 55 inch positioning split TV, cool open 55A2 is located in the fit TV, which model do you prefer? TV home Xiaobian brings us two TVs' appearance design, hardware configuration, picture quality, sound effects and other aspects of the contrast presentation, to help users in-depth understanding, with the library to use their own needs to make the right choice.

Millet TV 3 55 inch

Reference price: 5199 yuan Jingdong Mall ""

Millet TV 3 55-inch features: split design, quad-core MStar6A928 chip, 2GB memory, 8GB flash memory, Samsung / LG 4K screen, MIUI TV operating system.

Cool open 55A2

Reference price: 4999 yuan Jingdong Mall ""

Cool open 55A2 features: fit TV design, quad-core Mstar6A938 chip, 2GB memory, 8GB flash memory, LG IPS 4K hard screen, cool open OS5.5 operating system.

Millet TV 3 55 inch

Cool open 55A2

Which is better with millet TV 3 and Coolo 55A2? Below, Xiao Bian made a comprehensive comparison of the two 55-inch 4K smart TVs. Let's take a look at cool-mix TV and Xiaomi split TV. Who is better! More 55-inch smart TV recommended: "2016 practical 55-inch TV which nine brand 4K smart TV summary"

Shape design

Millet TV 55-inch thin and sturdy metal body, the thinnest only 9.9mm, full metal backplane joints less than 0.2mm. , Double 45° drilling process. Due to the split-type design, the Mi TV 3 has only the MI Port port and power interface on the back to simplify interface design and get rid of clutter. The biggest highlights are: Xiaomi TV 3 completely separates the main unit from the screen, the screen is lighter, and the host is more powerful. The sound quality can be upgraded to HiFi sound level. When the TV performance is outdated, there is no need to replace the screen, just upgrade the host at a low cost.

Cool open 55A2 positioning fit TV, using the Ding Ding base, bar sound metal mesh to the frame, from the metal back plate stamping, oxidation. The ribs on the back panel make the backboard not only more beautiful and more sturdy, but also the interface settings on the sides are all at a glance, and the insertion and removal are also very convenient.

Hardware configuration

Millet TV 3 55-inch using MStar 6A928, with a 1.4GHz quad-core Cortex-A17 architecture processor, 4 + 4 nuclear Mali-760 MP4 graphics processor, support for 2GB of memory, 8GB flash memory. MStar 6A928 is a very advanced TV chip, you can play HD video, large-scale 3D games!

Cool open 55A2 using Mstar6A938 chip, clocked up to 1.7GHz, A72 × 2 + A53 × 2 quad-core processor, MaliT820 ​​three-core graphics processor, equipped with 2GB of memory + 8GB flash memory, maximum support 128GB expansion TF card slot can absolutely meet Your need for storage space. And supports APT-X bluetooth technology, so that delay time difference is less than 40 milliseconds.

Millet TV 3 55 inch

Picture quality

Millet TV 55-inch original Samsung / LG true 4K screen, support 4 +4-core Mali-760 MP4 graphics processor, to achieve the highest 4K resolution output, 3D three-dimensional picture of the true rendering. 178-degree wide viewing angle, wide color gamut NTSC reached 85%.

Cool open 55A2 uses 55-inch LG IPS hard screen to achieve HDR decoding, 4K ultra high-definition, and MEMC dynamic image quality compensation technology, so that the picture quality is more brilliant, no smear playback screen.

Sound effect

The millet TV 55-inch is equipped with a HiFi-equipped stand-alone sound system that achieves maximum loudness over 500 square meters of space. And, built-in Dolby sound technology, virtual surround, bass boost, dialogue enhancement, automatic volume adjustment, achieve cinematic sound effects!

Coocaa 55A2 uses the innovative Soundbar. The bar audio can be used alone. The TV is upgraded with a stand-alone audio to enter the fit era. With 2.2 channels, 8 speakers, HiFi amplifier, DTS/Dolby decoding.

Cool open 55A2

Built-in resources

Millet TV 3 55-inch depth equipped with GITV, ICNTV, Mango TV, China TV number four licensee resources, equipped with massive high-definition video library, content increased by 83%, upgraded to 440,000 hours. It includes Hollywood blockbusters, TV dramas, popular variety shows, sports events, star concerts and other resources, but also realizes concerts, sports competitions, and e-sports live broadcasts.

Coocaa 55A2 cooperates with GITV, and joint iQIYI brings users a wealth of high-quality movie and TV drama resources. The built-in Kukai Film and Television Center is more sea-based and fulfills the needs of the family. Established cooperation with many famous movie companies such as Disney and Paramount, covering Hollywood's six major corporate films and realizing China's largest online movie library.

Operating system

Millet TV 3 55-inch MIMI TV operating system developed in the depth of millet, with easy-to-use as the criteria, minimalist style, all icons across the home page, users can easily find the application icon, easy to use. Every month has new features and new experiences, and it's easy to have fun with Xiaomi smart home devices. It also includes baby cloud album, voice remote control, somatosensory games, wireless projection screen and other operating functions. The feature area game center is also a variety of remote-controllable games that are already on the shelves, as well as a large-screen game area with handle operations.

Cool open 55A2 uses Cool OS 5.5 operating system, built-in children's mode, video calls, remote assistance and many other large-screen innovative life experience. Cool open 55A2 operation speed, refused to delay, Caton and other operating phenomena, to minimize the operating path of the TV. In addition, the cool-on TV system is updated quickly, and users can participate in improving weekly iterative updates to keep users up to date with the best possible operating experience.

Which is better with millet TV 3 and Coolo 55A2? After the full comparison of the above two 55-inch 4K smart TVs, which one do you want to choose? Buy smart TVs need to choose according to their needs!

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