Perfect? ! HTC HTC 10 phone out of the box

Many people say: At this time, they still buy HTC, it must be true love!
Then I should be one of the very few true love powders that HTC has in the world!

From the age of 9 years ago (2007) when the iPhone took up the smartphone, I have been using HTC.
In the past two years, I have watched a once Android king gradually walk towards decline and be overwhelmed!
The trick is that he did not defeat his family, but he has been self-inflicted since the palace!
Especially in 2015, I feared that I would never die. I would not only cut my veins and hang a large bottle of sleeping pills, but also added a few more locks on the front door.
Ugh! In short, you can't help Adou!

Let's briefly review the HTC that we have.

HTC Magic

At the end of 2009, he bought the first Android smart phone HTC Magic. This machine is also the first Android phone of HTC's own brand.
I remember that when I launched it was a native Android system that was very simple and difficult to use.
Until later I saw that I could upgrade my interface to HTC Sense before I went to ham.
HTC Sense joins a large number of desktop gadgets and applications not available in the native Android interface.
Design a new Launcher, App drawer, and lock screen.
At the time it was a terrific design that added value to HTC's Android phone.

Technical Specifications Processor: Qualcomm MSM7200A 528MHz
Operating System: Android (can be upgraded to HTC Sense)
Memory: ROM: 512MB, RAM: 288MB
Size: 113mm X 55.56mm X 13.65mm
Weight: 116g (with battery)
Screen: HVGA 320x480 resolution, 3.2-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch Multi-touch)
Bluetooth: 2.0 with EDR
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g
Battery: 1340mAh rechargeable lithium or lithium polymer battery

HTC Legend

Because HTC Magic took his wife to use, so he bought the HTC Legend.
The body is made of aluminum alloy and the most rare is that the battery can still be replaced.
Miaosha now has a bunch of metal body phones that can't change batteries.

HTC Desire S

It was too slow to see his wife's HTC Magic in 2011, so she changed the 3.7-inch HTC Desire S to her.
The same metal body can also change the battery! It takes a few minutes for the blood to come back to life! Instead of hanging a urine bag (charging treasure) out now.


HTC first supports 4G LTE mobile phones.
The business started to pick up in 2012.
So one shot and bought two back, one with his wife and one person. It is also the only couple machine in years!
One year later my wife told me that she wanted iPone! Since my wife used her apple, I used my HTC!


In 2013, it was amazing to HTC one m7! Especially blue.
M7 personally believes it is the top product of HTC.
The all-metal back cover is equipped with two antennas, the innovative ZOE function and the frontal stereo BoomSound dual speakers.
All these have been used by iPHONE to become Apple's innovative features. These are the designs of 3 years ago!
Do not say now a lot of metal back phone.

HTC Butterfly 2

In early 2015, it was not known whether it was a battery decay or an update sequelae. The m7's power was often turned off at 30%.
There is no way, but do not want the m8 of the three chin, so the butterfly 2 is changed.
More capless waterproof and twin lenses.
(The other two innovative features that are now full of the street as a selling point, HTC has been playing the pioneer, and then copied to the back of a bunch of manufacturers beyond)

HTC One E8

Starting from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, a mainland number and a Hong Kong number are required. Therefore, the E8 was launched to achieve dual-stream.
Really miss the blue M7 that year, so I bought blue! Only plastic shell can not give M7 metal texture!

Finishing your personal HTC phone history! It's time to talk about this protagonist HTC 10!
Since the B2 and E8 memory in the hands are only 2GB, in the era of increasing software nowadays, it is really a stretch!
The most maddening thing is that the camera's startup and storage are slow enough to eat instant noodles.
So for mobile phones on the agenda!
Looking around at the mobile phone industry, you can really consider only the LG G5, Samsung S7/S7e, and HTC 10!
Although it is very annoying about the stick, never buy the brand.
But at the moment, it has to admit that only LG, Samsung and HTC can choose from the major brands!
Don't tell Dafa to me. Its cell phone department estimates that it will not be long before it is sold like vaio.
As for a big ticket of domestic brands, the reason for not considering it is not because of problems such as quality, but because I don't like the back door!

LG G5 uses virtual buttons, personally very annoying! HTC gives people three chins. One of the reasons is this.
In addition, fingerprint recognition is on the back, and it is not convenient to use a mobile phone when it is needed.
In addition LG's QC is also very reliable! Both G4 and V10 have the risk of burning backplanes!
However, in recent years, LG is one of the most courageous innovations in the public brands, and it feels like Android's early HTC.

S7/S7e is among the most outstanding performance, basically every kind of function has reached the top!
S7e has arc screens that are beautiful but not practical, and often touch them in error. Poor sound quality!
The S7 is only 5.1, compared to B2 and E8 is not much, but there are dual cards. In this way, you do not need to bring two mobile phones on your body!
However, the recent explosion has caused people to feel uneasy. (Nothing wrong, not only did Flower 7 bloom, S7 and S7e also exploded several parts of the UK and USA recently!)

So in the end, the HTC 10, which is known to be perfect, is locked.
When my wife knew that I wanted to buy HTC 10, I said: It is HTC!
Yes, considering that for a long time it was still selected HTC! I am also a bit embarrassed to say it!

Compared to the high price of listing, Hong Kong China Mobile is now only HK$4280 (as long as RMB3680 is replaced by RMB)

HTC 10

It seems that HTC is popular for moon cake box packaging since M7!
This is a fake out of the box, so there is no favorite film.

Made in Taiwan! HTC's flagship machine basically adheres to local production in Taiwan.

Open the box, the first layer is the HTC 10 real body, the second layer is a variety of accessories!

The included TYPE-C charging cable and Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charge.

Hi-Res High Resolution Headphones

Warranty card and instructions

HTC 10 Real Body! The biggest feature of this generation is the large trim on the back. How can you see Jen insight!
There are really no HTC design languages ​​on the front, and the iconic front dual speakers have now disappeared.
Instead, it is changed to the bottom of the handset + the bottom of the fuselage.
There is still surround sound support for BoomSound, Dolby Audio, Hi-Res Audio.
The CPU is Qualcomm Snapdragon s820 quad-core 2.2GHz, memory is 4GB, capacity is 32GB,
The screen is 5.2 inches QHD SLCD5, waterproof performance only supports IP53 life waterproof.
Front and rear cameras support shockproof, known as the world's first.

Wife glanced at: how to iphone with a kind!

The front surface is a 2.5D arc with Corning's third-generation Gorilla Glass. The screen is 5.2" 2560 x 1440 SLCD 5. According to the official statement, the highest brightness is about 500 nits. Its color gamut range is 30% more, close to the scope of AMOLED, emphasizing that is better than the traditional LCD, the NTSC color gamut covers about 92%.
The back is made of metal, and there is a clear cut edge around it. Different colors can be seen under different light sources. The thinnest side is only 3mm, and the thickest part is 9mm.

Compared with iPhone 6, it really is...

The right side of the fuselage has a SIM card slot, volume keys and power button

The headphone jack is changed to the top, and the original infrared light of the flagship model has been removed!
This is the personal favorite function. Do not have to look for a remote control home, direct control of the TV and air conditioning with a mobile phone, very convenient!

There is only one memory card slot on the left side of the fuselage, no other buttons

There is a microphone at the bottom, charging hole and speaker, this time the charging hole of HTC10 becomes TYPE-C, so you have to buy a batch of lines again.

The main camera uses a 12-megapixel UltraPixel 2 sensor (actually a Sony IMX 377) with a F1.8 / 26mm wide-aperture wide-angle lens. The camera lens is slightly convex from the camera body. The right side of the lens has a dual color temperature flash and infrared laser focus. Before and after the camera has joined the OIS optical anti-shake (biaxial), the lack of phase focus, so the macro is a bit weak.

On the front is 5 million pixels of UltraSelfie front camera, handset and sensor, this time the camera also added OIS shockproof function, using Samsung's components

HTC finally replaced the virtual keys started with M8 with physical touch keys that disappeared for a long time. There are physical keys or relatively cool, the screen will not have a feeling of missing a piece, the middle button can only "touch" can not really press . This middle button also includes the function of fingerprint recognition, and the recognition is very rapid. There are touch keys on the left and right sides (the left is the return, the right is the multiplex switch), which is usually hidden when there is no backlight.

The only hTC word appeared on the back of the aircraft, very low-key! And it is printed on it. Unlike some previous models, it was used in an engraved way!

The HTC 10 interface has been streamlined, and a lot of HTC-specific software and gadgets have been deleted. It is said that the fluency and system updates are faster!
The operating interface relied on native Android. After the One A9, Google Play Music replaced the built-in music. HTC 10 also replaced the original and very easy-to-use built-in photo album with Google Play.
There are HTC calendar, HTC Internet, HTC clock, HTC input method, HTC graffiti and other software, can only be downloaded back in Google Play store. If you can't, you have to find your own App to install.
Really want to say, there is no need to buy HTC? To update faster, I might as well buy Google's own children.
Google’s own Google Pixel mobile phone launched next month is the HTC OEM.

The drop-down menu cannot be changed, making some of the less frequently used switches occupy the layout, which is very inconvenient.

HTC 10 built-in Android 6.0.1 operating system, the future will no longer emphasize the Sense version, will be closer to the Android public interface.
HTC believes that the Android interface in early years is still not mature enough, so many manufacturers will customize their own interface, with the development of mature Android public version of UI in recent years, the native interface is very easy to use, HTC tends to optimize the public version of UI, so that the operating experience is more Intuitive and smooth.

The HTC 10 has a capacity of 32GB, and it took 8.97GB for anything without a system and 1.4GB for memory.
The architecture of eMMC 5.1 is still used, not the latest UFS 2.0.
It is said that using the A1 SD bench to test the speed of the built-in storage space, the read speed is 286.87MB/s and the write speed is 56.47MB/s.
Read and write speeds are slower than Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note 5 series and LG G5.
This means that HTC believes that its own tuning of God can break through the hardware behind!

A mobile phone can evaluate too many things, such as running points, camera, volume, sound quality, heat, charging speed, screen, nfc, built-in Boost+ performance optimization software, Freestyle layout desktop, TouchPal input method (Touch pal), etc. Wait.
It is difficult to make a comprehensive test because of limited space. Let me talk about the deficiencies and satisfaction that I discovered after using it for some time.

Pink Feifei's screen!

Before you buy it, you already know that this HTC 10 is useful to Tianma Ping. It is the one that the red rice steals to the dog.
Just did not expect that he just happened to win! Did not even think of "Tian Ma Ping"'s redness is so good.
As long as you look sideways, you can clearly see the screen is pink, and then you can see the rainbow.
Look at the comparison below to know!

On the left is the iPhone 6, the middle is the HTC 10, and the right is the HTC butterfly 2.
It's okay to look positive, although there is a little bit of powder, but it's not very unpleasant!

One side immediately appears.
The above HTC 10 has actually been set to cool in the built-in screen color settings.

Wifi instability

Another major issue is wifi! When there are no obstacles, wifi is full and fast.
But as long as every one or two walls, wifi reception will drift! Sometimes I can't even receive it!
The bottom left is the iPhone 6, the middle is the HTC 10, and the right is the HTC B2.
It can be seen that the HTC B2 on the right side of the plastic case is full, while the iphone's wifi display on the metal back case has only two compartments, and the HTC 10 is the worst.

Camera Leap Forward

The HTC 10's most satisfying one is the camera.
No matter what the starting speed or focus is, the HTC's mobile phone is the fastest and the picture quality is also the best.
Nothing is worse than other flagship camera capabilities.
"Pro manual mode" can also adjust the white balance, exposure value, ISO value, shutter speed, focusing distance.
After the latest system update, the slowest shutter speed is 16 seconds! Can also shoot Raw files DNG photos, to facilitate late coloring!

Below a few pictures taken with automatic shooting!

Summary: Personally think that HTC 10 should be the best mobile phone since M7 3 years ago. 10 major advantages:

1, HTC 10 is as smooth as ever.
2. The top camera function, I do not like Samsung's monosodium glutamate, may not be faster than Samsung, especially the macro focus is slow, and the other pictures taken out dark.
3. World's first front lens anti-shake, increased self-shot success rate
4 appearance type grid, large cut edge is not beautiful
5. Configuration finally meets the specifications of the mainstream market
6. Have quick charge 3.0 and send QC3.0 charger
7. Headphones, buzz
8. Fingerprint recognition speed
9.freestyle theme makes the desktop more personalized
10. For the few people, go out and not afraid to collide with people

10 major disadvantages:

1.sense is too streamlined to delete previously praised applications such as albums, browsers, input methods, calendars, music playback, etc.
In exchange for a bunch of Andriod native programs, although they can be downloaded on their own, it has resulted in lack of operating characteristics.
2. The screen is red, adjusting the cool color or reddish.
The flagship actually used Tianma screen to fall into the flow of low-end mobile phones such as red rice. sad!
4. Lack of publicity, waste of a good opportunity, it is difficult to buy accessories.
5. The lack of features in the front design makes it easy to misunderstand the iPhone or Samsung.
6. wifi has a problem, two wall signals greatly reduced, than the hands of Buttfly2 two years ago.
7.NFC is sick, some can read it, some can't read it.
8. The main screen drop-down menu cannot be changed.
9. The newly-replaced double-speaking new speakers are not available, and individuals are very much in love with the previous M7.
10. The FM radio and infrared remote control are missing.

Sometimes I don't want Help this company.
At the end of this year, we will no longer have a chance to learn. We will no longer stick to the three chins and adopt the opinions of everyone to do a good job of HTC 10.
It has received a lot of praise in foreign countries, but nearly zero publicity has made this brand completely absent.
There are fewer and fewer counters. Even foreign and Hong Kong companies have network vendors to stop selling HTC products.
In the Chinese market, the emasculated version of HTC 10 Lifestyle was launched, which made people feel bad about it.
Sometimes I really don't understand why HTC kills himself like this.
In addition, Zhou Yongming officially left HTC this year and is committed to VR.
Will HTC still have a turning day in his hands? ! ! !

If no accident, HTC 10 should be my last HTC phone!

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