Voices of the two sessions: the state should legislate to protect the development of LED technology

The two national conferences have officially opened, and the representatives of the two conferences have gathered in Beijing. Their feelings and proposals have also become the focus of extensive attention. Shi Xiangpeng, deputy director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, told reporters yesterday that the two sessions will be more concerned than ever before. The two sessions will conduct in-depth discussions on important economic topics such as growth, expansion of domestic demand, economic restructuring and industrial transformation.

Asked about the proposal, Shi Xiangpeng revealed a proposal he brought about the cultivation and protection of high-tech property rights. Shi Xiangpeng suggested that legislation should be adopted to cultivate and protect China's independent intellectual property rights in LED and compound semiconductors.

Shi Xiangpeng said that in the past, this technology in Europe and the United States has blocked China, and China has a blank in this regard. Nowadays, Chinese national enterprises have begun to develop technologies in this area, and the state should give more support and protection, especially from the legislative protection.

According to public information, LED is a new generation of cold light source developed in the 1990s. It has the unparalleled advantages of traditional light sources, such as saving energy, protecting the environment (excluding harmful substances such as mercury), and long life (50,000 hours). Reduced maintenance costs, better lighting quality, improved lighting visuals and safety make LED technology more and more used in many infrastructure constructions.

Under the financial crisis, global energy is increasingly in short supply. Since the energy crisis and the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation in the 1970s, the US Environmental Protection Agency took the lead in proposing the implementation of green lighting and promotion programs in 1991, and has received the attention of advanced countries such as the United Nations, Britain, Germany, France and Japan and developing countries. For this reason, it has 100lm/ W luminous efficiency LED has gradually become the protagonist of green lighting.

Shi Xiangpeng said that the range of LED applications has been very extensive. For example, the electric light sources of mobile phones, notebook computers and LCD phones are all LEDs, which are environmentally friendly and have a long life. In addition, LEDs can also be used for street lights, traffic lights on the road, and neon lights. With LEDs, it can save more than 60% of electricity, and it is very environmentally friendly. The high-pressure sodium lamps used now release sulfuric acid. There are at least 10,000 tons of sulfuric acid in Beijing. When it rains, it will also produce acid rain and corrode buildings. It is very environmentally friendly. It solves the pollution problem with LED. This is a revolution of humanity. . Shi Xiangpeng also calculated the account for the reporter: If the country can use 30% of the civil lighting for LED lighting a year, it can save one Three Gorges power station in one year, and can burn carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in one third of the coal produced in one year. Get rid of.

Shi Xiangpeng also pointed out that the main components of LEDs used in China are imported. On the surface, the international gap is not very big. In only three or five years, the gap is actually large. Because there are only small package companies in China, there is no large upstream, no source, no roots and trunks.

It is reported that China's only compound semiconductor industry base and the national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base have been put into production in Shenzhen last month. The base has grown from making epitaxial wafers to making chips. Shi Xiangpeng said that this is an industry of independent national innovation, which just supplements the upstream core technology of tree roots and trunks. Help the country to do a good job in roots and trunks, and then you can open branches and leaves. Shi Xiangpeng said.

Compound semiconductors are the latest technology in the world today. According to Shi Xiangpeng, all the chips in our country are microelectronics, which is represented by silicon and belongs to the first generation of semiconductors. Compound semiconductors are second-generation, third-generation semiconductors that are optoelectronics. This new technology has been in developed countries in Europe and America for more than 30 years, mainly for military use, and is a manifestation of a country's strong economic strength. His products are well known for lasers. Lasers are widely used in communications, such as 3G and 4G communication equipment. If the bandwidth speed is not enough, you should also use a laser. For example, infrared night vision, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and future high-speed railway monitoring, must use lasers, the amount of civilian use is very large.

Shi Xiangpeng said that these high-tech technologies are in the hands of European and American countries. China started relatively late and developed very slowly. It is currently only used for civilian use. Compared with European and American countries, the gap is very large. If we don't develop, we are also passively beaten.

Shi Xiangpeng suggested that the state should adopt legislation to protect the development of this industry, support it from the policy, and help from scientific research, such as the 863 program to help enterprises improve their research capabilities.

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