2009 East China Lighting Market is in a cold and clear situation

The current adversity status of Huadong Lighting Merchants mainly comes from two aspects: on the one hand, affected by the current market situation, the lighting business is generally in a state of desertedness, and only a small number of powerful lighting merchants continue to maintain market sales through the advantages of the original engineering channels. On the other hand, the original market situation in East China caused the competition of lighting merchants to be extremely fierce under the current situation. A large number of lighting businesses lacking strength and capital turnover are facing a phase-out situation. Therefore, the strength of lighting enterprises in East China has begun to make various strategies, or increase the development of engineering channels, or stimulate sales by adding new brands.

Strong business dominates the Hangzhou market

Since the end of last year, the market of Hangzhou lighting and lighting market has been very deserted. During the Christmas season, it is generally the time when the market is most prosperous. In 2008, the price of lanterns in Hangzhou West Lake Lighting Market fell and fell. The cheapest lanterns only sold for 10 yuan/string, but the business was still difficult to do. Until the beginning of this year, most small and medium-sized businesses took a negative attitude towards the market.

From the perspective of the purchase demand of merchants this year, commercial lighting has the largest share, at 41%; followed by indoor lighting, accounting for 30%; and again, electric light source products, accounting for 22%. It can be seen that engineering products account for a much larger proportion than indoor lighting products.

From the perspective of the purchase volume of individual merchants in Hangzhou, 40% of the merchants' purchase demand is 2 million to 3 million yuan, accounting for the largest share of all businesses. Followed by the purchase of goods with a demand of 1 million to 2 million yuan, accounting for 27%. 33% of merchants purchase demand is less than 1 million yuan. It can be seen that the large-scale merchants in Hangzhou have almost monopolized the entire market. They have the absolute right to speak in the market. This is mainly based on their grasp of the engineering channel market and occupying the local market share.

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