Urgently seeking quotation: Beijing China Construction Bureau Uganda project procurement large single

Aladdin Lighting Network Purchasing Group's latest big single rush to find a quote: Beijing China Construction Bureau in Uganda, a project procurement large single, about 400 kinds, now need to quote, if interested friends please call!

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The picture shows a partial list of samples, please click to download the list (Beijing China Construction Bureau in Uganda project purchase order)


In the context of global warming, solar energy, as an outstanding representative of new energy, is favored by countries all over the world. Under the trend of low carbon energy saving, solar energy which is mainly based on light and heat technology has been applied to various industries and is constantly improving the energy structure. The solar energy air conditioning system takes heat supply and refrigeration into consideration, and the comprehensive office building, hostel, school, hospital, swimming pool, aquaculture, family, etc., are ideal application objects.
The seasonal adaptability of solar air conditioning is good, and the cooling capacity of the system increases with the increase of solar radiation energy, which coincides with the urgent demand of people for air conditioner in summer.
The traditional condensing refrigerator USES freon as the medium, which has great damage to the atmosphere, while the refrigerator USES the non-toxic and harmless water or lithium bromide as the medium, which is very beneficial to the environment.
The Solar Air Conditioner system can combine summer cooling, winter heating and other seasons to provide hot water, which significantly improves the utilization and economy of the solar energy system.
Solar air conditioner system can bring into play the comprehensive advantages of cooling in summer, heating in winter and providing hot water all year round, and will achieve remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits, and have a broad prospect of popularization and application.

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