LED light source and its drive control will continue to grow

[Hui Cong Lighting Network] Yan Chongguang--Marketing Manager of China Resources Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Optoelectronic News Network: According to what you know, what impact did the financial crisis have on the LED industry? Is there any impact on related industries such as the driver IC industry?

Yan Chongguang: In 2008, the semiconductor industry was affected by the subprime mortgage crisis. The performance in the fourth quarter dropped significantly. The global semiconductor industry was almost shrouded in the shadow of winter. Along with the trend of semiconductor technology in 2009, the dawn of spring has already appeared, especially the green lighting (LEDLighting) as a huge product that thousands of households need, just as the sun rises at six or seven o'clock in the morning. Human lighting fixtures have entered the fourth generation of green, energy-saving, energy-saving, and long-life. LED lighting fixtures have emerged as a result, and have received widespread attention and rapid development. The LED light source and its driving technology under the semiconductor industry are developing rapidly. LED light sources are rapidly expanding from backlighting applications for consumer electronics LCD screens such as mobile phones, MP3s, and NBs to urban lighting, road and home lighting, automotive lighting, portable lighting, lighting... and even far-reaching Olympic scene performances. LED light source and its drive control IC will be developed rapidly in 2009, timely, rapid and effective development of advanced technology, a new generation of LED light source and its drive control IC, will certainly win the massive city of ordinary LED light source and its drive control IC industry Just entering the growth period, and energy saving is the focus of the world, so it can thrive in this subprime crisis!

Optoelectronic News Network: What countermeasures do you think companies should take to survive this crisis?

Yan Chongguang: The subprime mortgage crisis has deeply affected the IC design and production companies in mainland China and foreign capital. Many companies have closed down and laid off employees. The IC design experts who have been out of the game are so tired that they are looking for new jobs and can stand still. The IC design company in the area has stepped up its time to rush to hire new and more capable integrated circuit designers at a more reasonable price rather than higher prices. The intensification of blood exchange is to build better talents for the company and design more competitive market. Products, increase combat effectiveness for next year's market competition! Therefore, relevant companies take the opportunity to gather talents, increase fresh blood, in-depth research on the market, re-defining development projects with the goal of future market demand, and seize the opportunity to develop new products that are urgently needed in the green lighting (LEDLighting) market, winning in the crisis. vitality! Maybe it is a good strategy.

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