Sharp Interview: Is the future of high color rendering products promising?

[Hui Cong Lighting Network] According to the Nikkei BP News Agency, Sharp released a high-color white LED "GM4BN653C0A" with a brightness 13% higher than the original product of the company. As a high-color product, "Brightness has reached the highest value in the industry" (the company). The white LED package is 0.6mm thick and is suitable for backlights of small and medium-sized LCD panels. A few days ago, this reporter interviewed the representative of the CE department of the LED business planning department of the company's electronic components business unit Shu Uemura Fonda on the characteristics of high-color white LED and high-brightness technology.
——What are the benefits of using the white LED developed this time?

Shu Ue: It can fully improve the color expression of the LCD panel. This white LED achieves white light by combining green and red phosphor materials on a blue LED chip, so the peaks of the luminescence spectrum are in blue, green, and red. By using a combination of RGB color filters mounted on a liquid crystal panel, images can be displayed in higher purity colors. At present, the mainstream white LED obtains pseudo white through the blue LED chip and the yellow phosphor material, and this white LED significantly improves the color expression of red and green, and the color expression range of the liquid crystal panel can be expanded by 100%. A dozen. It has been applied to some portable terminals and related products have already started to be on the market.

In addition to being used in mobile phones that require beautiful images, many manufacturers consider using backlights with high-color white LEDs as the light source for game consoles. The more the terminal that needs to browse the screen for a long time, the more the user can feel the difference in color.

——High color rendering also has lighting products. What is the difference with a backlight product?

Shu Uemura: The luminescence spectrum is very different. For products such as this backlight, there are significant light intensity troughs between the blue peak and the green peak, and between the green peak and the red peak. In other words, in addition to light that is close to blue, green, and red, try to avoid emitting light of other colors. Because this is more suitable for liquid crystal panels that express color in RGB. The more light that contains RGB, the lower the color purity of the image. This new product also uses a phosphor material that deepens this trough. The new product is characterized by a deep valley of green and red peaks. In addition, in order to make the light emitted by the lighting product closer to natural light, the trough of the luminous intensity should be avoided as much as possible.

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