Diamond is small and unique: Huawei glory box out of the box experience

At the end of 2014, Huawei announced such an Internet TV set-top box product at its "Glory Road" annual product launch. Through a brief introduction, we can understand that this Huawei glory box has a built-in hardware decoder chip HiVPX4 professional set-top box chip, using 2 times the decoding pipeline unit, a higher multiplexing decoding module, the pixel processing capacity from 1 Pixels/up to 2 pixels per clock cycle/each clock cycle, 100% more decoding capability than an ordinary 4-core set-top box. At the same time, it integrates the world's leading Imprex "Shadow Core" image optimization engine core, adding quality at the chip level post-processing unit, applying a variety of optimization algorithms to make the output picture more clear and beautiful.

Today, let us dig deeper into this year-end masterpiece and see what surprise Huawei has brought us.

The box of the glory box is in a pink-blue carton package with a clear logo and a simple design. On the back of the box, the detailed features of the glory box are shown at a glance. At the same time, we can also see this glory box model: MediaQ M321 4K extremely clear network set-top box.

After opening the box, count the accessories. We can see that the carton is divided into two layers, the accessories are neatly placed in the corresponding position. More intimate is that the Huawei glory box has not been equipped with two 7-cell batteries, so that users can use the box for the first time.

Remove the box body, remove the packaging, we can see that Huawei glory box, using a mirror shell design, appears to be extravagant, and compact shape, compared with other boxes, it looks like a fine work of art. From the perspective of the back interface, Huawei Glory Box is equipped with AV output ports, network cable ports, USB ports, HDMI high-definition output ports, and power supply ports. It is worth noting that the Glory Box is also equipped with a micro SD card interface, which is located on the side of the box. On the back of the box, there are two anti-slip rubber pads to protect the bottom of the box from wear, while the middle box is printed with basic information.

In the ointment is that the mirror shell, very easy to stain with fingerprints and dust, but also very easy to scratch the surface, we still need to pay attention in the use of the process.

The remote control of the Huawei Glory Box uses the currently popular 11-key remote control design with a clear glory logo at the bottom. The overall shape of generous, matte material surface, touch is also very easy.

After the power is turned on, and after a simple boot animation, it will enter the boot boot interface.

Like most boxes, Huawei Glory Box prompts you to connect to a WIFI network when it is turned on. After the user connects to the network, a system version upgrade check is forced. Upgrade from B028 version system to B032 version. After the system upgrade is complete, the box will restart again.

Netizens who have used the set-top box products must all know that the quality of the video content will largely determine whether it will be favored by users. Through simple browsing, we can see that Huawei's glory box built-in video content uses the video resources of GITV Galaxy Internet Shop TV. From movies, TV dramas, animation, variety shows, and various topics, it can be said to be very complete.

All kinds of popular movies and HD resources can be found. After the author's test, in the peak time period, playing high-definition picture quality, there is no case of Dayton card. The quality of the video is still very much guaranteed.

Also worth mentioning is the open system setup of this Huawei glory box. Abandoning the other box's official application market for those chicken ribs, Huawei's glory box does not use the traditional official application market. Instead, it completely opens the system's ability to install third-party software. In the advanced settings, under the Security tab, the user will be allowed to install the location source application and enable ADB debugging. With the two functions open, the third-party application software can be easily installed.

All the functions of the box application are personalized by the user. It is simple and also looks at the atmosphere. Not bound to the official application market push to the ads, their own box, entirely DIY by themselves, users can enjoy a completely autonomous experience.

We took the latest version of the sofa manager as an example to experience the installation process.

First download the latest version of the sofa butler APK installation package on the sofa butler's official website () and save it in a USB flash drive.

Insert the box, and enter the file manager in the application, enter the USB device, find the APK file, click on the prompt installation, wait a moment, the installation is complete.

In the device information in the sofa butler, detailed device configuration can be viewed. We can also see the configuration of Huawei's glory box, which also received a higher rating within the sofa housekeeper.

At the same time, we also use a professional intelligent equipment running sub-software, security Bunny V5.5.0 to run sub-test for this Huawei glory box. It can be seen that after a professional running test, the Glory Box scored 15085 in Ann Bunny V5.5.0. It can be said to be quite satisfactory, and compared with other boxes, there is no particular outstanding performance. However, in the actual experience of the author, the overall fluency of the box operation and the interactive experience of the system are very convenient, and there is no flashback situation. It can be said that it is still very suitable for daily use.


Such a Huawei glory box can be said that, in the design and details, are adhering to the concept of Huawei industrial design, the overall shape of the diamond texture, appears to be small and unique, although the box shell mirror material slightly flawed, but the shape enough to make it easy I believe it can be enjoyed by most users. In terms of content, the built-in video can fully meet the user's daily viewing requirements, and the completely open application installation strategy also allows the player to have greater display space when installing third-party applications. In general, the Glory Box did not disappoint the author. Regardless of the configuration, appearance, and built-in system, we can see the quality requirements of Huawei's excellence. I believe that this box will certainly be recognized by users!

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