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After three generations of Lynx Box products, no matter how the hardware work and system experience are constantly improving, it also gathered a large number of loyal magic powder. This year's double 11's sales volume of 176,000 units in 24 hours created a strong record of the powerful influence and appeal of the Tmall Box in the market! This new version of the Lynx Box enjoys the world's top designers spending six months Design, equipped with a 4-core A9 CPU + 8-core GPU, 2G memory + 8G flash memory, dual-band WIFi2.4G/5GHZ, support 4K resolution, while also has the magic key shopping, cloud games, video calls, home monitoring and other characteristics Features. This time, we will show you the version of the local gold version of Tian Ma's box of enjoyment. Let's take a look at the experience.
Appearance Appreciation

The box of the box enjoys a cardboard material similar to Box 1S, and the front still highlights the theme of "my family needs a box." Unlike in the past, the external package of the Lynx Box enjoys a plastic film seal outside the package, and the requirements for packaging are more stringent.

The overall package is simple and stable, with good texture and grade. The box is designed with a drawer for easier removal.

All the family portraits after the dismantling were: Tmall Magic Box exclusive version of the host, remote control, 2 7 batteries, power adapter, HDMI HD video cable. The accessories are complete, and the batteries are well-proportioned, in one step.

The gold version of the box enjoys the golden version of local tyrants, with bright silver lines adorning the edges, and a stylish look. The LOGO of the Tmall is engraved below the front face. The recognition is very high, and one can see that it is Ali's product. Appearance relative to the 1 generation and 1S have a great change, the overall body is full of sense of science and technology, the body shape is closer to a round, the perception is very good, the overall look more upscale.

A circular rubber material area is set in the middle of the bottom surface, which has a large frictional resistance and can effectively prevent the box from falling. In addition, the rubber material area has a small height of design details, which can leave a certain space at the bottom of the box for heat dissipation.

Compared with the previous generation of the cat's magic box 1s, the overall appearance of the Lynx box enjoys a great change compared with the previous generation, and the body is more rounded and full of modern beauty. The original box 1S is located in the reset hole next to the fuselage's rear interface, and the box's exclusive version is set on the bottom.

The Devil Box Privilege Edition All interfaces are designed on the rear side of the fuselage, from left to right are AV output interface (3.5mm), HDMI interface, network cable interface, USB interface, power interface. There is one more AV interface than Magic Box 1S. Old TV can also be used.

The color of the Devil Box Privilege Edition's remote control was changed from the previous generation of Hyun Silver to black and white designs. The Tyrant Gold Edition box was equipped with a black remote control. The shape also changed from the inner recess of the previous generation to the middle, and the material was changed from paint to matte. The remote controller is still very kind and uses a 2.4G full-range remote controller. In addition to the conventional buttons, the remote controller has more out of a magic key (M button). Through actual experience, the remote controller's grip, ease of operation, and tactile feel of the buttons are all very good and the touch is outstanding.

It is worth mentioning that the remote control power supply of the Magic Box exclusive version has been changed from the previous two generations of defective button batteries to the regular No. 7 battery, and the power is more lasting and the experience will be better.

On the whole, the accessories of the Tmall Box exclusive version are very complete. The remote control, HDMI cable, power plug, power cord, and commonly used accessories are all available without purchase. The new Lynx Box Exclusivity Edition has a breakthrough in appearance and configuration. The more important thing is that the design is more perfect. The AV interface of the Tmall Box 1S is canceled. The original button battery remote controller has insufficient battery life. The problem was also solved (using two 7-cell batteries instead) and the details were more focused. This progress is worthy of recognition.

Running results

The score for running is 17772 points, which is a mid-range score in the equivalent configuration box, but the running score is just a reference for hardware. The final fluency of the box is also inseparable from the optimization of the bottom layer of the system.

Interface and content playback experience

The system's UI and playback experience is often the user's most valued. Currently, TV boxes on the market have extremely similar performance and appearance, and product differentiation will focus on the system (interface, fluency, functionality) and content. Like most boxes, the Lynx box enjoys a very simple setting. Plug in the power and HDMI cable to start up, and you will see the Lynx Box interface. It will soon enter the main interface. The manual intervention in the middle will be zero. The Lynx Box enjoys a positive status indicator on the front of the box. The power supply is blue. The brightness of the indicator light is well controlled, very soft, and there is no dazzling feeling.

Lynx Box enjoy edition with the latest YunOS2.2 smart operating system, the actual operation, the system's fluency is good, open speed / response speed are satisfactory, especially the boot speed is very fast, profound impact. The new UI interface design high-end atmosphere, from left to right is very easy to operate, easy to use. The following is the interface function display:

The main interface of the main interface is the video preview window on the left, and the content is the latest popular video program recommendation. The overall design and color matching of the various categories of popular shows and the latest popular events on the right picture link are very high.

The hidden columns on the left are the notification center, multimedia playback, system settings, and video chat, which can be used as a quick entry method. Press the "menu key" on the remote control or directly press the "left arrow key" of the remote controller to start the adjustment!

Desktop level classification remote control interface sliding to the right, there is a major content module, a total of 11 categories, respectively, as follows

The movie is connected to a large number of genuine video resources in China. The source of the program is more clear and stable, and it is free. The movie interface is in the form of a traditional left-side category and a right-side image list. Click on the video to play, the above is the preview play, the following is the introduction, the right is a similar video recommendation, intuitive operation, reasonable layout.

TV series

Similar to the TV drama interface and the movie, it is also the number of resources in China. When you choose to play, clear options will come out. Enter the play, press the up and down keys to call up the selection menu.

TV programs contain a lot of content, including variety, finance, entertainment, sports, military, and humanities. There are also many popular variety shows, such as If You Are the One, China Good Voice, Talk Show tonight, China Dream Show and so on.

Video Highlights Here we have access to Lions Gate’s strong video resources, and we can watch the latest movie footage more timely. However, only 3 months of free viewing experience is available!

Searching for various unknown exploration programs that are of interest to us, such as military weapons, human geography, natural sciences, and wildlife, is equivalent to a large lecture hall. Looked at the weapons encyclopedia, it is to force!

Of course, animation is also a genuine resource for China. The interface and the interface of movies and television dramas are the same, almost the same. The number of resources feels lacking, but it does not matter, you can install third-party video software.

Education Children's education here is very rich in application, Qiao Hu came, Beva children's songs are all familiar education software. Many children's programs can drive the baby to learn things together, which is very useful. In fact, the utilization of this part of my own home is also the highest.


The most eye-catching game center is the cloud game: the game is run on a remote server, and the box is only used as a control terminal and information receiving terminal. This way, large games can be played without downloading, and there is no need to worry about memory shortages. However, cloud games are charged on a monthly basis. There are not enough open areas at present, and there are not many local game resources in the game center. . I hope these can be improved as soon as possible. Played the next plant vs. zombies with the remote controller, played the Need for Speed ​​with the special handle of the included box, and the experience of playing the game with the remote control was not said. The handle experience was still quite good.

The application center mainly focuses on applications such as life, education, music, and fitness, while it lacks live and on-demand video applications with great demand. Speculation is mainly due to the limitations of related policies. So it is necessary to install third-party TV application market.

Application Center can also be used to manage applications, install and uninstall applications.


As a Tmall box, the shopping function is of course indispensable. Tmall can trade on the basics and can complete transactions here. The living room shopping life begins here. Trying a shopping operation, it was completed in a few simple steps. The shopping function of Lynx Box is still worthy of recognition.

Music and music integrates the resources of shrimp music. Music resources are still abundant. Music player UI design is very good.

Xiao Bian review

In general, although the Lynx Box enjoyment version is not perfect, its strong configuration, good workmanship, and rich features and highlights are impressive and are worthy of occupying the living room!

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