The ultimate craftsman spirit | 13 pictures to understand the TCL highest-end TV

Not long ago, TCL held a new product launch conference in Guangzhou. It released a high-end sub-brand, XESS, and related new products. The heavy participation of X1, as the flagship product of XESS, is the most influential world-class in the whole year. The exhibition, the United States CES and the IFA exhibition in Germany, won consecutive gold medals. It is one of the most representative high-end products in 2016.

The X1 is equipped with beautiful color dot display technology, brilliant image quality processing engine, Dolby Vision HDR, Local Dimming partition backlight and other world-leading display technologies to achieve a huge leap forward. X1 color gamut coverage (DCI-P3) is a large database In the highest value, the peak brightness exceeded the industry average of 77.9%, the color brightness exceeded the industry average of 26% and other indicators have broken the current industry level.

Another major breakthrough for XESS TV is to directly increase the peak brightness to 1500 nits, which makes the OLED products with peak brightness of 600 nits overshadow. The human-readable brightness range is 0.00001 nits to 20000 nits, while the traditional TV's display brightness is only 0.117. Nits to 400 nits. And TCL took the lead in challenging higher standards, bringing resources, hardware, and software to the full range of HDR solutions. It eventually acquired the Dolby Vision certification standard.

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