See still V50S TV evaluation: Content is not afraid of music as millet, hardware play 4K screen

Seeing that TV still owns the CIBN resources of the licensee, it also has strong cooperation with Tencent, Sohu, Youku, PPTV, and so on. Since it was officially listed in May 2015, it has demonstrated extraordinary potential from the time the brand entered the market to the market place. For the consumer, it is a little strange brand, but for the industry, watching is getting more and more attention. The 4K display has become the label of many Internet TVs, and it is also an important factor for most consumers to judge the purchase. There is still a unique view of TV in terms of 4K image quality. The evaluation focused on the 4K quality test, and made a detailed assessment of the super still TV V50S in all aspects.

The evaluation starts with the appearance, system UI, content, third-party application installation, 4K detailed testing and performance. Let's take a look at how Shangchao TV is.

First, appearance

See also TV V50 support wall and bracket two modes, the first to see out of the box is about two all-metal anodized aluminum sandblasting bracket, with a heavy sense in his hand. To mount the base on a TV, you need to have a Phillips screwdriver and the operation is relatively simple.

See also TV V50 overall body using non-metallic material, black main color, the front of the TV is printed on the bottom center of the word CAN, the lower right corner highlights the transparent indicator design, standby red, running significantly blue.

The back of the TV is rich in interfaces. In addition to product labels, it also uses a drop-in power connector. The main interface is concentrated in two large blocks, the lower right part of the back and the right side, including the traditional digital TV interface, optical fiber, HDMI, USB, SD Cards, etc. There is also a button bar on the right side of the back to select the signal, adjust the volume and channel, and switch the standby power button. Traditional key design is more humane for people who don’t turn to Internet TV.

See also TV V50 equipped with 4K display, equipped with 4K screen is the appearance of the product highlights, the following is an integrated screen to enjoy

In addition to the TV main unit and the base (including 4 mounting screws), the TV still has a few accessories such as manuals, antenna isolator, power cord and remote control.

Among them, it is very important to look at the remote control of the TV V50. Here is a rough overview of some differences from the general remote control. Located on the left side of the power button is the source button. Press the button to enter the source menu. The sound effects button has five effects selections: standard, user, music, theater, and sports. The image button has seven selection modes: standard, user, bright, soft, bright, natural, and sports. The display button can display the current screen source status. Press the CAN button to switch the can wheel function, which cannot be set independently.

The overall concept of ultra-thin TV is not the concept of the TV, the color is also common black, in addition to the base of the body with a metal material, the other is a common production process. In general, watching the TV V50 design is more practical and not aesthetic.

Second, the system UI

Before you can understand the TV UI, you need to connect the TV. If you want to watch the TV before entering the main interface, you need to pass user authentication. This is a bit more troublesome for many TVs that can enter the main page directly.

Watch TV V50 is based on Android5.0.1 operating system, UI interface style is simple, only the drop-down main menu is designed, the menu mainly includes the signal source, recommendation, classification, carousel, entertainment, application, set up several sections. Above the menu is the CIBN license plate identification. In the upper right corner there is a network display and time display. See still TV V50 has HDMI1/2/3 and AV two kinds of signal source input, according to the demand to choose on it.

Recommended interface: Individual windows in the interface are applications that can be downloaded and installed. Most of the recommendations are the latest video resources.

Category interface: TV content classification is more complete, in addition to TV dramas, movies, animation, variety shows, as well as documentaries, special topics, automobiles, and Zen culture.

Carousel interface: There are numerous carousel channels, and the videos included are old and new, able to meet the needs of different groups.

Entertainment interface: This is mainly a simple game application that can be downloaded and installed directly.

Application Interface: Third-party application installation can be operated here. When all applications are displayed, all downloaded applications can be opened or uninstalled by pressing the menu button, in addition to the application that comes with the machine.

Settings interface: Basic settings such as network settings, local information, Bluetooth, and factory reset are all set. In the conventional settings, the video definition has standard definition, high definition, and super clear three modes of adjustment, up to 4K resolution.

Third, content resources

Watching TV not only owns the content resources of CIBN Internet TV platform, but also covers such video content supply platforms as Youku, Sohu, and PPTV. With the advantage of policy resources, it gradually forms its own ecosystem. In the evaluation, the content of TV V50 is still focused on the recommendation, classification, and carousel sections. Apart from resources such as TV dramas, movies, variety shows, animations, etc., there are documentaries, Zen cultures, special topics, education, and other classifications.

TV series: The TV series of TV watching V50 is very detailed in content. It contains recent TV series such as “Good Mr.,” “Decryption,” and “Three Brothers of Mao Zedong.” It has a lot of Korean television dramas on foreign resources, but it has not been included. European and American television content.

Films: There are many movie resources, including the "Hunter Hunter," "Desert Island," "Star Trek," and "Hungry Games 3". The latest "Big Fish Beggar", "Rock and Snore", "Chills 2" and other movies have already been previewed online.

Variety: Watching TV has cooperation with Youku and other content, such as "China New Song", "Challenge Challenge" and "Cross-Border Song King" are all high-quality resources for the video platform. Watching TV is already on the line.

Documentary: The documentary is rich in content, not only the classic content of the country, but also a large number of excellent foreign resources such as the BBC.

Educational resources: From infants to the workplace, educational resources are provided in a large span, and can be learned in addition to watching television entertainment.

Carousel: There are channels that you see yourself creating, such as movie guides, movie synthesis, boutique cinemas, and hitting theaters. The content is also varied, with young content such as "The Burning Sun" and "Guardians of the Galaxy". There is also a classic review of "Authentic Warfare" and "Water Margin". The tastes of a family are all taken care of and are comprehensive.

The content of watching TV V50 certainly has VIP resources and paid content, and the single-chip payment amount ranges from 3 to 5 yuan. The mobile payment supports WeChat and Alipay, and can also be used as a member to use CAN payment. VIP members are 20 yuan/month, 199 yuan/year, and become members can enjoy exclusive movie library, CAN privilege and so on.

Fourth, third-party application installation

Watching TV V50 content is enough, but it can also be enriched through third-party installation applications. For example, if you want to watch live broadcasts, for example, you want to watch TV dramas in Europe and America, for example, if you want to download popular games, you can still see that TV V50 supports third-party application installation. The above requirements can all be met.

Here are two more useful application software: HDP live, sofa butler.

HDP Live is a completely free TV live streaming software, with thousands of TV live channels, which can achieve live playback, add program sources, multi-channel real-time updates, remote control digital selection station, fast-speed channel change, custom program, program sharing Features, etc., provide multiple HD sources.

The sofa butler is an Android-based smart TV/TV box app store. We are committed to creating the most comprehensive and simple TV application store to provide users with the most suitable software and games for use on TV devices. The sofa butler aggregates high quality apps and games for all TV devices. Watch TV live replays, blockbusters, play games, watch stocks, and listen to music on television. Butlers have a wide range of TV applications.

Five, 4K screen test

4K display is an important demand of consumers for the quality of television. The so-called viewing effect is one of excellent quality display. In response to consumer demand, more and more 4k TV products have recently appeared in the industry. For consumers, the 4K picture quality is a very vague concept, and it is difficult to distinguish the existence of true and false 4K when purchasing. The essential difference between true and false 4K is still in the details of the quality of the expression, still see TV V50 main 4K ultra-clear picture quality, evaluation of the king on this machine for a detailed 4K test to see how this TV's 4K performance. On the one hand, Judge Jun plays the native 4K video and local 4K video to see the clarity and fluency of the playback.

Local 4K movie screen effect: No 4D movie in the process of playing the card, the phenomenon of color is also in place.

Local 4K movie effects: Only the 4K movie format does not support "Jurassic World". Supporting H.265 decoding is a key point of 4K display. It can be seen that watching TV still has a good 4K performance.

On the other hand, the jury chose to compare the TV V50 with the 3S 65-inch TV with the same 4K picture quality. Due to the impact of environmental factors such as light, the picture may be biased, but a careful comparison with the evaluation site will not affect the conclusion.

The first test is the 4K TV resolution professional map. Show this picture on the TV and see where all the red arrows indicate. The text can be accurately identified, the line borders are clear, the colors are clear, the color block structure can see the correct details, and the resolution table. The recognizable black and white lines are counted as reaching the 4K standard. As shown in the picture, the details of TV V50 are still good, compared with the 65-inch video of Xiaomi TV, and it is even better in terms of color.

Then test the color display capabilities, the two sets of television pictures for comparison, still see TV V50 color performance is awesome, and millet TV 65 inches compared to the color details of some places even better performance.

Still see TV V50 configuration 4K display, evaluation Jun tested the performance of the screen. Because TV did not do ultra-thin processing, the internal module structure was perfect, the light leakage phenomenon in the screen test was good, the color performance was full, and the screen display capability was good.

Six, TV performance

See also TV V50 equipped with RGB true 4K screen, resolution up to 3840 × 2160, the chip program using the current popular MSD6A828 chip quad-core A53, clocked at 1.5GHz, GPU quad-core Mali450, and increase the quad-core VPU function, the overall chip capacity It is slightly lower than the highest 938 chip, but it is also a relatively strong chip solution on the market. Memory 2GB+8GB, dual-band dual-antenna wifi, Android 5.0 operating system. The sound is supported by Dolby decoding and CVS Nixon technology. This TV official website price is 2399 yuan, compared with other TVs of the same size, it is still very high to watch TV V50.

TV performance is good, and relative power consumption is less. Still see TV V50 machine power consumption is 125W, the remote control shuts down measured power is about 0.91W, the screen is always on the standby power is about 95.09W, the local video power is played about 100.18W, the online video power is played about 94.91W, see Still TV V50 performed well.

to sum up:

Still see TV V50 system UI interface is simple, easy to operate, based on CIBN license parties and Youku video platforms, massive content online. The TV is equipped with a mainstream chip solution, 2GB+8GB RAM, Android 5.0 operating system, and excellent TV performance. The most important thing is to see that the 4K picture quality of TV V50 is very good. If you want to buy a real 4K TV, watching TV is a good choice.

Of course, watching television V50 also has shortcomings, in the popular ultra-thin market, watching the appearance of this TV is a bit "heavy." If you don't talk about design, this TV has a very high cost performance and is a true 4K TV, which should stand the test in the market.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality TV exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools.

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