Achao's Time to Play: The original innovator did not speak for a word – the light and shadow combination of Joe Sibo UMX4 & eclipse fans

Before the introduction, the initial fragmentation

As a senior diver who has been diving for N years, this year has undergone several changes, and now I am repenting and want to change my lifestyle. After all, diving is not a problem. However, as we have just begun to write originals, it is inevitable that there are deficiencies, I hope you can not care about advice, I will seriously study your opinions and suggestions. If something is written, I think it is a very good thing for even a single person to use it.

I. Introduction

This time the installation began with a discussion with my colleagues about the hardware. I specifically forgot about the discussion, but the final result was that he had thrown me a set of computers used in the new house. At first I was unwilling to do so. After all, my thoughts on the installation were still somewhat different, but when he said that he wanted to “light pollution,” I changed my mind and thought about how I hadn’t played this thing before, or I was going to help him. I also try something fresh, and then stop by to start my “life record” journey. This kind of thing that can help me more and help others is something I can do, so I started to work.

However, since the completion of the installation of this original machine, and to submit the audit for a long time, I also know that the immediate arrival of the double 11 is also the decisive battle of major e-commerce, a lot of accessories will be cheaper than when I installed. However, in some of the hardware bullish big market, do not know this double 11 can not buy a satisfactory baby. But anyway, it was time for a valued friend to start buying and buying.

Second hardware procurement

However, starting to purchase accessories is a matter of displacement. Since this colleague has just started to contact computer hardware (because preparing new houses to prepare computers), he knows what good hardware he wants, and his colleagues are particularly anxious and impulsive, and they are the kind of people who can't wait for death. Kind of, so early on himself put the chassis and display fixed. But when I gave him the rest of the accessories budget that we discussed, he began to worry about the 6700k. Finally, he reluctantly controlled and adjusted the budget again. The budget of 10,000 was completed. The following configuration list. Therefore, we still hope that we should not worry about buying a computer. We must list all the accessories and then make a choice in places where we are more concerned about. After all, our dad is not a small target and can earn 100 million giants.

Also, if it is not particularly anxious, you can set the installation plan at the middle of each year (JINGDONG 618) and immediately before the end of the year-end war (Double 11, Black Friday). This time is the cheapest time for accessories. . Of course, other time is not impossible, but we must always pay attention to the major e-commerce promotions. what? You ask me, how can so many businesses understand their activities in real time? ? ? Frequently click on this site to get the various promotions you want.

After all nonsense, according to the convention, first look at the hardware


The monitor was selected by Dell's U2515H, which was also my colleague's first screen after he saw my screen and grew into a big forest. When he bought, Jingdong had a coupon of 2000 minus 200. After he placed the order, he happily told me that he had bought two hundred oceans. If I told him that August 30th, Dell brand day, 1999, it could be used in various ways. Whether he will spit blood on my face, and then take the dog?

I also used this display myself, and also had a dual screen at the end of August when the brand day. The color of this screen personally feels very good, much better than the previous AOC (after all, the price is there ) For my HD movie lovers who watch more movies, the color is still good to please the eyes.


Like the monitor, the chassis was after seeing that I had a UMX1 and went back to check it. I didn't know how to grow a grassland. If I didn't tell me, I sent it to me in Jingdong. After we got it, we took apart and looked at it. We just started to think that the entire chassis was very heavy. However, after removing the glass, the entire chassis frame also becomes light (stolen) and quick (work) from (reduction) to (material).

The texture of glass compared to previous materials such as acrylic, do not know to be better on a few streets, but the glass itself is still relatively easy to stick fingerprints, if not with gloves, then every time you disassemble the glass again is a necessary process.

In fact, I was referring to the RM3

I think the RM3 is a more distinctive chassis after Qiao Sibo learned the joint force and the popularity, but the limitation of the largest MATX version of the motherboard still slightly restricts its compatibility. Presumably after Qiao Sibo launches RM4, taking into account the ATX version, may also be the demand of the public.


Since monitors and chassis have used a lot of budgets, and today's daily use, the current hardware performance is still relatively surplus. Taking into account the remaining money on the blade, I5-6500 was chosen, and there is no need to worry about the quality without overclocking, so I bought a piece of Taobao. Choosing a good SSD may bring more benefits to the experience.

SSD & Motherboard

For high speed, compactness, and refreshing power, an SSD with an M.2 interface is the best choice. Of course, there are a few of the above, the price will not be so close to the people. Samsung's SM951 is considered to be very cost-effective. Although this SSD is only for OEM products, but the best richest home can still be purchased.

I bought this piece at a shop where I used to buy hardware. After seeing it, it looks like the sticker above is for Lenovo

Compared to his brother, 950pro, the 951 with green pc seems to be pushing down so much. However, this is not a problem. It is unpretentious, strong in performance, and affordable to the people. Isn't that what we want? Moreover, the actual use is to experience super cool, boot 5 to 6 seconds. What the software is also basically seconds open, loading what is also very fast. It is definitely one of the most worthwhile parts in the machine, not one.

Of course, in order to realize the performance of this product, it is also necessary to have an M.2 interface motherboard with PCI-E 3.0 x4 bandwidth.

After the 1151 platform, this interface is slowly gaining popularity. The expensive B150 motherboards are already equipped with this interface, such as Gigabyte's B150M-D3H. My selection here is ASRock's Z170 K4.

The reason why I didn't choose the cheap B150 mentioned above is of course to satisfy my colleague's idea. Let me use GIGABYTE B150M-D3H to match RM3. It's small and beautiful. But fortunately the price is not much more expensive, Jingdong on 999 also give a memory to support non-K version of the CPU overclocking, killer network card, 10-phase digital power supply, USB Type-C, high-speed M.2, as well as belief in armor, memory support 3200 frequency, then upgrade 6700k overclocking can also play, so it is also good.

The main point of choosing this motherboard is that the motherboard's color, red and black color, embellishment a little 12K gold capacitor, is still pretty, with vest memory and Qiao Sibo's red fan and heat dissipation, is simply the D tuning of China (men) Sao.

Memory & Cooling & Chassis Cooling

Since it comes to color matching, the choice of memory and heat is also matched with the overall color scheme. The memory chooses the odd Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4 3000 frequency Ferrari Red this one.

The cooling is selected Qiao Sibo's HP-625.

A red light solar eclipse fan.

The overall red and black color match is so simplistic and preliminary.

The amount of ... Please ignore the green SSD, I chose it because of frustration (poor). Fortunately, after the graphics card, this SSD can not see, or to be exposed, let people see a red and green cotton jacket

Not right, it's a sense of both red and green bellyband.

Keke, pull away. Here, I personally have a habit is to find a power to light these accessories, check to see if there are any problems. In case everything doesn't work well, it's troublesome to troubleshoot. During the test, the purchased power was not on hand, and a power supply was randomly tested from the cabinet. I think this power is pretty beautiful, so I just messed up a picture of it and I don't know what you think of the officer.

Video card

Since all of the red and black color matchings have been performed here, then the graphics card will work well. Looking at the current video card, I think the current 10 series is not intended to be the most worthwhile to buy, considering the budget and color, we chose the MSI Red Dragon 1060.

Of course, as the MSI's Gaming series of products, MSI still tailored Gaming App software. You can switch several preset frequencies of the graphics card, adjust the fan speed, adjust the LED lights color effects and other functions. For the white, it is still a good software, but the function is a bit single, the function still needs to be improved.

Mechanical Hard Disk & Power Supply

The rest is storing hard drives and power. Colleagues do not have any data storage, unlike my data, which uses hard disks as consumables. A 1TB HDD, used to save movies, photos, and what's enough for a colleague.

The power supply is to select a cheaper Dachang full module, so that under the premise of power quality assurance, the autonomy of the management line can be greater.

Here we have to say a few words, power is the source of power for the entire computer, what can be saved, power can not be compromised, this is the premise of long-term security for computers. Aunt Zhang has a lot of gods who have written power purchases. Before you can install them, you can refer to these great gods' articles.

The above things did not take pictures, leaving only the last few boxes

Three installed show

The installation process is not shown, and there are some pictures interspersed with it. Immediately after getting dressed up, the makeup photos in the colleagues' study.

The photos are a bit confusing, so let's do it.

Simple use of entertainment masters measured the next score to entertain to meet the small vanity of colleagues, the overall performance is quite satisfactory. The old yellow graphics card performance is still relatively conscience, but this kind of conscience is also limited to the core production, the public version of the belief that the various materials used in the card is really weak, but no one can do it, who let farmers you do not What about it?

Four summary

This time for the sake of value, they also fight, and the combination of the metallic appearance of the Umbilicals UMX4 and the side-glazed red is even more eye-catching. The study used to set it up is also a fine (bi) ornament. However, like my performance party silk, putting most of my money on improving machine performance may be my first consideration.

Well, above is my first original. There are a lot of bad things, or I hope that you can not care about advice, to help me continue to improve, in this, thank you first.

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