Little pepper PLAYER virtual reality mobile phone letter exposure

IT168 Information Recently, the majority of men and women of the house, Zeluola, revealed on their Weibo blog that they will enter the VR field, and the fun video that was shot was built into the domestic mobile phone pepper. I believe this small pepper mobile phone is the small pepper Player virtual reality mobile phone that was exposed before . Today, some netizens broke the news to Xiao Bian. The new machine of Xiaochi has already been registered on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the difference between the 27th and the next day will be met with everyone on Thursday.

Little pepper PLAYER virtual reality mobile phone letter exposure

2016 was known as the first year of VR. This year, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Ali and Tencent have all launched or will launch products related to VR hardware/software. In terms of hardware, China has gradually returned to normal from the outbreak of VR boxes last year. Although the scarcity of content remains the biggest shortcoming of VR, there are many signs that VR has become the next technological breakthrough for hardware products such as smart phones.

Xiao Bian will not tell you that you have first booked an insider

In May of this year, the world's leading semiconductor company ARM launched the Cortex-A73 and Mali-G71 flagship CPUs that were specifically designed for the next generation of virtual reality mobile phones. In June, Intel introduced a Super CPU Core i7 processor designed for VR. At the Yunnan Yunqi Conference-YunOSIoT Summit held in the previous few days, the mobile phone vendor Xiaochi revealed that it will launch a small pepper PLAYER virtual reality mobile phone, and Zheze Lola revealed that she will attend the conference and shoot her exclusive taste VR. The news confirms this rumor that it has become the first domestic virtual reality mobile phone.

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