Smart toilet purchase full Raiders is worth a look

Although smart toilets have entered the Chinese market for many years, due to higher prices and many technical parameters, consumers are discouraged. With the cultivation of domestic sanitary ware enterprises, the domestic smart toilets are mature enough in technology and have an advantage in price. But after all, it is a precision electrical product. How to choose a smart toilet that is suitable for use, we must also consider a number of factors.

The more functions, the better?

Smart toilets are just like other household appliances, not as many features as possible. Generally, as long as it has the functions of “sitting self-checking”, “seat heating”, “warm water cleaning”, “warm air drying”, “automatic deodorization”, “nozzle movement massage cleaning”, etc., it is enough. Most brands in the market do a good job in these major functions, the difference is in the performance of the details. There is no need to pay for the extra features, it is a matter of opinion.

How to choose the heat storage type

The mainstream heating methods for smart toilet flushing water are heat storage type and instant heat type. The principle of heat storage is to use the built-in water tank to continuously use the low-power heater to heat the flushing water in the water tank. The advantage is that the circuit and water quality are not high, and the price is popular. The disadvantage is that the water tank may continue to warm and may breed bacteria. However, the latest technology has been able to achieve antibacterial and automatic water change on the surface of the tank. In addition, the tank capacity limits the amount of water available for a single pass, and increasing the tank capacity affects the overall volume of the toilet.

In the case of the hot type, the water storage tank is not required, and the flowing water is heated directly by the high-power electric heater when the water is discharged. The utility model has the advantages that the toilet volume is smaller, the water discharge lasts for a long time, and the sanitation is more secure; the disadvantage is that the electric load is large when the instantaneous heating is performed, and the instantaneous water temperature is high at the initial stage of the water discharge, but the high-end big brand can achieve the water temperature stability in the temperature control. However, the price is slightly higher than the heat storage type.

The two heating methods have their own advantages, and they are not necessarily good or bad. It is better to choose according to your own needs.

Is the flushing capacity short?

Intelligent toilets are generally designed with a low water tank, which has inherent disadvantages in terms of flushing capacity compared to conventional toilets. In order to solve this congenital deficiency, the general manufacturer's practice is to increase the flushing force by electric pump pressurization. The disadvantage is that if the power is cut off, it will not work. Some manufacturers have developed a physical water multiplication technology that does not require an electric pump. The tap water pressure is used to drive the sinking water tank to save water. When you buy a smart toilet, you need to understand the flushing technology that the manufacturer uses, so as to avoid the embarrassment of being smart and not enough.

Dual nozzles are more targeted

The nozzle is a key factor in determining the cleaning effect and experience. Compared with the traditional single-nozzle design, the dual-nozzle can provide more targeted cleaning functions according to different groups of people and parts, effectively reducing the risk of infection. In addition, considering the material of the nozzle, the silver nozzle has the strongest antibacterial property, followed by the antibacterial stainless steel, and again the plastic. In general, the antibacterial stainless steel is more cost-effective. In addition, the self-cleaning method of the nozzle should be considered. Some brands use ultraviolet ray sterilization, while others are electrolyzed water. In any case, as long as the nozzle can be effectively cleaned, the risk of bacterial infection can be reduced. The nozzle water outlet method is a small detail, but the brand that pursues will have a more humanized design in this respect. For example, some brands use different water spray methods for different usage scenarios to achieve targeted cleaning results; some brands provide a softer washing experience while saving water by injecting air into the water.

Flushing water also needs to be filtered

The rinse water should be filtered to flush sensitive areas. Professional manufacturers will add an external ultrafiltration filter on the built-in filter to reduce the risk of infection. However, some brands have omitted the external filter to reduce the cost, and the water quality cannot be guaranteed. The built-in filter can't filter out the bacteria, only the impurities can be filtered out, and the long-term use will inevitably block the water, and the water flow will be poor.

After-sales service is also very important

After all, smart toilets are precision sanitary products, and brands with good after-sales service systems are more secure. When purchasing, be sure to ask for the warranty terms. The longer the warranty period, the better. Some merchants only guarantee one year, and some are three years. Try to choose a long warranty. Warranty times for different parts are also different, pay attention to screening and selection. In this respect, domestic mainstream sanitary ware brands have done a good job, and they are not worse than foreign brands in the construction of after-sales outlets and service systems.

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