Professional designers teach you how to choose LED lighting to decorate

After years of development, LED lamps of major brands have entered a mature and stable stage. Even the price is not far from the traditional energy-saving bulbs. The most basic LED bulbs are about 100 yuan, compared with traditional bulbs. LED lights have more five characteristics of low temperature power saving, no UV, no blue light, high stability and long life. The competitiveness is greatly increased. What are the benefits of LED lamps? How should I choose? Our interview with Zhang Lixin, the designer of Teli Happiness, explains them one by one. At the same time, the designer also reminds everyone that if you want to compare the life of various bulbs, you should calculate the time in real use or the number of times of switching. If you want to compare the price, you should use the "same space to use the number of pings" as the benchmark.

five advantages! The advantages of LED lighting for interior decoration are many

1, LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional energy-saving bulbs, and will not be excessively hot, even if you turn on the lights indoors in summer, you will not feel stuffy.

2, the general fluorescent lamp is equipped with ultraviolet light, long-term exposure will make the skin black, aging, and easy to cause mosquitoes to gather, LED lights have no such troubles.

3, good quality LED lamps will completely filter out the blue light in the light by coating excellent fluorescent agent, long-term use is more secure for the eyes.

4, the stability of the LED light is high, it is not easy to occur such as the traditional light bulb light fade, flicker or light color changes.

5, due to the traditional light bulb parts, often a small part of the fault must be replaced, the average life of each bulb is only one to two years; LED lights under normal use conditions, a light bulb can be used up to five Six years, it is more durable than traditional light bulbs.

Do you understand the basic label of the light bulb?

When purchasing a light bulb, you should first identify the CNS certification mark and the inspection certificate number. If the mark and the certificate number are clearly marked, it is a safe light bulb that is truly certified. In addition, there will be a watt (W) on the package. The values ​​of lumen (lm), voltage (V), color temperature (K), and light decay rate (F), among which the watt representing the power consumption, the lumens representing the brightness, and the color temperature with the most influence style need to be confirmed first. Designers reminded: the higher the wattage, the more power consumption, the higher the lumens, the brighter the lamp, the higher the color temperature, the whiter the light (about 5000K is the color of the sun).

The key inspection items of the Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan since 2014/7/1 are as follows:

1. CNS15436 "Stabilizer Built-in Light Emitting Diode Bulb - Safety Requirements"

2, CNS15630 "General lighting ballast built-in LED bulbs - performance requirements"

3. CNS14115 “Restriction and Measurement Methods of Radio Frequency Disturbance for Electrical Lighting and Similar Equipment”

Key inspection items include temperature and humidity testing, mechanical strength, flame resistance testing of insulating materials, photobiosafety, electromagnetic interference, harmonic distortion, surge protection, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, and lifetime.

Confirm the size, height and style of the space before buying LED lights

Different space environments have different light requirements. First, you should select the required bulb brightness and quantity according to the number of pings. If the indoor space is particularly high, you should also consider this condition. In addition, it is necessary to consider the space style and function. In terms of style, the living room, bedroom and dining table that need to create a warm atmosphere can use the warm yellow light. If you need clear and bright working space, you can choose the white light. However, the designer still emphasizes that there is no certain standard for the choice of lamps. For example, in foreign countries, many standing lights and corner lights are often used in indoor spaces instead of ceiling headlights. In Taiwan, most families prefer the whole house. The feeling of brightness, so the headlights are still mostly based on the ceiling, it is recommended that you still have to choose according to the habits and needs of personal use.

Flexible mixing and matching of different characteristics in space

The lamps commonly used at home can be divided into four types: ceiling lamps, xenon lamps, laminate lamps, and reading lamps. Each has different characteristics and can be flexibly used according to environmental requirements. Basically, a variety of light sources can be mixed and installed in one space. Functionality, such as the installation of neon lights and accent lighting at the dining table. When the whole family is having dinner together, they can turn on the bright neon lights, and when they drink a little wine before going to bed at night, they can switch to accent lighting. The light creates a situation of taste.

1. Ceiling light: Like a large disc hanging directly on the ceiling, you can also find many special style lamp holders with decorative styles on the market.

2. Xenon lamp: The installation of Xenon lamp requires wood and ceiling, and it is often used as a regional key lighting atmosphere lamp. It is often used to illuminate the main wall or paintings.

3, laminate lights: the installation of laminate lights also requires wood, although more troublesome but the advantage is that the lights can be hidden, so that the space is more concise, and the light source of the laminate lights is average, scattered and soft, installed in the center Or the corner can be.

4, reading light: because there is a strong demand for the function, so the brand selection of the bulb is very important; in addition, the designer also reminded that if you want to install the reading light on the bed, remember to choose to lock the wall but there is an arm bracket to extend the light The style avoids the light from being directly hit by the wall, and is easily blocked by the pillow, the bed board or the body, and the effect is not good.

Use special luminaires to enhance the use of functions, and play by the way!

In addition to the common lamps on the market, many large brands have also introduced lamps for special situations. For example, a light bulb that can be wirelessly controlled by a mobile phone or a lamp can change three colors and switch in an on/off mode. You can immediately select the light that meets the current demand, or the ultra-thin LED laminate lamp, which is only 0.5 cm thick, and can be directly attached to the under the laminate, under the bed or the cabinet of the flow table, and can satisfy the small space. The light requirements of the area; these luminaires that emphasize the use of function are good choices for making life more convenient and fun!

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