IEEE establishes new website to promote smart grid

IEEE establishes new website to promote smart grid

IEEE has established a new website that integrates all information about smart electric grids from the community under the organization. The portal is part of the IEEE Smart Grid initiative, which aims to work with the organization to promote a digital, networked power supply system and services.

"Smart grid is a very" interdisciplinary "technology;" Wanda Reder, chairman of the IEEE Smart Grid Working Group, said: "Our working group covers all areas related to the technology, but we need to establish communication channels between the groups. All conferences, papers and standard information are linked. "

The website lists the smart grid-related projects in the hundreds of IEEE existing standards, including the trends of the IEEE 2030 group established last year; the group is expected to announce a draft smart grid design guide in early 2011. The 2030 group will hold a meeting in Detroit in the United States at the end of January to discuss issues related to electric vehicles with the J2293 working group of the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

In December of last year, IEEE established the P1815 working group to formulate a distributed network protocol (Distributed Network Protocol) that is widely used in supervisory control and data acquisiTIon (SCADA) system applications. The official standard is expected to be published before December 2010 and pass the P1815 specification.

The IEEE smart grid website is:

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