Helpless dismantling - still Onkyo Ha200

One, the cause

Not long after the last review, and then disassemble, absolutely not to deceive the gold coins.

The reason is simple, wrestling. Certainly want to ask, wrestling is to disassemble, because it fell in the rain, but also fell in the water.

There are obvious water spots at the interface, so just in case, disassemble and clean up.

Second, dismantling

After Onkyo Ha200 was disassembled, the housing can be seen that the material is still very thick, reaching a thickness of 2 mm, and the mold is well opened and the internal parts are not shaken.

Disassemble the chip display, basically do not know, it will not be resolved. But still see that the use of materials is still very willing. The battery can be replaced by a larger capacity manually.

The board solder joints are full, and others will not be seen.

Anti-slip strips and side bumper strips can be replaced.

Third, the last offer pseudo-explosion

Not many things, but there are three different types of screwdrivers, disassemble must pay attention to, get out of the bad match.

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