First-time measurement experience ● Mobile power is also smart

It has been nearly two years since she was aunt Zhang. I have to say that our public report is still more professional. During the period also follow suit applied for testing, apply multiple times, always playing meat buns, there is no return to ..., in order to improve the chance to test, finally squeeze out 2 original, and really get the favor of the public.

table of Contents

One, out of the box

Second, accessories

Third, the appearance of Appreciation

Fourth, APP test

V. SD card reading test

Sixth, charge and discharge test

Seventh, public test summary


One, out of the box

Finally saw the legendary tape with the "value" tape, but it was a pity that the courier company stuck his face. How can I collect this cardboard box afterwards? ! !

Can't wait to get out of the box...

Washed hands, trembling hands out, shining debut:

Protagonist: cool energy smart mobile power  

Supporting Angle: TOSHIBA 16GB Micro SD Card

Run Long Sets: Measurements

People onlookers: toy car Xiaohong

SD and power are as follows:

Mobile Power: The box is designed in orange and is very simple and beautiful.

SD card: Class CLASS 10 Nominal reading speed 48 MB/s.

Mobile Power: related product information marked on the back of the box.

The mobile power packaging method is a side-pull design with sealing signs above and below the opening.

There are reserved holes on the side, easy to use fingers to push, like a

The top set a plastic hanging buckle, easy to hang on the shelves.

There is a two-dimensional code at the bottom for easy access to the public number and downloading the app.

Second, accessories

After she pulled away, she lay there quietly.

Manual and USB cable.

The instructions are in Chinese and English versions.

The USB cable is a commonly used Micro USB cable. The length of the cable is 1 meter, and the current can pass through 2A. The quality of the USB cable is comparable to that of a data cable of a thousand yuan mobile phone on the market.

The lowest part also has a leather bag, family portrait.

Third, the appearance of Appreciation

Cool energy smart mobile power supply is only 9 mm thick. It adopts a similar hyperboloid mobile phone shape design. The shell material is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is full of feel and texture, very light and thin, and rice porridge....

Hyperboloid design, you can see the USB output interface thickness has reached the extreme, the interface is Micro SD card slot. Micro USB input interface. USB output interface. Power indicator.

The frontal drawing button is very beautiful and feels quite good.

battery indicator.

Bringing the child face value is still very high, the bag size is just good, the bag material is not clear, but the work is quite good.

The front panel is printed with hot circular buttons. After the sleeves are attached, the keys still feel great.

Compared with 360N4S, the thickness is not much different.

Feelings and rides, there are wood?

Fourth, APP test

There are only Android phones on the hand. There is no use of a Mac. The following mainly uses the Android system test.

After using the data cable to connect the mobile phone, the mobile power will not be automatically charged by default. Press and hold the long press to move the power button to turn on the output

Mobile phone and prompt installation of APP software, follow the prompts to install

After the mobile power switch is turned on, the APP is automatically turned on to display the charging information.

After the charging information box is closed, the main interface displays the remaining power of the mobile power.

The left side of the main interface is the remaining capacity of the SD card in the mobile power.

The bottom is the file manager. The contents of the SD card are under the left tab. The right tab is the memory of the mobile phone. The file can be copied or moved as the normal file manager.

Mobile phone battery expert interface.

The backup menu allows you to back up or restore contacts and text messages from your phone.

V. SD card reading test

After connecting to a computer, copy the movie to an SD card with an average write speed of 7.5MB/s.

Copy SD card movies to your phone at an average speed of 10MB/s.

Copy the SD card movie to your computer at an average speed of 7.2MB/s.

General reading and writing speed is generally

Sixth, charge and discharge test

Charging test, the charging current can reach about 1.5A, the overall is still good (the other two mobile power in the hands are about 1.0-1.2A).

About 2.5 hours can fill mobile power.

Discharge test, because the device did not test the USB output device, can only predict, probably with 360NS4 mobile phone, charging output current is about 1A (approximately), have the opportunity to add later.

Seventh, public test summary

product advantages:

1. High value

Good workmanship

3. Small and light

4. Available as a mobile storage

Insufficient products:

1. Normal charging speed, 2.0A output is not reached

2. APP must be installed, otherwise the mobile phone cannot read the contents of the SD card.

3. When the card reader speed

4. High pricing

When the price difference of the fruit machine memory is outrageous, the value is high, and it can be expanded, recharged, and recommended for purchase.

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