2016 1H mobile phone ODM OEM shipment statistics: Wentai first, Hua Qin Longqi into the top three

Netizens who are familiar with the mobile phone circle should know why some mobile phone manufacturers can release various low-end and mid-range mobile phones in addition to the flagship boutique mobile phones. In fact, ODM manufacturers play an important role in this. .

What does ODM mean? It means that a manufacturer A designs and produces products according to the requirements and specifications of another manufacturer B. In short, it is a “OEM”, the host provides information and information directions, and ODM manufacturers conduct research and development. .

This phenomenon is only in the field of mobile phones, and is often seen in the low-end notebook industry. In fact, strictly speaking, Xiaomi notebooks are considered to be ODM manufacturers.

Of course, this method has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that mobile phone manufacturers can concentrate on developing high-end mobile phones. The disadvantage is that quality control in low-end machines, especially in the field of thousands of yuan, is a problem that easily damages its own brand.

In the first half of 2016, the shipments and rankings of mobile phone manufacturers have already been released. Now, as the most important supporter behind the brand mobile phone manufacturers, ODM company data has come out!

Today, Sina Weibo certified as a well-known research institute IHS mobile phone industry analyst Li Huaibin announced the rankings and data of China ODM company in the first half of 2016: the first half of the mobile phone ODM company smart machine shipment statistics, Wentai, Huaqin, Longqi Continue to maintain the top three in the industry.

In terms of specific data, Wentai ranked first with 29.8 million shipments, Huaqin shipped 27.7 million, second place, Longqi ranked third with 12.1 million, and Tianqi 9.3 million ranked fourth. 6~10 are Wind, CCI, Sprocomm, CK, Chino/OnTIm, and Huiye.

It can be seen that compared with the ranking at the end of last year, the rankings of the top four ODM companies have remained basically unchanged. This also means that these four companies have become the strongest companies in the field of mobile phone ODM in China.

The main brand customers of the top three ODM manufacturers are Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and Meizu, so the shipment is relatively stable. As for Tianzhu Mobile, it mainly produces OEMs for overseas brands. At the same time, it also has two independent mobile phone brands, WIKO and SUGAR, so the overall shipment is relatively stable. This also makes the top four ODM vendors basically unchanged.

The rankings of the last five ODM vendors have changed a lot, and it can be seen that the overall shipments of the last five ODMs have dropped significantly. Dechain, ranked 10th last year, shipped 8.6 million in the year. In the first half of this year, Huiye, which ranked 10th in the first half of the year, shipped only 2.3 million in the first half of the year. (Although last year's ODM shipment statistics included functional machines, the difference in this data is still very large. Moreover, ODM's functional machine shipments are now very small.)

Li Huaibin said that brand manufacturers Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and Meizu are still the main customers of ODM. In addition, overseas brand customers are gradually shifting to small and medium ODM companies based on cost demands and overall shipment decline.

It is worth noting that although the sales volume of OPPO and VIVO increased significantly in the first half of the year, ODM did not enjoy the high-speed growth of the two companies because the two smart phones were all self-developed.

In addition to mobile phones, mobile phone ODM companies have begun to accelerate the deployment of smart hardware and the Internet of Things. Among them, the company headed by Wentai frequently operates.

In the emerging field, Wentai has progressed almost every month. In April this year, Virtual Xiaomei Technology Co., Ltd. was established and cut into the virtual reality industry chain. Eyesight, which was also held in May, is an internationally renowned gesture recognition technology company. In June, it established a subsidiary company with the United States, and took advantage of the years of technical accumulation and R&D experience in the field of automotive system hardware, and achieved complementary advantages with the company and quickly entered the smart car networking market.

Huaqin and Longqi have also been involved in intelligent robots, VR and other fields.

From this point of view, relying on smart phone R&D and manufacturing, the layout of more diversified and intelligent fields will be the main strategic direction of mobile ODM companies in the next few years.

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