Cheap Surface, Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Get Started

At first glance, Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12 has a strong "imitation trace" flavor. This is a Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows 10. Although it has some imitation marks, it has a very special appearance. The tripod and a cool cooling system (not the fan but the liquid cooling). When I first started using the tablet a few weeks ago, I thought it would not impress me.

However, I was wrong or I should say that I missed a point. When people walk into Suning and Gome to buy tablets, they are generally concerned about the selling price of these electronic products. This Switch Alpha 12 is very cheap and is really cheap. With 699 US dollars (about 4650 yuan) you will You can buy a very good model, you know, this price is only a medium price in the mixed-plate field, and Switch Alpha 12 is "PC / Tablet combo, another touch screen and a removable keyboard "The upscale goods!

This Alpha 12 is very easy to use, can meet the needs of my daily work, and it's selling price is so sincere, it is cheaper than Microsoft's Surface Tablet (depending on the model configuration you purchased) for a full 500 US dollars ( It's about RMB 3,323. However, it's still a bit of an inability to get rid of the imitation of Surface.

The Alpha 12 has a 12-inch touch screen. The screen looks very good. The 2160 x 1440 resolution is slightly lower than that on the Surface Pro 4, but the light can't be seen with the naked eye any different. The brightness of the screen is very high, the colors are very bright, even if it is outdoors (Of course, the premise is not facing the sun) is no problem. The Alpha 12 I reviewed was priced at $699 (approximately RMB 4650). It was equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB of storage, 8GB of memory, and a stylus. This configuration took care of my day-to-day work. The slightly more complicated image editing is very familiar and it is worth the price.

As I mentioned above, it is a Surface cloning device, which means it is a tablet with a stand and a removable keyboard. Its support stand has a very solid hinge and rubber-wrapped bottom, so it can stand steadily regardless of its angle of openness. Now almost every Surface cloning device is configured like this, so Alpha Not only inherited the advantages of Surface, the same is true of the shortcomings, when you are sitting on the sofa while working on it, if you have to get up and pick up Alpha, then its keyboard will hang in the air, unsightly and inconvenient.

Alpha 12's keyboard is also a Surface style, using magnetic force to connect with the tablet, you can adjust to any one of your favorite angle to type, can also be used as a protective cover to cover the screen when not using the keyboard (just like the iPad's Smart Cover same). The touchpad area on the keyboard is not very large, but its accuracy and responsiveness are great. I don't want to be too critical about the keyboard. After all, this is a device that locates a cheap tablet and will give you a touchpad. The keyboard is already very conscience.

It is still quite comfortable to use this keyboard code, but the keyboard of the entry model is not backlit, which makes me quite uncomfortable. And Acer put the pg up and pg dn buttons next to the arrow keys. This is a bit awkward. I always touch the two keys when I type, which is annoying. However, this keyboard is a full-size one, with a small sound and a comfortable keystroke. It's definitely not a problem for office use. Even better, the keyboard comes bundled with the keyboard. Unlike Microsoft's Surface, it costs more than $130 (about 864 yuan) to buy its keyboard (the same is true for its stylus).

Recently, new Windows devices will almost have some gimmick function. This Alpha 12 is no exception. It has a liquid cooling system. Even if it uses a very powerful processor, Acer did not install a cooling fan on it, so sometimes the back of the camera is very hot. If you use it outdoors, hold it for a long time and you will. Feeling uncomfortable, once I used a child outdoors, my back was super hot and I didn’t want to touch it, but I wouldn’t use it indoors. No matter what, there was no fan. Means that the noise will be very low, most of the time is still relatively pleasant to use, but I think most users should not just buy a Alpha 12 for a liquid cooling system.

Generally speaking, this PC/Plate combo device will be tricky in terms of the number of interfaces, but Acer is still more conscientious in this respect. There is a USB-A on the camera and one can be used to expand the screen (even The USB-C that acts as a charging interface and the small circular power interface designed by the Acer family do not use a USB-C as a replacement for the power interface. This is a bit confusing.

One more thing that confuses me is that, like Microsoft's Surface, the Alpha 12 also has a microSD card slot, but you really do have a tens of gigabyte SD card inserted into a machine with a few hundred gigabytes of storage. Expansion? Anyway, I will not. There are two speakers at the top of the screen. Although the sound quality is generally the same, I have never expected much of this kind of machine's sound quality. There is also a nice place where it has a solid Windows button.

Having said so much, it is actually a Windows tablet that is inexpensive and can satisfy most of your daily use needs. Now we talk about the shortcomings, the battery life performance is a bit worse! I used Walt Mossberg (a well-known "Wall Street Journal" technology reviewer) type of endurance test: Backstage open Win 10 software Netflix (streaming software, similar to iQIYI) to play the "White House" drama, while using the office The software surfs the Internet and Switch Alpha 12 barely shuts down in 4 hours and 30 minutes. This type of reality is unsatisfactory.

Another thing that makes me unhappy is that there are too many pre-installed software in this tablet! Usually PC manufacturers will pre-install some third-party software to get the financial support of the software, so as to reduce the retail price, Acer will no doubt do so, and a bit too much, Alpha 12 has McAfee antivirus software, MusicMaker Jam, WildTangent And a lot of Acer's own application suite, I believe most people will not like these pre-installed software (McAfee may have a little use).

Recently, the winter period experienced by the PC market seems to be gradually disappearing. Although the overall sales of the entire industry have not been greatly improved (possibly due to the recent Chromebook also spoiled), people are starting to pay attention to these Windows devices. When the fruit powders are still waiting for Apple to update their Mac product line, PC makers have come up with many new devices to lure users to purchases, HP has produced a beautiful Spectre laptop, Dell's XPS 13 has gradually become The mainstay of the industry, although the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 did not meet Microsoft's expectations, they are still pretty good products.

In fact, to sum up, we should look at Acer's Switch Alpha 12 in another perspective. Its mission is not to change the world like Apple or to launch a revolutionary device for people to use. It is actually. It's a good, stable, and robust hybrid tablet device, and that's exactly what the Windows ecosystem needs.

Switch Alpha 12 is actually a cheap version of Microsoft's Surface, but the cheap price can give you a good experience. At the same time, the configuration is also very good. If it is not because of its endurance capacity, I would not hesitate to recommend it to you. People interested in this type of hybrid tablet. In fact, the development of the PC industry has been for so long to enable everyone to use the equipment that is launched at various price points to cater to different groups of people. The same is true for Alpha 12, and it has exceeded my expectations.


Low price high quality

No fan

The screen is great


Lifetime slag

Hot is sometimes more serious

Photo translation from The Verge

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