Apple Watch Apple Smart Watch One-year Use Report

In July last year, I felt that the belt of the watch was not comfortable in the summer and I wanted to change my strap. No purpose of browsing, suddenly thought of the Apple Watch, looked at the evaluation is not the end of the heart, but also too lazy to go to the store experience, and on the Jingdong see the day will be able to receive goods, choose the cheapest rubber strap, the official website with Price 2988. The price can also, after all, 3000 can not buy a good table

Six months ago I wanted to write this article, but I saw a lot of friends just jealously charged one day and the price is too high, it has never been penned, recently upgraded to the Watch OS3 beta, improved a lot, wrote a pen to write again Now that the price of the Apple watch is loose, it is a simple reference for friends who want to start.

First, the appearance of articles

This is the original sports version of the rubber strap, there are many advantages, light for sports, wearing very comfortable, etc., the disadvantage is obvious, looking a little cheap. . Of course, in fact, the color rubber strap should look better and more stylish.

Then I entered a dark Milanese black strap and found a lap of original goods that hadn't been discounted. I had to buy it at the official website for 1558 yuan. Deep-spaced black colors look a lot better than the previously introduced silver, and are also more suitable for the color of the sports version of the body. There are many advantages of Milanese. There are quite a few articles introducing this Milanese watch strap, which is not detailed here. The price is fine.

In general, Apple Watch is not a very good-looking watch at first glance, mainly because the shape of the comparison side is much different from the roundness of traditional mechanical watches, but it feels good after wearing it, especially in the sun. The metallic luster is really good. Here to recommend the purchase of Apple Watch Standard Edition, that is, stainless steel case, strap to see personal preferences, regular sports advice to buy a rubber strap, very cheap.

Second, the initial use of articles

Here is the introduction of the initial use of the Apple Watch. Friends who haven't experienced it will display some pictures.

The pairing screen is very cool and relatively simple, and the automatic setup for the first time takes a while.

This is the first time you need to use settings (which can also be set in the Watch APP later), which is convenient for people with different habits. It is worth mentioning that the direction of the crown is because each person's wrist structure and habits are different, and sometimes the crown It's easy to accidentally touch Siri or take screenshots when facing the palm of your hand, so this feature is very easy to use.

The layout of each APP can be set on the mobile terminal, and the commonly used ones can be placed in the middle position.

One of the new features of watch OS 3, the new Dock, and the single press the power button to enter the dock, more practical improvements.

If you can't find the phone, you can use the watch to find the phone.

For messages that are notified, the swipe can be cleared and Force Touch can be fully cleared.

Also in the latest system, multiple dials can be set on the mobile phone side, and the function of each module is relatively convenient compared to the previous mobile phone operation.

Regarding the dial, I prefer the traditional pointer type and the modular one. The former is simple and the latter has many display functions. The time-lapse photography dial is also very interesting. At present, there is no open third-party dial, even if it is opened in the short term, there will be no What good works, after all, the user is not much.

Third, charging articles

It's strange to take this out separately. The watch basically takes off the charge every day before going to bed, and wears it the next morning. There is no problem in the electricity of the day. Sometimes it is a short-term business trip. A two-day rush is also possible. The full charge is less than two hours. When the power is low, it enters the power saving mode. It can only watch the time and can persist for dozens of hours.

About a week or so on a business trip, I would wear a charging cable. I don't need to use a charging cable. I can use a mobile power supply or an iPhone to switch on the power-saving mode at night when I'm on a business trip within three days.

According to Apple data, Apple Watch's battery can still retain 80% of its original battery capacity after completing 1,000 charge cycles. In addition, during the one-year warranty period (for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport) and the two-year limited warranty (for Apple Watch Edition), a battery failure warranty service is also provided.

This battery life is similar to that of MacBook and iPad. The replacement cycle of these two types of products is different for each person, probably for more than two years, so how often do you change a piece of apple watch? It took more than a year, my watch battery did not change, standby time is almost the same, until the battery power is significantly attenuated, it also changed the table.

The original charging line is relatively long, you can buy this table frame, the line wrapped around the table frame, reduce the charging volume, but also more beautiful, I have been using this charging method.

The above two are more attractive charging stand, there will be a variety of products in Taobao search apple watch table frame, choose according to personal preferences.

So if you can't accept one more thing you need to charge, then limited by the development of battery technology in the next few years, smart watches with such power-consuming screens are not for you.

Fourth, daily use articles

After all, this is a watch. Daily use is the most important.

The first is the notification function. One of the more important functions of the Apple Watch is to avoid frequent message interruptions and constantly watch the mobile phone handle notification messages.

Simply put, that is, at work, notifications of various types of APPs will continue to come in. If you open the Do not disturb mode and worry about missing important social media messages, you will be prompted every time the mobile phone - pick up the mobile phone. - The process of watching messages becomes: Watches vibrate - Watching messages with a wrist lift may seem like no difference, but the actual experience is really good, and the feelings of vibration of SMS, system notification, and Wechat are different, and it will be clear if you adapt to a certain period of time. What type of APP is in the notification.

What software can be notified on the phone can be set.

This is the navigation function, you can use Siri directly on the watch to operate.

After the navigation is turned on, every time you need to change the line, you will be alerted in advance. At this time, the watch will have a corresponding prompt. The wrist is near the steering wheel and it is convenient to watch.

This picture is a handoff function. Simply put, after opening the navigation on the watch side, the phone will display it directly. Similarly, if you open the navigation on the mobile phone side, the watch will automatically switch the screen.

This is the interface of the call. If there is no car Bluetooth friend, this function is very practical, use the watch to talk directly.

Jingdong and Taobao can only check express

Aunt Zhang and Alipay's APP, Alipay did a good job.

Listening to music app, you can directly add your favorite music to your heart~

These are two games, Lifeline and Underground Castle. It can be said that the Lifeline series of games can be fully experienced on the watch, but I rarely play games, so there is nothing to share. .

The favorite function is Apple Pay, press the power button twice to enter the payment interface, the phone and the card are not used

There are many daily experiences. There are several points intercepted here and the overall use is not bad. Of course, these situations vary from person to person. If you don't normally drive your car, your mobile phone doesn't leave your hand, your city has almost no Apple Pay, and so on, then obviously many features of Apple Watch don't work.

Fifth, sports health articles

Many of Apple Watch's ads are related to sports and fitness. Apple does provide a lot of healthy settings.

Sedentary reminder, based on long-term use, this feature is more accurate, and in the latest system, provides Time to roll for long-term wheelchair users.

Set your daily fitness goals and there will be reminders when you finish (you can set reminders yourself).

The fitness APP also provides multiple incentive medals that can challenge themselves to receive medals.

For the sports record, the system's own app feels normal. When I run, I like to use runtastic Pro. I can record my heart rate. Very easy to use.

Sixth, summary

Many friends around me asked me how Applewatch, just recently a lot of cheaper prices, the new is said to be released soon, I casually wrote a running account for everyone to refer to it.

To say that the value is not worth, if you recognize 3,000 yuan or a few thousand dollars to buy a table, I think it is worthwhile, this table and conventional mechanical watches are very different feelings, especially accustomed to its notification and health, etc. I like to wear it every day. If you think that a watch itself is not worth thousands or tens of thousands, or that the "electronic watch" is not worth a few thousand, then it is not to enter. It will not bring much surprises. After all, we can easily consume 5000 now. Yuan's iPhone, not everyone will consume 5,000 yuan watches.

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