The rise of NFC technology, the integration of access control and information security

We live in a mobile world where our mobile phones can be used not only for calls, but also for employees to open a door with a single mobile device, access a secure area, and use a computer, log on to the corporate network and related information assets. With the increased use of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets and the rise of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, we are moving towards an era of integration of access control and information security.

Information security is a key factor in any business and requires constant attention and investment. However, customers are under pressure from two sources: one is the ongoing budget to increase the budget for necessary security measures; the second is the complex challenge of credential management, and the need to seek the richest knowledge and skills to date.

In this new mobile access mode, both corporate and personal mobile devices can be used as credential cards and complement existing security systems. This new model also allows the industry to re-evaluate the concept of a security framework. This complicated and intractable problem has forced companies to understand more deeply how the integration of access control and information security will affect the overall access control management strategy of the enterprise.

This is an important area of ​​concern for HID Global. The goal of our next-generation iCLASS SE platform is to enable the integration of access control and computer desktop login. Our technology enables smartphones to receive virtual cards and information from service providers over the Internet or over the air, and to read smartphones with virtual credential cards in front of iCLASS SE readers. These phones can also generate a one-time Dynamic Password (OTP) to securely log in to another mobile device or desktop computer and access the network. In addition, advances in back-end convergence technology will provide powerful authentication and card management capabilities for computer and network logins, ensuring that identity information is managed on both plastic cards and smartphones, and that the printer system can support both forms of identity information. .

Businesses always want to make the most of their existing investments, so it's important to consider the application of mobile access control technology when making long-term purchasing decisions. In fact, the information security environment is constantly changing, and the importance of remote access and mobile access control is increasing. These factors make proper information security investment decisions more important than ever. A key part of any security strategy is that the security system established must allow for the addition of new technologies, applications and functions. This is also the link that channel partners can really get involved and help make important decisions.

Cooperation is the key in this aspect. A successful security strategy requires a tiered approach, from the actual access control security to the application and form of the credential card (and the systems that support these credential cards). First and foremost, the adoption of any security framework must be tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise, and there is no one-size-fits-all security framework. Partners must work closely with customers to determine the most appropriate solution, while keeping a close eye on which policies and structures can reduce total cost of ownership. In a challenging economic environment, if the solution affects the budget and makes major adjustments, rather than making minor changes to the existing budget, it tends to slow down the decision-making process.

If the factor of integration alone is not enough to attract attention, then various development trends such as “self-provided terminal (BYOD)” will help accelerate cooperation. Working with a competent dealer should of course be considered, but if a dealer can provide value-added services and truly understand the smallest information security trends that seem trivial but may affect security deployment, then such distributors More valuable.

In the field of access control, there is a large cognitive gap between suppliers and users in considering the full use of existing access control infrastructure and leading the way in technology development. Although some people will think that the current technology development is so fast, channel partners should still take responsibility and narrow the gap between suppliers and users. Mobile access control technology is one of the important security technologies affecting the development of access control. Training enterprises to let enterprises know how to use mobile access control technology to develop an adaptive and scalable security infrastructure, which is crucial for the successful use of mobile access control technology. .

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