LED lighting accessories market, who will be the winner?

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine March issue reporter / He Wei]

On February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other six ministries jointly issued the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry Plan", which clarified the average annual growth rate of the LED lighting energy-saving industry. In 2015, it reached 450 billion yuan, including 180 billion LED lighting application products. yuan.

With the increase in the output value of LED lighting applications, the accessory market, which is matched with finished lamps, has also ushered in a critical period of development.

The reporter learned that at present, the enterprises engaged in the production of lighting accessories in China are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, among which the Zhongshan Guzhen in Guangdong is the most concentrated. According to the data released by the local government departments of Guzhen, Zhongshan Guzhen is the largest professional lighting production base and wholesale market in China. Nearly 10,000 lighting accessories suppliers and 10 large-scale lighting accessories cities are gathered in and around the town.

Although the manufacturers of the accessory market are numerous, the scale is generally small, and the workshop-type roughing-type enterprises are mostly. There are very few manufacturers specializing in the production of accessories for the lighting finished products enterprises.

“On the one hand, there are many types of LED lighting accessories, single parts account for the small cost of the whole lamp, and the market space is not big. On the other hand, the entry market has low barriers to entry, low-price competition leads to lower profits, and the market cycle changes rapidly. Such reasons make it difficult for accessory companies to grow bigger," said Li Yang, general manager of Dongguan Xinlong Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd.

Taking a common LED bulb as an example, the main external components are a lamp cap, a heat sink, and a lampshade. The internal structure is mainly two parts, one is a constant current driving power source, and the other is a light board (including an aluminum substrate and an LED lamp bead). .

Among the three key components that make up the bulb, the cost of the radiator and the lampshade is relatively large, accounting for about 70%, but the accessories are very small in the overall cost of LED lighting. Huang Xiaoqiang, general manager of Zhongshan Jinqiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., calculated an account with the reporter:

The mainstream price of the bulb lamp market is about 12 yuan to 25 yuan, of which the price of the lampshade is about 1.1 yuan, which is less than 10% of the cost of the whole lamp.

At the same time, the production of accessories is relatively low in technology. Most of the accessory manufacturers have not established their own brands. They have always played the role of “processing materials”. They do not have their own brands and intangible assets, so the added value of products cannot be discussed. Because of this, the whole market is more dispersed, and it is difficult for companies to grow bigger.

Price competition chaos

Li Yang’s above statement was confirmed in the recent market research on LED lampshades by reporters.

Since the LED is a point light source, a light sensation such as a spot or a glare may be generated, and in order to compensate for the illuminating defect of the LED light source, the type of the LED lamp cover usually adopts a white frosted lampshade. At present, LED lampshade is mainly made of glass, PMMA, PC, etc. in material selection.

Among them, PMMA and PC belong to transparent plastic, but PC is superior to heat, flame and impact resistance. Therefore, PC diffuser is the preferred material for LED lampshade.

Different material selection schemes and formulations, the price and performance of the lampshade are also different.

It is understood that the transparent white lampshade produced by transparent PMMA+ titanium dioxide has lower cost, but the heat resistance of PMMA is not enough, and the temperature is easy to soften when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. When using the lampshade, it is often necessary to increase the distance between the light source and the lampshade or reduce the output power of the light source. The light transmittance is inevitably greatly reduced, and the light diffusion is uneven, and there are optical defects such as glare, light and shadow.

The transparency and mechanical strength characteristics of the transparent PC+ stripes are improved, but the lamp beads are still visible, the light loss is about 10%, the diffusion effect is general, and the light is not soft and beautiful.

Unfinished , please refer to the March issue of Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine.

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