Simplify the announcement of energy-saving home appliance subsidy program

Simplify the announcement of energy-saving home appliance subsidy program The Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Notice on Simplifying the Management of Energy Efficient Motor Home Appliance Efficient Motor Subsidy and Payment and Strengthening the Implementation of Energy-Efficient Industrial Product Organizations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" stipulates that after consumers purchase energy-saving home appliances and provide copies of ID cards, copies of sales invoices, and signed receipts for receipt of subsidies, home appliance terminal sellers should promptly distribute the subsidy funds to consumers and must not require consumers to After the purchase, return to the mall for a second time to receive a subsidy Terminal vendors are required to submit monthly purchase and sales information for energy-saving home appliances to strengthen information verification.

It is understood that this is the first time since the launch of the energy-saving appliance promotion work on June 1, 2012, the three ministries jointly issued a document to simplify the energy-saving appliance subsidy program. In October 2012, the three ministries and commissions issued the "Notice on Conscientiously Doing a Good Job in the Promotion of Energy-Efficient Home Appliances." It called for the proper simplification of procedures for the payment of energy-saving subsidies for home appliances. Businesses can distribute the subsidy funds to consumers on the spot. The relevant promotion enterprises shall report the terminal sales data in a timely manner according to the ten-year period, and enter the data in the energy-saving product Huimin Engineering Information System to ensure the authenticity of the sales data. The Ministry of Finance will pre-allocate the subsidy funds according to the sales data every ten days. The financial departments at all levels shall allocate the subsidy funds to the promotion enterprises in a timely manner; after the subsidy funds are received by the promotion enterprises, the time for settlement with the merchants shall not exceed 5 days to ensure the subsidy funds. Timely settlement to all distribution outlets.

For this move and the recently announced "Notice" promotion companies generally welcomed. Most home appliance manufacturers believe that this move will make the process of obtaining energy-saving subsidies as convenient as previous popular home appliance trade-in subsidies. From at least two previous businesses to one-off, it will surely be welcomed by consumers and promote the products. Sales. However, when reporters surveyed the various stores, they found that most consumers would still have to return to the store again if they wanted to receive subsidies.

It is understood that the State has implemented a strict auditing system for this energy-saving subsidy policy. Each energy-saving home appliance corresponds to a unique bar code, and only after the code is entered into the system for approval can the subsidy be received. “But in fact, many large appliances are not delivered by consumers. The store is only responsible for sales. After the goods are delivered to the door, consumers can open the box to see the bar code.” In the Suning Beijing Zizhuqiao Store, the staff of the help desk told reporters. Explaining that this would result in only energy-saving appliances being delivered to customers' homes, they would be able to obtain their bar code data application subsidy. This naturally requires the customer to go to the store to receive a subsidy.

It is understood that in the announcement issued by the three ministries and commissions in October 2012, it was required that: "The promotion enterprise should stick the energy-saving products Huimin project logo and the product's unique code on the outer box, and the relevant information shall be directly collected by the merchant when shipping. Products that have already entered the distribution channel (the only code in the packaging box) should be returned and reported by the delivery party at the time of delivery. However, not all manufacturers can do this now, and there are still a considerable number of product barcodes. Put it in the chassis together with the warranty and so on.

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