The annual meeting countdown highlights the first to see 400 crowdfunding guests just waiting for you

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yue Mengdi] After several months of intense preparation, it is finally time to accept the results.

Only 2 days, the LED industry's grand event - 2014 high-tech LED annual meeting and high-tech Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be held as scheduled in Guanlan Lake · Dongguan Club. The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the annual meeting that the materials of the conference have already been sent to Dongguan for final preparation.

On December 12th, the high-profile 2014 High-tech LED Annual Conference officially kicked off. In the morning, G20 member companies will hold the second CEO meeting of the 4th G20-LED Lighting Summit. The CEOs and high-level representatives of the participating companies will discuss the industry competition in the next five years around the theme of “Innovation in a Changing Situation – Standing in a New Five-Year Starting Point, New Challenges and Expecting Wisdom”. How to maximize the role and influence of the G20-LED Summit and create a diversified deep strategic cooperation mechanism among member companies is the focus of this closed-door meeting.

After lunch, you will enter the formal process of the two-day annual grand meeting.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei high-profile conference theme <br> <br> LED Engineering chairman repeatedly expressed "within the next three years, nearly two-thirds of SMEs will exit" view. LED industry profiteering period has passed, LED companies in the "three mouths", urgently need to make their own choices, find their own way out.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei will take the industry data of Gaogong LED research and discuss the industry's inflection point with the industry data of the high-tech LED research and the future. The three-year LED industry forecasts, sharp and unique vision, and accurate analysis will have a positive impact on the strategic decisions of senior executives.

The industry is slightly bloated in the modern LED market, the lighting industry has been reshuffled. Sun Yong, general manager of Sunlight Lighting believes that leading lighting companies have gone through the stage of product and brand, entering the stage of integration of capital and social resources, lighting companies want to It is important to stand out from the competition and find new innovations.

"The Chinese LED lighting market has got the world." The title of the domineering speech is very apt to express China's LED development in a globally important position. Guan Yong will stand in the perspective of domestic LED lighting companies and analyze the future opportunities of China's LED lighting market.

"Upward travel", the downstream flowers are inseparable from the upstream support. As the most technologically-advanced industry in the LED industry chain, the chip adapts to the changing trend of the end market demand is the development of the king. Bian Difei, vice president of Huacan Optoelectronics, proposed that insisting on making chips, focusing on market demand and continuing innovation based on customer needs, is an urgent need for chip makers to form concepts and thinking.

"The current situation in the industry is that lighting has entered the LED era, and LED has entered the era of general lighting, so the next 1 to 2 years is likely to be: the upstream blood flow into the river, the middle corpse traversing the wild, the downstream soldiers are ridiculous. The packaging industry in the past few years 'Airport' is in the outdoor lighting, display and automobile market, in the future?” Lin Jili, general manager of Mulinsen Lighting Marketing, once threw an interesting industry speculation on “High-tech LED” reporter.

The theme of the "New LED for the Next Three Years" titled by Mulinsen will be held on the afternoon of the 13th.

On the morning of the 13th, there were two sub-forums held simultaneously. They are the "Intelligent Lighting, Mining Your Next Gold Mine" by Zhongheng Paiwei, and the "New Opportunity for Technology-Driven Supply Chain Transformation" by Liyang Optoelectronics. In two sub-forums, 14 corporate executives with their own field of professional research and unique insights, from a more detailed perspective, for power, light source, materials, packaging and other sub-fields, propose specific solutions.

The star-studded scene, the latest hottest WeChat wall will also be used completely. While listening to the guest speech, you can always raise doubts and express your opinions, and present your views on the WeChat wall. The interaction is timely and the communication is unobstructed. People will certainly benefit a lot.

Industry "Oscar"

After the compact and rich meeting schedule, the most exciting and most highly regarded Golden Globe Awards will be held on the evening of the 13th. This year's high-tech Golden Globe Awards brought together the big and medium-sized companies with products and brands in the whole industry chain.

There are powerful "National Star Optoelectronics, who fights with seals", "Do Gao Xian, find a research", "Hongli Optoelectronics, China's strongest seal", "Xinyue Optoelectronics, use the core to create a unique leader - COB leader"……

There is an enterprising type of "Puwan Optoelectronics, striving for the first brand of LED cooling kit", "Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics, challenge the highest cost performance of the splitting tape machine!", "Leading Hi-Tech, the first brand of underground garage lighting in China"...

There is also the revitalization of national brands, “Shentian Optoelectronics, revitalization of the famous industrial technology research and development innovation”, “Hilde, revitalizing national brands, developing excellent quality”, “Northern microelectronics, excellent quality and excellent service to manufacture in China”...

After enjoying the Oscar red carpet courtesy, participants will witness the birth of the most valuable and most valuable products in the sub-sectors of the upper, middle and lower reaches since 2014.

The annual high-tech LED Golden Globe Awards is not only the best platform for the industry to “gather together, discuss the big deal”, but also become the annual brand marketing event for many LED companies. "bigger than bigger" is not only exclusive to Apple's mobile phone, but also the best annotation for the Golden Globe Award.

After four years, the 5th High-tech Golden Globe Award once again shines in the whole industry. Every time a reporter visits a customer, he can feel the expectation of the Golden Globe Award in the industry. "Industry event, go and join in the fun." The general manager of a phosphor company in Beijing told reporters that even if it is not short-listed, it still wants to see who can get the prize in the phosphor company.

Since the development of the LED industry, competition has become increasingly fierce, and products have become homogeneous. Is there still a blue ocean in the Red Sea? LED lighting market is very large, can it be deep under the breadth? How to play its core competitiveness in the melee, seize business opportunities, and grab the market?

All of this, there will be an answer at the high-tech LED annual meeting.

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