Explosive lighting e-commerce "dead hole" easily destroys billion-dollar enterprises

[Text|High-tech LED lighting channel reporter Zhou Jianhua] In fact, in 2013 and 2014, the “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve” shopping peaks have already tested the e-commerce supply chain reaction speed and flexible production capacity. Many e-commerce companies that only focus on front-end sales have suffered a lot. The imperfect supply chain has led to a large number of bad stocks. Even if the profit is 10 million, some companies in reality have difficulty in cashing because the money is locked in inventory.

This truly reflects: the most serious problem facing domestic lighting and lighting e-commerce companies - inventory.

= Inventory + cost <br> <br> risk and low lighting industry Volkswagen brand has not yet formed, inventory management is also very difficult as the terminal degree of concern. Especially for companies that have just entered the e-commerce lighting industry, although there are a lot of ERP help, the diversity of e-commerce and the situation faced by each company are different, and the management of inventory still faces many problems.

In the lighting industry, many people are ignorant of the inventory, it seems that there is inventory to represent the product can not be sold.

Inventory refers to the goods actually stored in the warehouse. For lighting lighting companies, inventory is generally divided into two categories: one is production inventory, that is, raw material inventory, which is stored to ensure that the materials consumed by the enterprise can be continuously supplied; the other is circulation inventory, that is, Finished goods inventory.

In general, finished goods inventory is less than spare parts inventory, they will occupy the company's liquidity. However, if there is no inventory, it will not work. If the inventory is too small, it is difficult for enterprises to maintain normal and timely production.

“Compared to the export of the whole cabinet and the domestic sales agent market, the e-commerce orders are scattered. Therefore, enterprises must first prepare stocks, especially when participating in platform activities or their own promotions. And the online market also has off-season and In the peak season, sales in the peak season are relatively large, and manufacturers have more orders for upstream parts suppliers. In the off-season, sales are less, and more materials will be ordered, which will inevitably result in material inventory.” An e-commerce company selling crystal lighting is responsible for People said.

However, under pressure, e-commerce companies have gradually bred a supply chain model that “slims and decompresses” their own warehouses – the “consumer demand driven business” model. Among them, the most common prototype is to drive the production of the consumer with the consumer demand--the pre-sale model, and the "consumer demand-driven design" that completely gives the initiative to the consumer. Not only that, but e-commerce companies are also beginning to seek in-depth cooperation with better suppliers to pass inventory pressure on suppliers.

“These explorations all represent a trend: orders in the early stages of production will become smaller and smaller. However, how can these small orders generate large profits for the company and become liquid cash?” said Chen Shuyang, head of the network lighting e-commerce business. .

He proposed: How to dynamically analyze and control consumer demand in order to adjust production and reduce inventory pressure as soon as possible? What kind of suppliers do e-commerce companies need to choose for in-depth cooperation? Is there a limitation and a drawback to the "pre-sale" model that only online can have? These issues need to be addressed.

Although e-commerce belongs to emerging industries, it is essentially a retail industry. Aside from all kinds of electronic and network factors, it is still a basic business model of buying at low prices and selling at high prices. However, due to the new features of electronic, networked and off-site, the e-commerce and traditional retail industries are different.

Who do inventory control <br> <br> for the Lighting of the business enterprise, how to set up and maintain a reasonable inventory levels, both to minimize the risk of shortages and losses caused by inadequate inventory, but also As much as possible to reduce the storage costs and capital costs of inventory, this has become an issue that e-commerce companies must solve.

“E-commerce inventory management is a young learning. Since e-commerce purchases and shipments are asynchronous in time and space, their inventory management is more complex and professional than traditional retail.” Professional e-commerce Yuan Guilin, general manager of the bee network operating on behalf of the company.

Looking back today, I have seen a lot of companies that have suffered big losses in stocks, doing lighting, doing costumes, doing heavy work, doing electrical and electronic appliances, especially doing e-commerce and engaging in production links. In fact, a fundamental problem is that they Do not understand inventory control."

"The natural law of the electric business community is that the first is the king, for several years, the 'double eleven', the big brand e-commerce is the biggest winner. And many small and medium-sized e-commerce sales are often difficult to meet expectations, but there are irrational inputs. Behavior.” Wang Yongfeng, president of the Fujian E-Commerce Association, believes that after the big brand e-commerce has separated the “double eleven” biggest cake, the small and medium-sized e-commerce companies have a small share.

Over-stocking small and medium-sized e-commerce companies face large inventory pressures, paying a lot of money and manpower and material resources, but these stocks are difficult to sell smoothly in the short-term, because after the "double eleven" user's purchase demand is advanced in advance, The sales of e-commerce will enter a “human off-season”.

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