High cost-effective practical router

High cost-effective practical router

There are elderly and pregnant women in the home who need a wireless router that can intelligently reduce radiation; there are multiple wireless devices in the home and a wireless router with a wide range of wireless signals is needed... For home users, the function does not have to be complete, but if The above functions are integrated in a router, which is not difficult, but the problem of price. But if a 50 yuan router can provide these functions, would you be tempted? Can you buy good things cheaply? Of course, it is still too early to come to conclusion. Let's take a look at the 50-yuan home “artifact” introduced by this SeaPai-SP-WR300.

As a main product for home use, the SeaPai SP-WR300 is an entry-level wireless router that follows the principles of practicality and cost-effectiveness. It uses the RTL8196E-VE1+RTL8192ER chipset, supports Wi-Fi 802.11n technology, and wireless transmission rate. Up to 300Mbps, using dual-antenna MIMO technology to further enhance wireless signal coverage. In addition, SP-WR300 also uses 32M SDRAM and 4M FLASH, which can provide better performance.

As the latest generation of SeaPai's flying dream product, the appearance of the SP-WR300 has broken through the appearance of traditional routers, streamlined design, clear lines, compact appearance and clear appearance, easy to carry; the surface color is combined with white clouds and sky blue, allowing People feel as if they are in heaven, simple and without losing the atmosphere, people can not put it down; the process is exquisite and delicate, the surface uses high-precision molds, and high-grade grinding noisy treatment, feel comfortable, delicate texture.

The SP-WR300 integrates a 100M WAN port and four 100M LAN ports, and is distinguished by blue and yellow colors. At the same time, the SP-WR300 integrates the two function buttons WPS and Reset. Pressing it once activates the WPS. Pressing it for a long time restores the device to the factory default settings.

SP-WR300 externally has two omnidirectional antennas with a gain of 5dbi. It is non-detachable, but it is free to adjust the angle and uses Seiko copper wire antenna coils to provide better signal coverage.

Signal Strength Test Although the price of the SP-WR30 is very attractive, the wireless signal coverage is still our most concern, which is related to the quality of the wireless signal, through the wall effect and wireless transmission rate. Here are some scenarios we use for simulating home use:

The distance between computer and SP-WR30 is about 5 meters. The distance between computer and SP-WR30 is about 20 meters. The distance between computer and SP-WR30 is about 10 meters. The distance between computer and SP-WR30 is about 15. Meters, 5 meters across the two-sided load-bearing wall Barrier-free distance 20 meters Barrier-free distance 10 meters Distance from the one-sided load-bearing wall 15 meters Distance between load-bearing walls Tested, SP-WR300 in a barrier-free environment at 5 meters and 20 meters The signal strength is 81% and 55%. In the wall penetration, the signal intensity is 47% at a distance of 10 meters and separated by a single-sided bearing wall. The signal intensity is still reached at a distance of 15 meters and the load-bearing wall on both sides. 41%. The overall SP-WR30 performance is still good. Evaluation Summary: For the general home router, the function does not have to be complete, purely simple and stable and cost-effective is the most important. Although it is just an entry-level home product, the SP-WR300's workmanship is unambiguous. After testing, SeaPai SP-WR300 not only has better wireless signal coverage, but also adds a series of practical functions such as self-adaptive function, QOS bandwidth control function and WPS one-key encryption function for home users. And its price of only 52 yuan, also worthy of the title of "artifact", is still very competitive in the low-end wireless router market.

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