Purui Optoelectronics Releases Decor Series LED Products

[High-tech LED News] Purui Optoelectronics released the Decor series of ultra-high color rendering index LED array products. Decor leverages Presound's industry-leading ES and award-winning RS array technology for retail, hospitality, museum and high-end architectural lighting.

With a color rendering index of 97, the Decor array has a 3 Step MacAdams Elipse color control option that creates a glamorous, elegant lighting effect. With a luminous flux range of 1200-2500 lumens, the product has been specially designed to be very close to the quality of halogen and incandescent light sources. With an R9 and R15 value of 98, this array product enhances red color and delivers skin tone correctly, providing clean and natural illumination.

Decor array products have a light output equivalent to a 75-150 watt halogen bulb, but consume only 25-50 watts of electrical power. In addition, Decor array products are identical in shape to the previous Puri photoelectric array products, making it easy for existing users to update their lighting without redesigning.

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