Enea and Rightware launch three-dimensional interface

21 Essence, Enea China Service and R&D Center announced that it has cooperated with the world's leading graphics engine company Rightware to launch a three-dimensional interface for smart mobile devices, enabling users to complete multiple applications more quickly. The 3D interface introduced this time has five different content interface components, and each individual interface presents a three-dimensional multi-functional operation interface to the user. Users can complete more applications faster and more conveniently in the same interface by sliding the finger. Each individual application will be presented in front of the user in a stereoscopic rotation on the same screen. No need to switch screens, no matter what settings or applications, users can reach the target in just two steps. Enea's innovation not only promotes the drastic improvement of more mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone operation interface, but also allows users to experience the new experience of the three-dimensional operation interface in the original monotonous two-dimensional interface!

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The innovation of the stereoscopic 3D interface is a subversive concept on the original two-dimensional operation interface. The 3D operation interface brought by Enea mainly includes five functional classification interfaces for different needs, such as main interface, tool interface, audio and video interface, picture display interface and video display interface. And each interface brings a completely different style of experience to the user. This kind of classification makes it very easy and quick for users to find the applications they need on different classified interfaces, which greatly saves the time spent by users in finding an application, and adds powerful entertainment. Sex.

In the main interface, the user is provided with common applications such as calendar, mail, clock, phone call, browser, etc. The interface style is simple and fresh, and it is convenient for the user to operate frequently. When entering the tool interface, each tool icon is The stereoscopic imaging method is presented in front of the user, and the user can add different tools according to his actual needs; when entering the audio-visual interface, the user who is plunging into the user's eyes is a metal-quality audio-visual player that is being played on the player. Is the name of the audio or video file, the file will be rotated around the player platform, click the play button, it will be played in full screen; all the image files in the image display interface will be displayed in the three-dimensional space, when the user clicks on one of the images After the picture file, the picture is immediately presented in front of the user in three-dimensional imaging form; finally, the video display interface is mainly used to summarize the user's movie files. If the user is in the Internet state, the system will automatically capture the user's movie file. When the user clicks on the movie they want to watch, the related introduction of the movie will appear, providing better service for the user.

“We are very pleased to see Enea launching the 3D user interface in China to bring new operational experience to mobile users in China and around the world,” said Zhao Zhensheng, manager of Enea China Service and R&D Center. “3D technology was previously used in large servers and TVs. In the field, Enea is the first to introduce 3D technology into mobile devices through cooperation with Rightware, allowing users to experience an unprecedented dynamic interface."

As people pay more and more attention to the user experience of their fingers on the touch screen, Enea's innovation will lead users to experience multidimensional changes, experience the interaction of high-tech platforms, and bring more real experiences to users!

“The 3D graphical user interface has become the most important way to differentiate consumer electronics. With Rightware's Kanzi UI solution, the design, creation, testing and deployment of complex 3D graphical user interfaces has become very fast and Easy, and these graphical user interfaces have proven to provide a superior user experience,” said Rightware CEO Tero Sarkkinen, “Enea uses our powerful Kanzi UI solution to play a role in the embedded 3D graphics solution. We are very pleased to work with Enea to provide our customers with the best user experience through our compelling products and services."

Recently, this "Intelligent 3D Stereo Operation Interface" jointly launched by Enea and Rightware is being used by the well-known tablet PC manufacturer "Vtion". On the newly launched VPad V7 tablet, the dazzling 3D interface is full of personality, and the interactive operation experience not only brings great entertainment fun to users, but also provides daily office, life and entertainment for users. A streamlined and practical classification.

"VPad V7 is one of the strategic core businesses that Netcom is fully promoting, bringing more enjoyable and free network services and entertainment experiences to consumers." Chen Guoping, Chairman of Netcom, said: "Vtion is working with Enea to design The development of the first 3D interface design in China, combined with the V-Store will bring more sensation to users, and meet more Chinese consumers to experience an unprecedented dynamic interface."


Screenshot of Enea and Rightware's 3D UI application on Vtion's new Vpad V7

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