Forbes: 4K TV and 1080P picture quality are not much different

There is no doubt that 4K TV is no longer a trend, but a regular attribute of TV products. After all, technology needs to evolve and products need to evolve. However, 4K TV is like "the emperor's new clothes" in most cases, which is actually meaningless.

Forbes: 4K TV and 1080P picture quality are not much different

"Forbes" wrote that the TV viewing effect is related to human vision, viewing distance, TV size and resolution. To illustrate with an example: you sit on the lawn of the park and look down at the lawn under your feet, you can distinguish individual blades; but if the lawn is 0.7 meters away, it is obviously impossible to distinguish the blades, just see a rough, TV The same is true.

So, based on the vision of 2.0, if you want to see the details on the 4K TV, what conditions need to be met? After scientific research, you can find the answer through the above picture. If a specific value is listed, the viewing distance of a 55-inch 4K TV is 2.5 feet (about 0.7 meters), and a 65-inch TV is 4 feet (about 1.2 meters). Obviously, 55 inches is the size that most families usually choose, and the viewing distance of 0.7 meters can distinguish the difference between 4K quality and 1080P, but almost no one sticks his face on the TV screen to watch.

Forbes: 4K TV and 1080P picture quality are not much different

Is there a better solution? Yes, but the cost is high. You can get a 4K detail experience while increasing the viewing distance by buying a larger TV. For example, a large 105-inch TV can see very clear 4K details at a distance of 7 feet (about 2.1 meters). Price? The 105-inch TVs of Samsung and LG will cost at least US $ 100,000 (about RMB 663,000), and of course you need a large enough living room.

So, since it does n’t make much sense, why should TV manufacturers spare no effort to promote 4K TVs? As mentioned earlier, manufacturers need new concepts and new technologies to make new products more selling points and make profits. In addition, ordinary consumers are not It will be so true, calculate the best viewing distance and feel clearer.

Of course, 4K TVs are not completely worthless. The quantum dots and HDR technology introduced by manufacturers on this basis can make the picture look more realistic, and the color and contrast are more outstanding. This is worthy of recognition. The most important thing is that 1080P HDR TV is basically not found in the market.


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