Yuyuan and Shifang Group to deploy the mainland LED lighting market

[High-tech LED News] LED epi-platform factory, Yuanyuan Optoelectronics, through the alliance of major shareholder Nissan Mitsui Group, has announced that it will sign a strategic distribution agreement with the World Group of World Union Group to further expand the mainland market. .

Mr. Jian Feng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his hope that through the complete distribution network of the World Group in the mainland, the accumulated sales strategy and the mastery of the mainland enterprises, the LED products will be introduced into the local major electronic product brands and lighting products. The application of the mainland to increase the market share of the mainland, driving the growth of mainland revenue.

Zhang Pinggang, Chairman and CEO of World Peace, said that the distribution of LED products will help the company's LED application market and provide customers with more complete LED products and solutions to meet the huge market demand in the mainland. It is expected that the products will be rapidly pushed to the mainland market in the future. Zhang Ronggang pointed out that at present, the World Group also represents Cree LED packaging products in the mainland.

In 2010, the proportion of mainland revenue in China was about 10~15%. In 2011, it will actively explore the mainland market, and successively enter the supply chain of China National LED Packaging Factory Guoxing Optoelectronics, Wenrun, and Silian Optoelectronics. The proportion of circular lighting revenue is expected to increase from the original 18% to 20~25%, of which Taiwan's customers will account for 40%, and the mainland's proportion will reach 60%.

In 2010, Nissho Mitsui Group announced its alliance with the company's strategy and officially entered the board of directors. Although the actual cooperation effect of Mitsui has not yet appeared, through the huge group resources of Mitsui, the cooperation between the company and the United Nations has been promoted. Yuan said that there are still many plans in progress with Mitsui. Due to the wide industrial network of Mitsui and the long-term operation, it is expected that it will be clearly helpful in 2012.

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