Nine design options that must be avoided for small-sized home improvement

1. The color of the dull wall color space is difficult to select. The color system with low brightness and purity is generally chosen, which is the gray system we often say, because the purity of the color is stronger, the more First of all, it will make people feel squeezed, and the feeling of space is reduced. The choice of brightness should be relative

About Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

Polyimide-F46 combined film wrapped sintered copper flat Magnet Wire insulation wire

This product provides high heat resistance, high cut through, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, cold resistance, freon resistance , etc .

The technical indexes for aluminium core enameled wire comply with enterprise standards extablished in reference to national standards .

 Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

Inner packing: in different wooden bobbin ,

Outer packing:wooden pallet with steel strip or according customers' special requirements  

Film Overcoated With F46 Copper Flat Wire

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