The main problem of home LED lamp promotion: price and glare control

With the constant changes in people's lifestyles and the ever-increasing demands for home life, home lighting has gradually got rid of the traditional role of the past, with its subversive personalized solutions to create a family atmosphere and highlight the design of the overall home design. The teachers are new inspiration and creativity. A few days ago, at the "Light? Unseen - Future Home Lighting Trends Theme Forum" held by Philips Lighting, experts also put forward their ideas for future home design and home lighting.

It is understood that Philips Lighting is committed to improving people's quality of life by launching meaningful innovations in a timely manner. Its LED home lighting solutions provide a flexible space for home design and creating a personalized atmosphere with rich colors and design sense. For example, Ledino's modern minimalist LED lamps on display at the forum are simple and pure in design, abandoning all the red tape; through the curves, arcs, high-quality pure aluminum, these simple external elements have been transformed into a world of Ledino. The imagination space has created a new realm of light and shadow.

However, some consumers are also worried that too much light from the home will cause light pollution, and too bright colors will make the eyes uncomfortable. Cai Zhongmin, president of the East China branch of the CLDA Chinese Lighting Designers Association, explained that this is a misunderstanding of lighting design. The lighting design is applied properly, and it is an embellishment, while at the same time setting the atmosphere. Lighting design is not about putting the lights in and out, but doing the right place - where to use it and where not to use it. This is a need for lighting designers and home improvement designers to coordinate.

When it comes to the green lighting of the family, Cai Zhongmin believes that incandescent lamps should be reduced or not used. It is recommended to use energy-saving lamps. However, there are also some shortcomings in energy-saving fluorescent lamps. It is a good choice to complement each other with a large number of LED lamps.

Although LED has many advantages such as low energy consumption, high brightness, low heat, environmental protection and durability compared with other light sources, the current price of LED is too high, which is indeed difficult for the general public to accept. In addition to the high price that consumers are temporarily unacceptable, the color temperature is too high, and the light is cold and unpleasant. It is also a reason why LEDs are difficult to popularize.

 Micro motors Based on Dc Motor, Micro Motor belongs to the small size of dc motor,micro motor rotor, back cover, chassis, rotor winding is mainly copper, back cover most of the use of plastic material, motor shell use galvanized steel plate, the micro motor can be ROHS test.

A  micro motor is any of a class of rotary electrical machines that converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most common types rely on the forces produced by magnetic fields. Nearly all types of micro motors have some internal mechanism, either electromechanical or electronic, to periodically change the direction of current flow in part of the motor.

Micro Motor Micro Motor Micro Motor

 Micro motor is mainly used in: outdoor lamps, electronic toys, model aircraft, intelligent bin, breeze machine, etc

Micro MotorMicro MotorMicro Motor

Method of use: the best stable in horizontal plane, installed on the Micro motor output shaft parts, cannot use a hammer to knock, knock prone to press into the micro motor drive, may cause damage to internal components, and cannot be used in the case of blocked.

 Dc Motor 2

Operating temperature range:

Micro motor should be used at a temperature of -10~60℃.

The figures stated in the catalog specifications are based on use at  ordinary room temperature catalog specifications re based on use at ordinary room temperature  (approximately20~25℃.

1220 Dc Motor  1215 Dc Motor

If a micro motor  is used outside the prescribed temperature range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.Depending on the temperature conditions ,it may be possible to deal with them by changing the grease of the motor's parts.Please feel free to consult with us about this.


Storage temperature range:

Micro motor should be stored ta a temperature of -15~65℃.

In case of storage outside this range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.


Service life:

The longevity of micro motor  is greatly affected by the load conditions , the mode of operation,the environment of use ,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to check the conditions under which the product will actually be used .The following conditions will have a negative effect on longevity.Please consult with us should any of them apply.

●Use with a load that exceeds the rated torque

●Frequent starting

●Momentary reversals of turning direction

●Impact loads

●Long-term continuous operation

●Forced turning using the output shaft

●Use in which the permitted overhang load or the permitted thrust load is exceeded

●A pulse drive ,e.g.,a short break,counter electromotive force,PWM control

●Use of a voltage that is nonstandard as regards the rated voltage

●Use outside the prescribed temperature or relative-humidity range,or in a special environment.

●Please consult with us about these or any other conditions of use that may apply,so that we can be sure that you select the most appropriate model.


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 Micro motor


Micro Motor

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