Titanium degree - have attitude, titanium degree gaming mouse evaluation

I. Introduction

One day to open the public test interface, found a light public test, light public test is jealousy? In simple terms, it is not necessary to watch the original original, only need to pay attention to the ant credit scores and evaluation content, greatly reducing the threshold for the public, giving new people a chance. Aunt launched this activity, but also to give back to everyone's support. Although "light", but can not be ignored, we must seriously take a reasonable and fair report. In any case, thanks to the trust of the organization to me, I will continue to work hard to contribute to the organization!

Since manufacturers have adopted a titanium degree as their name, I believe they also have an attitude. As a professional e-sports player, King Huang Sky's products are more in line with the needs of the players. If so, whether the e-sport mouse is really good enough for e-sports, we can find out.

Second, out of the box and details

Once again, I saw Zhang Aunt’s logo, “The value of the tape is measured,” and the special tape used to measure the feeling of familiarity.

The front is very concise, and my direction seems to be wrong, but it doesn't matter. You just need to know that the front is very simple.

The side of the cockroaches is also a simple style. It is only labeled for gaming and web sites. I guess the designer of the packaging is not obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There is a piece of paper on the back of the box that indicates the mouse manufacturer and various data. I feel that all products that should be titanium degrees use this box, but the label on the back is not the same. It is very convenient and very economical. Of course, it is smart.

☝ Many manufacturers use this type of top-down packaging.

After opening, you can see the main part of the product, and put a black sponge cushion on the top of the box.

The mouse is quietly lying there waiting to be discovered. In addition, after opening the box, there is a strong sandalwood scent. Friends who are often out of the box should know that this sandalwood fragrance is unique to the new electronic products. Kind of taste, likes to smell.

☝ Remove all the items and accessories, only one mouse, one user guide (three packs of voucher, app usage guide, post-sale combination), unfortunately there is no replacement pad.

The white wire is the same color as the mouse. The length of the wire is about two meters. It is enough to link to the case, but it is a bit long and messy for the notebook. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the feel of the wire is not very thick, it gives a more solid feeling. Another point is that there is no anti-jamming shielded magnetic ring.

☝ Right side of the mouse, with a rubber mat, feel good.

The left side is also equipped with a non-slip rubber pad. The buttons on the left and right are more forward and backward buttons. They are easy to use when surfing the Internet or browsing folders. According to previous experience, the seams on the sides of the mouse and the front and rear buttons are too long to have serious dirt! !

☝ There are only three buttons on the front, including the left and right buttons and the DPI button. The DPI button is used to adjust the sensitivity (DPI).

☝ However, the DPI button will be shaken and it feels a bit loose.

The back pad can be replaced. Compared to most mouse adhesives, the titanium pad is magnetic and it is easier to replace. However, why not wear more sets? Merchants advertise different games with different pads. Why not wear one set for each game?

You can see the label on the back of the map. . Crooked. . Now. .

The only one attachment is the manual, app usage guide and warranty certificate.

Third, the actual experience

The experience is divided into the following parts: 1. Mouse comfort 2. Button and wheel feel 3. PC side software experience 4. iOS side app experience 5. Game experience, mainly LOL game experience.

1, mouse comfort

Website propaganda, mouse shell can match skin type skin, but this test should not be the type of skin, but there are skin-like feeling, elusive.

From the above figure, the mouse is more suitable for the palm of the hand, because the mouse is relatively large, so there is no feeling of overhead, front and rear buttons can be perfectly pressed, more ergonomic.

☝ However, when you press the DPI key, you need to move your finger, and the whole hand moves backwards, which is troublesome, but fortunately, the number of DPI keys used is very small.

On the whole, the mouse fits in the palm of your hand, and the generous area gives you a comfortable feeling.

2, button and wheel feel

The left and right buttons are used as the buttons with the highest frequency in use. The use of a long time, many mice will have a combo, or the button does not respond, which has a great relationship with the micro switch. This mouse claims 20 million lifetimes, which is a bit more. . It is estimated that this time of evaluation is unable to press this number.

Left and right buttons, when used for the first time, it feels a little tighter. It requires a lot of effort to press it down, and the key way is a bit short (compared to the previous wireless mouse, it may have been used to the previous touch ), the key sound is relatively crisp, the same sound is also very large, quiet, the mouse's knock will have some influence.

The DPI button, as mentioned in the out-of-box section, has some loose buttons. Abbreviation is simply called.

Before and after the button, there are also some loose, you need to press a distance to touch the switch, it is estimated to avoid accidental touch design, usually browse the web and folders forward and backward is very convenient.

Roller, press down to feel and left and right keys feel almost, a little tight, but the scroll is still possible, there is no loose feeling, moderate damping, with a rubber anti-slip ring, feel good.

3, PC software experience

The mouse is connected to the computer for the first time, and the driver is installed automatically. This is the same as most mice, but only the driver used is installed. The driver and the light and sensitivity adjustment need to download separate driver software.

☝ First download the software on the official website, it should be universal, because there is no mouse model selected.

Nothing to install, just need to go to the next step and finish.

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☝ Each button can be individually defined, suitable for those who have personality, I prefer GM. When I was in college, one of my classmates was playing in the league. I had to change the key position to a mess. All the people who played with his computer must follow his key position, resulting in my room being friendly and a few keys like him. Each time I watched them change. The keys are very painful. This can save the plan for use in the next time. Unlike the League, it must be changed every time. This can only be loaded, or it is more humane.

☝ Sensitivity adjustment, I changed the DPI of each gear, there are scrolling pages of the scroll wheel, the rest there is no big need, but the existence is reasonable, personalization and intelligence is not just talk about, but also exists in the software between. Of course, there are also a variety of celebrity data to choose from. We have chosen the celebrity data. Am I still a star?

☝ light adjustment, 16 million colors, you want to have color 啥 啥 color, more breathing lights and gradients to choose. But the pattern is a bit monolithic, and when it's okay, I don't care much about the color lights. I only have to hold B when I come. The previous mouse adjusts the video of the light.

☝ Firmware update, nothing to say, mouse intelligence.

☝ training, there is a floating window that can display various data, but only see real-time data, and can not see the data of a game, and, in the process of playing games, I often cut off the screen to send A blood! !

There is no such thing, but we need to make progress.

Some official things are direct, and it takes more time.

Well, the PC has stopped here. It has features and disadvantages. We hope that the government will work hard to perfect it. In addition training the plug-in installed there is a lot of trouble. .

4, iOS app experience

The e-sports mouse is divided into two types. One is the smart version and the other is the non-smart version. The smart version can connect to the computer and the Bluetooth mobile app. The non-smart version can only be controlled by the computer software. When I first saw my own Bluetooth, I thought it was possible to use it wirelessly, but I thought it was more. . !

After downloading, you can enter, need to open the Bluetooth pairing, login account, very simple, follow the operation step by step on it.

The function is very simple, almost the same with the PC side, but more data statistics, but only to see the total number, you can see the number of mouse clicks on the left and right keys and the distance moved. What is more special is the consumption of left and right fretting.

When you link for the second time, you will be automatically linked. However, instead of opening the software, you will need to click on one of the functions to link. For example, if I open the software, I think that the direct auto link, but entering the light control to find the default data, feel free to click any button to link the mouse, more trouble. After the link, the number of times and distance moved by this time will be automatically synchronized.

5. Game experience

This game experience is played with the League of Legends. As a bronze player, it is dedicated to pit students. Has not played for two months, about college students, open the voice, first pull the eggs, in the open. At this time, the game is not very important. Hang pits with each other and black out each other. It is actually a pleasure to spare. Because of work reasons, roommates are distributed in the northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast of the country. . There is very little time to get together. It is also a pleasure to open a black hole. Not much to say!

Before entering the game, I ordered the actual functions of the computer software. A window appeared, but the game did not appear. There may be a plug-in that was not installed. The plug-in was so troublesome that it was not installed. During this window, I made several cuts to the desktop.

Say what the mouse feels. It doesn't matter what these plug-ins play. What's important is the personal touch. The mouse gives me a feeling that is still rather hard. It's harder to make up, sometimes it can't make up for it (though it itself is pitted. ), The foot pad is relatively smooth, when moving, the cursor is more accurate. Now we should use a universal mat. It is estimated that there will be a better experience with mats and mouse pads for the corresponding games, but it is not a random delivery. It is a pity.

The whole game came down and I also chatted with my classmates about the sky. Although I love to play games, the game hasn’t paid much attention to it. When WE won the game, it only stimulated my desire to watch the game and then called the competition team. The update is too fast, it can not keep up with the trend, the work has no time to see, and gradually give up.

Forgot to say, the game is over, I went to find this game how many times I click the mouse, can not find, because the data function is not open on the computer side, can only be disconnected through the phone side to see the number of buttons and mouse movements Distance, more troublesome

Summarizing the mouse, in addition to the personal feeling that the keys are tight, according to the tired, the other in line with the positioning of a gaming mouse, the cursor pointing accurate, comfortable feel. However, it is basically low energy during the game. What gyro, XY axis, that is completely useless.

Fourth, summary

From my own computer to the present, the time is not much more than five years, during which the mouse really did not change a few, the first mouse a certain brand spent, when the university bought in Sanhao Street in Shenyang, spent a More than a hundred dollars have been with me for a year in graduation work. Then I was allowed to use it on the desktop of my family. I pressed it so many times that when I was in school, my classmates played in the league in rotation and it was not bad.

This mouse, created by e-sports professional players, understands the needs of players, and adds smart devices to make the mouse more human and personalized.


1. You can customize the buttons, lights, and sensitivity to meet the needs of different groups of people.

2. With gyroscopes and other functions, let the mouse become smart, record the movement speed, explosive force and movement distance.

3. The shape of the mouse fits in the palm of your hand and it is more comfortable to hold it in your hand.

4. Meet the requirements of gaming mouse, accurate positioning, smooth movement.

5. The magnetic pad is used for the foot pad, which is easy to replace.


1. There are few random accessories, at least a few sets of mats.

2. The wire does not use a shielded magnetic ring, feeling lower a grade.

3. The mouse seam is prone to filth (probably the most common mouse problem)

4. The computer and mobile phone software are not humanized enough, and some functions still need to be perfected. We hope to add a single data statistics function, and join and share functions such as a friend circle.

5. Plug-in installation troublesome process

6. The left and right buttons feel hard.

7. Smart isn't smart, sometimes it’s tasteless.


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