Magic Leap acquires a 3D reconstruction technology company founded by former Google and Apple employees

According to 36kr, Magic Leap, the most secretive company in the AR field, has completed the acquisition of Virtroid, a 3D reconstruction technology startup. Because it involves a confidentiality agreement, the other party is not convenient to disclose the purchase price. It is understood that Virtroid has previously obtained angel funding from Wei Wei Fund, Horn Fund, Real Grid, Morningside and other institutions.

The initial goal of Virtroid was to use 3D and VR technologies to subvert the real estate and home improvement industries. The company has developed a 3D reconstruction algorithm that can automatically generate 3D models of the original scene in the original proportion, according to the original texture and light, and finally achieve 3D reconstruction on the mobile device, allowing the user to capture a 150 to 200 in 10 minutes. Flat meter 3D scene. This technology has obtained a number of patents. Virtroid's goal is to use its technology to make it easy for everyone to use mobile devices to bring real-world homes online and present them to everyone with the most realistic and immersive experiences.

It is understood that Virtroid's two founders, Wei Xiaolin and Zhang Yifu, are masters from Tsinghua University in China and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, and have served on Google Maps and Apple Video respectively.

As for Magic Leap, the mysterious company, since 2014, after financing 543 million US dollars to enter public view, they only showed their products to a few customers and developers, and most people can only pass a short hologram. Games and Application Videos Learn about the company's products and black technology. However, it quietly gained investment from companies such as Google and Alibaba. The total amount of funds raised so far has exceeded US$1.4 billion. Magic Leap hopes to display rich interactive graphics and what people can already see by using "dynamic digital light signal" technology.

With the continuous development of the field of VR and AR, the prospects of 3D reconstruction technology are increasingly being viewed. This acquisition of Magic Leap is also the beginning of the vision for this market.

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