Home lighting upgrades need to be more ambience and light effects

With the continuous improvement of the income level of residents and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people began to pay attention to the decoration of home lighting. Initially, consumers mainly consider the function of “lighting” when purchasing lamps. Now consumers pay more attention to the atmosphere and light and shadow effects created by lighting fixtures in the living room. Consumers not only require lamps to complement their own decoration style, but also require lighting, environmental protection, energy saving, personality, fashion and other characteristics.

The high housing prices and the busy city rhythm have also quietly changed the consumer's consumption concept. The price is no longer the only condition that people decide to buy. While people want to buy genuine products, they also hope that the store can provide lighting design, installation, maintenance and other services. The extensive construction of the lighting market in various places has intensified the competition of traditional lighting sales shops.

At the same time, the prosperity of the real estate industry in these years has driven the rapid development of China's residential lighting industry. The huge residential lighting consumer market has attracted more capital to join, and even some well-known home appliance companies in China have begun to get involved. In the above, how do the traditional lighting industry manufacturers make strategic adjustments to cope with the fierce market changes? How will the traditional lighting sales channels develop? With these questions, let’s take a look at the international lighting giant Panasonic Electrician’s national store in Beijing. General Assembly.

The conference held at Wuzhou Hotel still attracted more than 300 Panasonic electrician stores from all over the country and many well-known domestic media. Through the attendance of many senior executives of the Panasonic Headquarters, the president of Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd., the multinational executives can see the importance of this multinational giant.

At the meeting, Panasonic Electric Co. put forward its own commodity strategy and channel strategy for the next three years. In terms of commodities, we will further develop our comprehensive advantages of strong residential lighting and switch sockets. The ceiling lamp is the traditional strength of Panasonic. In addition to continuing to strengthen, we will also increase the high-end decorative suction combined with functionality and decoration. Dome and crystal lamps, lanterns, floor lamps, new home LED lighting, etc., to complete the upgrade of residential lighting.

In terms of channels, Panasonic Electric has announced that it will increase the number of stores from the current 300 to 1,000 within three years, and complete the upgrade and service upgrade of existing stores, and eliminate unqualified stores to ensure excellent products. The fastest and most assured to the consumer. In order to complete this upgrade, Panasonic Electric has specially hired Nai Cun Crafts Co., Ltd. and Wensite Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., which are very professional in the construction and operation of the store, to achieve a truly professional combination.

In order to get out of the shadow of the 2008 world financial crisis as soon as possible, multinational corporations have accelerated the pace of expansion in the Chinese market. They are no longer satisfied with cities that only occupy the coastal level. Their expansion has already turned to the central and even western regions where traditional domestic enterprises are strong. At this meeting, Panasonic Electric's proposed switch socket products suitable for the Midwest market are also an important part of its market layout strategy.

The market has never lacked followers. Under the new market situation, can Panasonic Electric's new strategic plan be successful? Will this lead to another climax of the domestic residential lighting industry, and we are waiting for the answer. It can be seen from the excitement and heated discussion of the representatives of the participating stores that this meeting is not only a meeting of Panasonic Electric's official high-profile announcement of the strategic plan for the next three years, but also a successful channel mobilization meeting. It has become more than 200 specialty stores of Panasonic electrician lighting stores, more like the fire of stars borne by Panasonic electricians.

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