Color banquet energy saving: science uses light to light life

Modern urbanites, under the gray sky every day, have been exposed to white light for a long time, and their mood has been far away from the sun. In fact, the sun is originally colored! And the lighting of traditional lighting has been stuck in the white stage, making our life and mood become monotonous, dull, no personality, and harmful, and a healthy killer for the body and mind. There is a company called Zhongshan "Color Banquet" Color Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., through sponsorship and borrowing a large "night banquet", with their development of different colors and suitable life-saving energy-saving lamps into the people's attention, Haoyan will open up a brand-new color light energy-saving lamp industry, and use scientific color to create a healthy and fashionable new life, which has aroused the attention of many media. HC Network Lighting Channel interviewed the sales manager of Zhongshan Caiyan Color Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. for the first time. “Grand Banquet” Marketing Manager Ren Henggong HC Lighting: Ren Zong, Hello! “The Gala Dinner” has been popularized by sponsoring and borrowing a large-scale “night banquet”. The company-sponsored movie posters are also directly displayed in every lighting market. The packaging of each energy-saving lamp is the first in the Chinese lighting industry. The name of the "Galawan" brand and the "night banquet" are only one word. Is it a coincidence or an early arrangement? Ren Zong: Our products and movie "night banquet" are indeed listed simultaneously. This cannot be said to be coincidence or can be said to be Occasionally, it should be regarded as a brand planning strategy. Our product is called "Grand Banquet". The main thing we want to reflect is a colorful banquet. When we think of the banquet, we naturally think of it as a luxurious, very gorgeous thing. Our product positioning is here, and it is mainly high-grade and noble. HC Network Lighting: "What is the energy-saving lamp brand?" Ren Zong: Positioning is a high-end, popular brand. Because at home, the current lighting industry can't talk about any popular brand, of course, there are some brands in the industry. We are looking for an ordinary consumer to ask, what lights do you want to buy, you can only say one Philips at most. Therefore, we have seen that the lighting industry actually contains a lot of cities. We want to be a national brand, and we want the “Galawan” to be a household name. Consumers want to buy a lamp, and the first thing that comes to mind is the "Gala dinner" and the purchase of the "Grand Feast" product. The home appliance industry has basically reached this point. No matter whether consumers buy or buy, but the first thing that everyone can think of is a few fixed brands, but the lighting industry has not yet reached this level. This is our brand strategy awareness that we are committed to perfecting. HC Network Lighting: What is the difference between the “Grand Banquet” brand and other energy-saving brands? Ren Zong: Whether it is from scientific use or corporate orientation to corporate development vision, our difference is that our company is a pragmatic and down-to-earth The company that really makes the brand, our product is a product that gets rid of the damage caused by white light and creates a scientific lighting environment. It is a product that truly leads the new fashion of color lighting. Nowadays, the lighting industry is mixed and mixed. Everyone claims that they are branding and they all have their own brand names, but there are very few brands that are really branded. HC Network Lighting: Is it just that companies want to achieve such a brand? Ren Zong: Of course not. We don’t just want to be a brand. We want to be a scientific color light expert and a leader in scientific use, including in the industry. There is currently no enterprise doing scientific color use. We are the first. We want to use this brand to care for the health of human psychology and physiology for the benefit of mankind. HC Network Lighting: According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 500 energy-saving lamp manufacturers in China's lighting industry, with an annual output value of between 20 and 30 billion yuan. How does the “Galawan” stand out from the crowd? Ren Zong: In general, our company stands out in three aspects. First of all, in the industry, our company has a high starting point, accurate positioning, strong strength, and a first-class R & D team. Second, we use a large-scale "night banquet" simultaneous release of publicity and a large number of advertising to attract consumers' attention. Third, we are the manufacturer of scientific color light, our products can fully meet the needs of people for a variety of home, commercial color lighting, leading the new fashion of color lighting. HC Network Lighting: At present, what are the main products of “Grand Banquet”? Ren Zong: At present, our company focuses on R&D and production of “three colorful sunshine”, “smooth and colorful” and “sunshine” three series of products. HC Network Lighting: At present, energy-saving lamps are generally incandescent lamps, but the energy-saving lamps of the banquet can be said to be very "fancy", with many colors. The company has developed color lights. Which places to consider? Ren Zong: Our company has launched the "Colorful Sunshine" series, for example, colorful sunshine? Clean blue color energy-saving lamps, we recommend to use in the home-bathroom or commercial-washroom. We can imagine that the bathroom and bathroom are clean and hygienic. If you install such a white, but slightly revealing, blu-ray energy-saving lamp in your bathroom, not only will the bathroom be bright, but the white towel and white shower will look extra refreshing under this slightly bluish light. Clean. HC Network Lighting: After listening to Ren’s description, it seems that I can feel the mood. In the original R&D process, how did the “Galawan” product think of reducing the seven colors of sunlight? What is the difference between it and ordinary energy-saving lamps? Ren Zong: Sunlight is a continuous spectrum, so it is good for people's vision. Ordinary white energy-saving lighting is monotonous white light composed of RGB three colors, which is not good for the eyes. The colorful energy-saving lighting of the banquet makes full use of color to improve psychological and physical health and achieve technological breakthroughs. It is the first to restore the colorful spectrum, imitating the natural sunlight effect, the light is softer and the color is more real. It is a healthy light product, which is the biggest difference between it and ordinary energy-saving lamps.

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