Zhejiang Anji Electric Power 138 Million Accelerates Power Grid Construction

This year is an important year for the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, and it is also a key year for the in-depth implementation of the “Three Sets and Five Majors” and the comprehensive construction of a “one strong and three excellent” modern power supply company. The Anji County Power Supply Bureau continued to accelerate the pace of power grid construction and vigorously promoted the implementation of key projects.

It is understood that the Bureau has made outstanding plans to lead and deepen the pre-project work. Adhere to the “two- and three-phase” power grid development management regulations, complete the finalization and release of the planning of the urban and rural electric power facilities layout of the Anji County, the related central town power grids, and the rural power network upgrading and transformation planning, with the overall consideration, integration and integration, adaptation to development and mutual integration. Principles: All kinds of planning including main network, technological transformation, distribution network, and rural power grid transformation and upgrading shall be coordinated; at the same time, the agency shall actively carry out analysis of distribution network power supply capacity, and study the power supply radius, contact rate, and heavy load of 10 kV distribution network. , Taking the initiative to serve the development of the park to improve service quality; completed the preliminary work of the 220kV Xiaofeng power transmission and transformation project, the 110kV Meiyuan expansion and expansion project, and the 110kv Fengcheng transformation overall transformation project.

This year, Anji County Power Supply Bureau plans to invest 138 million yuan in distribution network construction and renovation projects, among which the construction and transformation of low-voltage public areas will reach more than 89 million yuan, with a focus on spring tea speculation and peak publicity during the summer. The power supply has a long radius, low voltage, and small capacity of the transformer. In the process of the construction and renovation of low-voltage public areas, we will focus on exploring the establishment of the reform standard construction system for the Taiwan area, standardizing the process and construction level of the reform project in the low-pressure station area, and effectively implementing the agricultural reform in accordance with the requirements of the country's new round of rural network upgrading and reconstruction work. Network upgrade work.

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