Why do you hear that vinyl and CD are completely different?

We all know Hi-Fi, which means high-fidelity sound. However, the reporter recently found in the interview that among the super music players, the concept of Hi-Fi has been out, they regard Hi-End as the ultimate pursuit. Hi-End is more like a realm, and it is the highest goal to reproduce the atmosphere and feeling of live music. To reach Hi-End, it is inseparable from it: vinyl record (also known as LP).

Compared with foreign countries, Chinese residents have not experienced the stage of mass popularization of LP, and lack of foundation for the feeling of LP's unique music texture, which caused LP to be once in the country. This is mainly because before the 1980s, the problem of food and clothing could not be solved. People did not have the ability to spend a lot of money to buy equipment. Without good phonographs and audio equipment, vinyl could not show its beauty. Moreover, the time for Chinese people to contact LP is too short. They don't know how to pay attention to some key details. For example, flushing a record without a potion, and directly flushing the water with a tap, bringing a lot of static electricity to the LP, it sounds like a noise, so you can't feel it. The beauty of music.

"LP Renaissance is a global trend. The re-recognition and pursuit of LP by domestic music enthusiasts is also deeply influenced by this trend. The enthusiasm of foreign music lovers for LP has not been interrupted. In recent years, many domestic and foreign audio The magazine began to appreciate the beauty of LP. Some large-scale audio exhibitions also exclusively sold LPs, which inspired the curiosity of domestic players and gradually felt the charm of LP.

The long-lost vinyl record is now a music enthusiast to high, cool fashion. Its value has risen by 10% per year, and the price of rare vinyl records has soared to tens of thousands of yuan. What is its charm? Compared with CD, where is it superior? Recently, Van Gogh's Xiaobian collected some super music players' opinions on this, and now I will come together for you.

Huang Yiye was still a CD player a few years ago. He changed more than ten sets of sound systems. The bigger the speaker is, the more expensive the price is, but the pursuit of Hi-End made him not satisfied with the CD sound. He has tried to listen to two or three concerts every week in Xinghai Concert Hall. After more than 100 games, the atmosphere and feeling of live music have been deeply immersed in his mind. Until one day, he borrowed a LP player from his friend and felt the tone of the LP. He was pleasantly surprised to find that this is what he wanted to find over the years!

For super music players, vinyl records are the best choice for them to enjoy the ultimate music, listening to vinyl records and CDs are two feelings.

According to Huang Yiye, CD is a canned music. Its audio range has certain industry standards. The UHF and ultra-low frequency sounds are removed. Only the pitch is retained, and the tiny music information is completely lost, thus making the CD The sound quality became dry and there was a feeling of burr, and the vinyl was not compressed at all, and the sound was extremely natural. "The harmonious air evoked by a variety of instruments will reach your ears, and it will cause you to move." Huang Yuye said, "CD has removed the moving overtones and killed the life of music."

In order to make the reporter feel the difference between CD and vinyl sound quality, he found the same piece of the same violin playing with the same performer, and repeatedly switched between CD and vinyl. Although the reporter heard that with such a high-quality sound, the CD texture is already very good, but still can feel the obvious difference between the two. In the music played on the CD, the texture of the vibrating bow and chord friction is erased, but it is perfectly reproduced in the vinyl.

"The violin is recorded as a CD, just like pulling a wire. Today, more than 300,000 advanced CD players can only achieve 50% of the effect of vinyl records." Huang Yiye said.

Many players think that the quality of vinyl records in the 1960s and 1970s is the best. Is this the case? Huang Yiye believes that the quality of vinyl records has little to do with the age, which can only be said to be a probability problem. That era was the peak of recording, and the stereo was mature, with a large number of outstanding musicians and sound engineers emerging. "The custody is good, the front page and the reprinting and other factors can determine the value of a vinyl record." Huang Yiye said.
First of all, we will organize and answer the questions about the purchase of the black plastic discs on the spot. If you are preparing to buy an entry disc, you may wish to take a look at these questions and purchase points. Maybe you can answer your questions. Question.

What are the MM and MC cartridges? What is the difference between the two? I see a huge price difference. How do I choose to use it as an entry?

A: MM (Moving-Maganetic) is a moving magnetic pickup. Its working principle is to add a small magnet to the tail of the needle bar. The movement of the tip of the needle on the record is transmitted to the magnet and then transmitted through the magnet. The two sets of coils in the cartridge case generate current and voltage; the MC (Moving-Coil) moving coil cartridge is constructed such that the MM is reversed, the tail of the needle bar is a coil, and the magnet is fixed in the cartridge case. Usually the output voltage of the MM cartridge is between 3.5-6mV, and the MC is usually between 0.5-1mV. Of course, there is also a high output MC cartridge with a sound effect close to that of the MM cartridge. Regarding how to choose, the author suggests that as a friend who purchases for a small time and has a small budget, the MM head can be selected. Because beginners are extremely uncomfortable with the operation, it is extremely easy to damage the cartridge and the stylus. The MM cartridge has the advantage that it can be changed. That is a hundred dollars. If the MC singer, if the stylus is broken, then I am embarrassed. I can only change the phono, from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Therefore, it is recommended that the first-time friend buy the MM cartridge. Don't think that because of some fever, the MM head can't be heard. It doesn't feel good. The MM head has the characteristics of MM head. Many MM heads are not bad. It is very good for most of the friends. .

The entry-level phono arms have different shapes, such as straight arms, curved arms, etc., and different materials such as carbon fiber horns and alloy horns. How do I choose?

A: There is no standard answer to this question. In fact, no matter what shape these arm tubes are, the most important thing is the angle formed by the front end of the arm tube and the arm tube. That angle is called the Offset Angle. What should I compensate for? Compensate for tracking errors caused by drawing arcs. If there is no moderate compensation angle, the tracking error of the fixed-slide arm will be larger. Because there must be a compensation angle, there will be S and J arm tubes. The compensation angle of the linear arm tube is set on the cartridge cover. As for the problem of the vocal arm of different materials, there is no standard answer. Each has its own influence. The influence of the resonance of different materials also has an impact on the sound. First of all, the material used to make the vocal arm should not be too heavy, too heavy will affect the tracking; secondly, the hardness should be sufficient, the harder the material can better avoid the resonance. Regardless of the material of the arm tube, its focus is on lightness, high rigidity, and low resonance effect. As long as these requirements can be met, it is a good arm tube.

How to choose the length of the vocal arm? Is the longer the arm, the better?

A: Because the disc cutter of the disc is mounted on the rocker arm in the tangential direction when making the vinyl master disc, the cutter is engraved from the outer ring to the inner ring along the straight line of the radius. When the vinyl disc is replayed, the tracking movement of the cartridge is the best condition along the straight line of the radius of the engraving. Unless it is a very top vinyl disc, the other basically uses a bearing arm. As for whether the vocal arm is as long as possible, the theoretical is indeed, in fact, the reason is very simple, find a compass, under the same center, draw a circle with two different lengths, one long and one short, you will find that the arc of the big circle is smaller than The arc of the circle is small. The smaller the arc, the closer it is to a straight line, so the smaller the error. However, although the longer the rap arm, the better, but the market is usually between 9 and 12 inches, the user can only choose these lengths.

Is the material of the turntable as heavy as possible?

Answer: The suspension mode of the turntable is divided into soft and hard disk. The so-called floppy disk is like a car. It is equipped with shock absorber spring or rubber and other materials. The material is used as a “suspension” system for shock absorption. The design can directly reduce the interference of external vibration; while the hard disk uses the rigidity of the material to resist external vibrations. Therefore, such discs will use heavy and harmonious materials to improve their rigidity, so that the external shock can not be so large. The energy is transferred to the turntable. Therefore, it cannot be generalized. For the hard disk, the heavier the better, and the floppy disk should be as appropriate.

Is the driving method of vinyl discs the best?

A: The evolution of the driving method is probably like this: first the idler drive, then the belt drive, then the motor directly drives, and finally returns to the belt. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japan's mass-produced direct-drive turntables became popular, and direct drive was almost synonymous with advanced. However, the direct drive disc is the most likely to cause this vibration, because the vibration generated by the motor itself is directly transmitted to the turntable, the record and the cartridge to affect the pickup. Therefore, there are very few such discs nowadays, basically driven by the driving method. The advantage of the driving method is that it can effectively isolate the vibration generated when the motor works. Therefore, the new vinyl record discs are almost no direct drive.
Vinyl record maintenance knowledge

1. Place the space dry and ventilated

Place the area with ventilation and dryness to prevent mold.

2. Vertical compression

The record should be upright and pressed to prevent deformation. Place the record vertically in the cabinet. If there is still a gap in the cabinet, use a piece of cardboard and use the book to fix a large number of records in a vertical position. Don't put the record horizontally and easily bend the record.

3. After listening to wipe

To develop the habit of wiping after listening, let the dust be inorganic. After listening to it for 6 hours, you can listen to the second time. This prevents the high heat generated by the friction from softening the plastic groove of the record.

4. Regular cleaning

Vinyl records should be cleaned regularly. Add water to the cleaning solution, apply the entire record in the same direction, and it is best to follow the pit pattern on the record, then rinse it thoroughly. The water should be softened to avoid damage. This generally extends the playing life of the album for more than ten years.

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