Shipments high growth semiconductor industry in the second quarter or beyond expectations

Driven by technology stocks headed by Apple, the US Nasdaq index in February hit a record high. Apple Tornado also benefited A shares, driving touch-screen, mobile Internet and other related concept stocks up. In the future, will the domestic technology stocks in the A-share market continue to strengthen?

Statistics show that as of 2011, electronic information manufacturing industry revenue reached 7490.9 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 10% of the country's industrial share, has developed into a pillar industry in China.

In the past three years, the performance of individual stocks in the electronic information industry was also significantly stronger than the average performance of the market. The cumulative return of the China Securities Information Index since 2009 reached 94%, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose only 38% over the same period. “The individual stocks in the electronic information industry are stronger than the broader market, mainly due to the support of national policies, technological advances in the industry, and market expectations. In the future, with the advancement of technology and product innovation, the income of enterprises in the industry is expected to achieve long-term high growth, and in the market With the support of expectations and investment sentiment, the company's stock price will also perform well.” According to Wang Keyu, fund manager of Changsheng Electronic Information Industry, listed companies in the electronic information industry refer specifically to the three industries of electronics, information equipment and information services. At present, the total number of investable targets is 328 companies with a total market value of approximately 1.48 trillion yuan, of which the market value of circulation is approximately 983.7 billion yuan.

He believes that the investment opportunities in the electronics industry are mainly to track the growth opportunities brought by the year-on-year high growth of smartphones and smart terminals, as well as the upward opportunities for the cycle. In addition, as for the information equipment industry, it is mainly driven by the investment in fixed assets in various fields. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the analysis of downstream needs. For information service industries, companies with strong business strains will be favored as key investment targets.

Taking the electronics industry as an example, Wang Keyu introduced that the primary concern is the direction of technological innovation, the competitiveness of the industry chain, and the impact of fluctuations in product inventory cycles on price/profitability. In the ten-year cycle of scientific and technological innovation, it is currently in the stage of rapid popularization of the mobile internet. From the short-term cycle, the semiconductor industry in the domestic A-shares is gradually bottoming out in the first quarter, and the sub-industry shipments are high. In the second and third quarters of the growth phase, there is a possibility of exceeding expectations.

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